Within minutes of touching down in Prague, a distinctive sense of history overwhelmed me (and many other first time visitors on the plane). It should have come as no surprise, as trusted friends and travel companions had informed me that the Czech Republic capital is truly one-of-a-kind. But a city largely untouched by time itself was nearly impossible for me to imagine.

Trek Travel Czech Republic and Austria Cycling Vacation
If boundless firsthand recommendations didn’t confirm the area’s appeal, then my first view of the iconic red rooftops most certainly did. And in the days that followed, the trip would take us through even more authentic and historic regions of the Czech Republic before continuing into Austria. All made better by experiencing it on a bike – as is the case with most things in life.

Scenic farmlands hinted at the quiet lifestyle of rural Czech Republic. Restaurant menus detailed the ingredients of their delectable beef goulash with just one word recognizable to my American eyes – Pilsner. I knew this was going to be a truly cultural experience and inimitable ride all-around.

Those who make the journey just a bit further east than classic regions such as Tuscany and Provence are rewarded with spectacular, albeit distinct, views. History abounds with walking tours, ancient ruins, and regular conversations with locals who’ve become part of the Trek Travel family. You’re guaranteed immersion into those bygone days.
Trek Travel Prague to Vienna Cycling Vacation
Like a professionally prepared multi-course meal, the highlight of our Prague to Vienna trip was saved for the finish. A stay in the historic Romantik Hotel Richard Lowenherz is the perfect endcap to six days of riding amongst monasteries, castles and monuments. With a name referencing its most famous guest, King Richard the Lionheart, Hotel Richard Lowenherz let’s you walk, dine and sleep in the exact location of one of the region’s most famous man. It was here that the King was held prisoner for over two years before England paid a hefty ransom for his release.

A short hike into the neighboring bluffs serves as a perfect overview of the weeklong tour, which provides an authenticity that’s rivaled by few locations and a chance for unprecedented historic immersion.
Trek Travel Prague to Vienna Bike Tour

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