Wonder what destinations are on our radar for spring? We’ve got a few we’ve been dreaming about from the comfort of our hot chocolate and onesie pajamas. Soon, when the seasons start to change and winter’s grip is loosened with the first warm breeze, we’re breaking free of our hibernation with these three trips that bring nothing but warmth, sunshine, delicious food and good times.

1. Palm Springs

Trek Travel Palm Springs Cycling Vacation Colony Palms Hotel

Known for its beautiful landscape, stunning architecture and storied history of Hollywood glamour, if there’s one word we would use to describe the new Palm Springs it’s “glam,” with a unique mix of both high style and access to world-class natural resources all in one place. On this adventure you’ll visit a river in the desert at the Whitewater Preserve, take a hike into Tahquitz Canyon and spend two full days in the stunning beauty of Joshua Tree National Park. Plus you’ll spend the week settled down at the iconic Colony Palms Hotel. And with restaurants like Workshop Kitchen + Bar right down the street we’re even more tempted to turn our round-trip ticket into a one-way.


2. Ride Across Italy

Trek Travel Ride Across Italy Cycling Vacation

Discover the essence of the heartland of Italy as you ride across the rugged misty Apennine mountains and traverse 280 miles and over 24,000 feet in 5 short days. You’ll dip your toes in the Adriatic sea and set out through the enchanting regions of Le Marche, Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany to the Mediterranean coast. Along the way, you’ll indulge in sumptuous cuisines, world-renowned wines, roll through vine-covered landscapes and climb up to the towering tufa mesas of Umbria before you celebrate your journey’s end on the stunning Orbetello peninsula in Tuscany with a sunset cocktail. This is truly the once-in-a-lifetime experience for lovers of all things Italian.


3. Prague to Vienna

Trek Travel Prague to Vienna Cycling Vacation

A bicycle is truly the best way to discover the secret forests, charming Baroque palaces, and quiet cobblestone streets of this enchanting Bohemian wonderland. From Prague to Vienna you’ll wind through history, preserved Renaissance towns and countryside laden with dense forests and rolling hills. Take in the sweeping vistas of the lush Danube River Valley as you immerse yourself in the culture, cuisine, and adventure that continue to make Bohemia a favorite for active travelers and cyclists worldwide.