Guides Jason Harding and Sonja Schmidt recently took over the Trek Travel Instagram account to share their perspective of Puglia, Italy. “Puglia is such an incredible place to visit. Sonja and I were able to dive into the region a bit more this spring and can’t believe that it’s already over. Looking back on the last month and a half makes us want to find ourselves back here in the fall,” said Jason.

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Puglia Olive Trees from Trek Travel Guide Jason Harding

“Sometime between 2,000 and 2,500 years ago, Roman legions sowed these quadrants of lantern oil producing olive trees. Without irrigation and infrequent precipitation, they decided 60 Roman feet was the ideal separation for these hearty trees. Today they stand at Masseria Brancati outside of modern day Ostuni and produce the most premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil in all of Puglia. I guess those Romans knew what they were doing…” – JASON

Adriatic coast on Trek Travel's Puglia, Italy Cycling Vacation

“From trulli and olive groves to the rugged Adriatic coastline, this Trek Travel Puglia trip is off the chain! Jason Harding and I have been making some sweet changes to our already amazing trip. This is a little slice of heaven on our fourth day ride!” – SONJA

Learn about trulli on Trek Travel's Puglia Bike Tour

“A view from our second day ride to the hilltop town of Alberobello. These dwellings are called ‘trulli’ and this entire town is filled with them! These were cleverly built without the use of mortar to evade taxes because the structures were not permanent. Crafty Pugliese!” – SONJA

Discover Moorish palaces on Trek Travel's Puglia, Italy Bike Tour

“Our final ride on the Puglia trip takes you down to the heel of Italy’s boot; where the Adriatic and Ionian seas meet. This ride has epic coastal views and it also displays a major change in architecture. These Moorish palaces line the coast and this one, Palazzo Sticchi, has to be the most beautiful.” – SONJA

Stay at La Sommita Relais on Trek Travel's Puglia Bike Tour

“For 2016 we have a refreshed itinerary that includes a new hotel. La Sommita Relais is nestled within the polished limestone slab streets of Ostuni, The White City. After our Day 3 ride meanders through countless hectares of olive orchard, we begin a short climb up to this picturesque town who’s history of inhabitants can be traced back to the Stone Age.” – SONJA

Discovering Ostuni on Trek Travel's Puglia, Italy bike Tour

“Out exploring the White City, Ostuni, with Sonja Schmidt. After tasting the best olive oil in Puglia at Masseria Brancati we rode our bikes up to the historical center of this hill top town, where our five-star hotel, La Sommita Relais shares a property line with the cathedral.” – JASON

Puglia's coastal roads on Trek Travel's Italy bike tour

“We were on the hunt today for some new gems for the 5th and final ride of our upcoming Puglia trips. The approach to this one was a bit too dicey to make the cut, but it sure was an interesting part of the day!” – JASON

The World's Most Romantic Restaurant in Puglia, Italy

“A beautiful little spin scoping out some new terrain today. Sonja Schmidt wanted to check out the setting for Travel + Leisure’s ‘World’s Most Romantic Restaurant’. Ristorante Grotta Palazzese sits in a cavern, mid-cliff, right underneath where Sonja is sitting.” – JASON

Soaking in the sights of Matera on Trek Travel's Puglia, Italy bike tour

“Framed by this cliff side limestone archway, Sonja Schmidt soaks in the sights of modern day Matera. Opposite the canyon from this beautiful city lies the oldest known human settlement in Italy. Inside each cave, the intricate hand dug channels and water retaining reservoirs tell the story of early human ingenuity and our quest for comfort and survival.” – JASON

Discovering Polignano a Mare on Trek Travel's Puglia Bike Tour

“Puglia has so many gems and this little town, Polignano a Mare, is certainly one of them. Beaches, jagged cliffs, and Travel + Leisure’s most romantic restaurant winner.” – SONJA

Local cyclists on Trek Travel's Puglia, Italy cycling vacation

“Puglia seems to have more local cycling clubs/teams than anywhere I’ve seen. We definitely saw at least 100 people on our ride today, all locals super excited to see the Trek Travel van. These gents stopped to chat and then wanted to take a selfie. When they yelled ‘cheese’ I yelled ‘mozzarella!’ and they yelled back ‘BURRATA!’ and then we all laughed.” – SONJA

See Castel Del Monte on Trek Travel's Puglia Cycling Vacation

“Amazing things around every corner down here in Puglia. The geometric, octagonal prism shape of Castel Del Monte, built by Frederick II, makes for one of the most beautiful castles I’ve ever come upon.” – SONJA

Riding from Otranto to Santa Maria de Leuca on Trek Travel's Puglia Bike Tour

“Coastline as far as the eye can see. Our Trek Travel week of cycling through Puglia certainly finishes with a bang on this flowing dream ride from Otranto to Santa Maria de Leuca!” – JASON

Eat fresh muscles on Trek Travel's Puglia, Italy Bike Tour

“Salento: the sun, the wind, and the sea. We weren’t going anywhere until we shared some muscles with this sweet dude. Come join us this fall to start your ride with a muscle shooter!” – SONJA

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