I was a travel agent for six years prior to working for Trek Travel, so I am undeniably biased when it comes to discussing the advantages of booking through a travel agent. Though not every trip requires the guidance of a travel professional, your two week European excursion to numerous cities using multiple forms of transportation will run much more smoothly with the knowledge and support of a travel agent. Below are my picks for the top five benefits of using a travel agent when planning your next vacation, whether it be domestic or abroad:

Trek Travel on the benefits of using a travel agent
1. Cut Through the Noise
When researching your next vacation, the internet can be both wonderful and overwhelming. An experienced travel agent will weed out the mediocrity and focus your attention on top personal recommendations.

2. Completely Customized
Travel agents have all the tools to seamlessly piece together the exact trip you are looking for, which can be challenging and time consuming to do on your own. They have an ever-expanding list of trusted contacts and suppliers, from private drivers to luxury VIP experiences.

3. More Money For Souvenirs
Travel agents not only save you time, but they can also save you money. Agencies who belong to larger networks, such as Virtuoso, can land you deals like special pricing on hotels and airfare that you can’t access on your own. They are also sometimes able to offer special bonuses like complimentary room upgrades, spa discounts and more. Most travel professionals will charge a nominal fee for their services and expertise, but it often pays for itself with these extra perks.

4. Service from Start to Finish
Just like at Trek Travel, travel agents see your trip through from your first consultation until the time you land back home. Agencies will typically offer a 24-hour emergency line in case you run into any unexpected delays or issues while traveling. They can even quickly assist you in the case of widespread delays such as airline strikes or major storms. Long hold times with airlines can mean all the good alternative flights are taken by the time you speak to a representative. One quick call to your travel agent, on the other hand, can provide peace of mind while they take care of getting you on the best possible flight.

5. Feel Like a Celebrity
Some travel professionals have connections with top tourist destinations due to their high volume of sales. On occasion, travel agents can organize VIP experiences such as private after-hours tours of normally crowded exhibits, exclusive access to areas closed to the public, or highly-sought after event tickets that sell out quickly.

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