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Trek Travel Recap: Biking from Lucca to Cinque Terre

After a week of epic descents, stunning views and decadent “apres-bike”, I am thrilled to report that my Trek Travel Italy bike tour was nothing short of amazing. The bike routes, wine tours, meals, hotels, and guides were all five star, and I’ve narrowed down the most memorable moments and biggest takeaways to give you a glimpse into a biking adventure with Trek Travel.

Day 1 Welcome to Tuscany – After a scenic lunch at an authentic hillside restaurant, we were introduced to our equipment for the week (more on this later). The afternoon ride gave us our first glimpse into the famous wine country, and the prelude was perfect. An evening tour/tasting at the Buonomico Wine Resort was followed by an open-air dinner. The food, wine and views got our taste buds prepped for the rest of the week.

Day 2 Ride into Fattoria del Teso – The morning ride was a fantastic climb through hilly vineyards, which was pure cycling bliss. For lunch, we cruised down the most beautiful shaded grove of trees into a centuries-old family winery for a traditional Italian meal – pasta heaven! The day concluded with a stroll through the picturesque town of Montecarlo and dinner at the Michelin starred Butterfly.

Day 3 Pietrasanta and Il Bottaccio – The hamlet of Pietrasanta is famous for its beautiful and unique marble, which Michelangelo used in his works. The roads to our mid-day destination were curvy, shaded, and perfect for riding through. During the afternoon, we caught our first glimpse of the Mediterranean Sea from high up in the hills as we made our way to II Bottaccio. This 18th-century mill has been converted into a breathtaking hotel. Every room featured a unique medieval style and charm (complete with an original olive oil mill in ours)!

Day 4 Climbing Passo Del Bracco – The pinnacle of today’s ride was the 3000 ft. ascent of this marquee Italian pass from the Ligurian Sea town of Levanto. A haven for cyclists, the route has been featured in the Giro d’Italia. Even though the climb was just a little piece of the pro stage, it was the most vertical I had ever attempted on a bike. Both challenging and gratifying, the long road up was rewarded with a thrilling descent into the beach town of Moneglia.

Day 5 Hike through Cinque Terre – Although it’s hard to imagine, the Cinque Terre region is even more stunning than the pictures let on. We spent the morning hiking the hills from Manarola to Corniglia, where I ate pesto gnocchi and gelato to my heart’s content. An afternoon of relaxing at the beach meant that lunch was a no-holds-barred experience.

Top 5 takeaways:

• Preparation will optimize your experience. This means not only means time in the saddle but also experience with how a road bike handles. We rode 30 to 50 miles each day with anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 elevation gain, which makes for some big climbs & long descents. Being comfortable on long and sometimes steep downhills is key for a safe trip.

•Since there is quite a bit of ground to cover within a five-day bike trip, the days are action-packed. Come into your trip well-rested, as the mornings are relatively early and in typical European fashion, the dinners start late and end even later.

•If you want to see or do more, don’t be afraid to ask your Trek guides if it’s possible. Although the itinerary is largely set, the guides work tirelessly to ensure you have the best trip possible. If you would like to go explore a town or clock some extra miles, they will find a way to make it happen.

• Equipment makes a big difference. Each Trek bike is equipped with a Garmin GPS which is programmed with your route for the day. It alerts you to upcoming turns and notifies you if you’re off route. From someone who has navigated other bike trips using paper instructions, the Garmin is definitely the optimal choice. As far as the bike themselves, Trek equips you with their latest and greatest Domane SL-7. An e-bike option is also available on most trips and can make the whole experience more accessible to a broader range of cyclists.

• To keep yourself in the saddle and feeling your best, nutrition is key. The never ending and delicious supply of wine, cappuccinos and food means that you need to stay on top of your water and electrolyte intake. The guides make this easy with drinks, electrolyte tablets and healthy snacks set out at every break point. Stay hydrated!

Would I do it again? Absolutely! Trek just posted their 2020 trip itineraries and I already have my eye on one…

Feel free connect with me on Instagram, @aneverydayfit, where I am sharing lots more pictures from the trip!

Hotel Monaci delle Terre Nere: A Sicilian dream

Hotel Monaci delle Terre Nere is more than just a boutique hotel. When Trip Designers Penny and Ilona arrived, they knew immediately it was a special place.

