Our 2021 California Wine Country trip is better than ever, and we can’t wait to tell you more about it!

California is constantly innovating and so are we. After 14 years of our long beloved California Wine Country trips, we have had a long and critical look at our rides, wineries, restaurants, hotels, and distilleries. We have taken to heart many reviews and suggestions from our guests in order to distill the itinerary into its most exquisite self. We hope that you’ll join us to experience the best of California Wine Country with us.

The Trek Travel Trip Design Team loves new ideas and is always looking for new opportunities. We pay close attention to our guide team’s feedback in the region and our guests’ reviews to get a better understanding of what guests love in a region. On occasion we receive underwhelming or negative feedback, but this is instrumental in keeping the wheels of innovation turning for our team and continuing to improve our trips.

In the California Wine redesign, we have removed a few hotels that were not consistently meeting our high standards for guest care. We are sticking with Indian Springs, which receives rave reviews and also adding a new hotel for 2021: Harmon Guest House. This new and trendy property is part of the Hotel Healdsburg collection, which never disappoints. We have swapped out wineries that had received intermediate reviews and upgraded to include only truly spectacular spots, some that we have worked with since the beginning of our California Wine trips. We have quite a library of possible riding options in the area, but over the years, we have listened to specifics from our guests and guides to only include those with the best views, roads, and experience in general. We challenge the assumption that if a trip is popular and has great scores that it means there can’t be more items to improve upon.

Explore California Wine Country on a Trek Travel bike tour

We are proud to say that this California Wine redesign is a testament to the fact that “really good” can become exceptional when we constantly strive to add that additional tweak to an itinerary that truly makes Trek Travel’s trips the trip of a lifetime!

Think of our 2021 California Wine Country Tour as California Wine’s Greatest Hits.

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