Words by our Trip Designer, Ilona

We were welcomed in true Italian style. The manager of the property, Nino, was all smiles as he took us to the center of the estate—a Baroque villa more than 200 years old, transformed into a stunningly modern and intimate space. A large bar was cozied right up on the side of an antique palmento wine press, the two, though from times apart, complimented each other perfectly.

Here, we listened to Nino as he told us the story of the owner, Guido, a qualified sommelier. He and his partner Ada had a clear vision and put their hearts into realizing their dream. Their passion for nature, organic architecture and sustainable living is evident throughout the property. Fresh vegetables direct to your table, together with herbs from the garden, wine and olive oil from the hotel’s own orchards and vineyards, local Zafferana honey, homemade marmalade and home-baked bread for breakfast make it an experience you won’t soon forget. Nino, while talking, grabs a couple of mandarins from the tree and tosses them our way. Sweeter than candy, filled with Sicilian sun. We could not resist and took another.

[trek-fullwidth-img src=””]

“Let’s see the rooms!” We are zipping around in a golf cart, cruising past the vineyards and fruit orchards while getting a lesson in the passing flora and fauna. We stopped at a small house with a cute porch and walked in to find a room bathed in sunlight. The rays bounced off light wooden walls and through the large windows, you could see the vineyard spread out before you. Here, the rooms are all different, artistic yet with rustic elements like wooden beams or exposed black lava walls. The owners designed and curated all the interiors using their own collection of modern art and Italian designer furniture. Their unique taste and the attention to the detail put into every space makes this place so wholly original. Rooms are located throughout the entirety of the property, so staying there feels like having your own country-house—just with the best of modern amenities like your own sound system, air conditioning and wi-fi.

And did I mention the infinity pool? It overlooks the azure blue sea and bellies up to a stylish bar built into the stone-wall. We spent an afternoon here soaking up the sun and enjoying a glass of hand-selected Sicilian wines before our organic slow-food cooking class.
Time stops here. Warm hospitality and connection with nature makes this a unique place, which is close to impossible to leave.

Featured Hotel: Borgo Egnazia

Borgo Egnazia, the new hotel on our Puglia trip for 2019, is truly a magical place. I had the chance to spend one night last May and even 24 hours on the property was enough to wow me.

The hotel is located in the heart of Puglia, surrounded by ancient olive groves and only steps from the Adriatic Sea. No detail has been spared, from the immaculate décor to the locally inspired food to the incredible hospitality of the staff. One of the draws is the Vair Spa, a top-eight spa in the world by Conde Nest Traveller, so when you get off the bike be sure to treat yourself to something special. I would also highly recommend a yoga session with their Indian Master instructor or an aromatherapy lesson at the spa.


Trek Travel Puglia New Hotel Cycling Vacations

Trek Travel Puglia New Hotel Cycling Vacations

Trek Travel Puglia New Hotel Cycling Vacations

Trek Travel Puglia New Hotel Cycling Vacations

Escape to Puglia.

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Puglia: Quintessential Italy

For nearly any intrepid traveler there’s a certain gravity that will eventually pull your heart’s curiosity in the direction of Italy. The masterfully crafted cuisine, the passionate culture of every day living, a tremendous history that sculpted the modern world as we know it, the art, the architecture…whatever it is that ignites your wanderlust; Italy is sure to become a craving in need of satiation eventually.

Words by Trek Travel Guides Jason Harding and Sonja Schmidt

In a country where each region carries such pronounced individual identities, it can be a daunting task to settle in on a favorite; but if we had only one single region where we were allowed to return in this beautiful country, you would find us down south in the heel of Italy’s boot, soaking in la Dolce Vita in Puglia.

Trek Travel Puglia Cycling Vacation
Trek Travel Puglia Cycling Vacation

Puglia is the Italy of your imagination. Sautéed garlic and rosemary waft out of windows as grandmas gather in groups on their doorsteps to thumb out tiny ear shaped orecchiette pasta to the tune of mid day church bells sounding in the piazza. A stroll through a village’s polished limestone streets is a photographers dream. With every flick of the shutter, each snapshot captures the air of authenticity of a place that is truly preserved in it’s own traditions.

Trek Travel Puglia Cycling Vacation

As you work your way out of the nautilus shaped city centers and into the countryside, you find yourselves on quiet roads that meander through an agroscape ranging from millennial old olive orchards to blossoming artichokes to Negro Amaro grape vines heavy with the fruits of a soon to be beautifully crafted vintage. The soil is as rich as the farmers’ smiles that wave as you ride past and with each “Buongiorno!” you quickly begin to fall in love with the people of Puglia.

Trek Travel Puglia Cycling Vacation
Trek Travel Puglia Cycling Vacation

Once you move out of the fields, a contrasting coastline of Adriatic blues and creamy limestone yellows begin to dominate the panorama and a fisherman’s culture takes command of the scene. In the early morning light tiny blue boats fill up villages’ harbors full with the fruits of their labor as fresh salty buckets of urchins, oysters, shrimp, sardines, and yellowtail pour into daily markets and are negotiated away as fast as they arrived.

Trek Travel Puglia Cycling Vacation

This is Puglia; a place that will transport you back to an older Italy, a place revered for their dedication to locally produced cuisine, a place where tiny olive-tree-lined roads and dramatic coastlines are filled with cyclists enjoying the perfect weather, a place that you may not of heard of before, and a place you’ll never forget.

Join Jason and Sonja in Puglia

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When in Rome: Top 5 Phrases to Know in Italy

Straight from our guide Valeria in Milan, Italy—the top 5 words and phrases to know when you’re cycling the rolling landscapes of the country she calls home.

Dai! Dai!: It is like Allez! Allez! in French, but since it’s pronounced like “Die! Die!” the guests always make jokes on the climbs and remember it forever.

Buono: For the taste of food-gelato is buono, pizza is buona

Bravo!: Said when you do something well or achieve something-when on top of a climb we say to Bob, “Hey Bob, bravo! Well done!” and you Rita, “Brava!” And for a group we use the plural, “Bravi!”

Scusi, dov’è il bagno?: This is key and means, “Sorry, where is the bathroom?”

Grazie mille!: Thanks a million!


Top 5 Phrases to know in Italy


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Sneak Peek: New Wows for 2018

We’ve gone and overhauled some of our most popular adventures with some extra-special additions, moments and features. Whether it’s wine, luxury or lavish itineraries, you’ll find more of what you love, and more magic in every moment. These itineraries aren’t live yet, but we wanted to give you a little taste of what’s to come.

Pilot Cove on a Trek Travel Asheville Cycling Vacation


We’ve added a stay in Pilot Cove, in the heart of the Pigsah Forest. It’s a hip, undiscovered destination off the beaten path chock full of microbreweries, art and charm.
Masseria Muzza Hotel Trek Travel Puglia Cycling Vacation


As the sun rises over this foodie heaven, you’ll be glad you’re there to watch it from one of the region’s most decadent, luxurious hotel, the Masseria Muzza. It’s our new favorite, and soon to be yours too.

North Block Hotel Trek Travel California Wine Cycling Vacations

California Wine Luxury

We’ve added another star to our five-star California Wine Country vacation with a stay at the North Block Hotel, right in Yountville, in the heart of Napa. It’s the original boutique hotel, with a posh spa, an artisanal Italian bistro, and only 20 sophisticated, modern rooms. We guarantee they’re the 20 best in wine country.

Saarloos & Sons Santa Barbara Trek Travel Cycling Vacation

Santa Barbara

What’s better than wine? How about more wine? Our new Santa Barbara Wine Country has more tastings, including a very special cupcake pairing with family-owned Saarloos + Sons vineyards.


See all new 2018 trips and keep your eyes peeled for more new itineraries.

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From One Adventure to the Next

Being a mom is hard work, sacrifice, and total commitment. But it’s not the end of life. Here’s the story of Kristin, one mom who after raising two children is rediscovering her taste for adventure and passion for exploring the world.

Rediscover travel after kids

The day crept up on me quite unannounced, although I should have anticipated the affects. One would imagine that after 20 years of yearning for peace, quiet and a calendar devoid of kid activities and demands, I would have circled that date in red.

When that time came however, it startled me. It took months to come down from the loneliness of the empty nest and the frenetic pace of these kid-centric years. But once my heart rate slowed and my mind cleared, thoughts that were buried for decades starting blooming. Thoughts of traveling to faraway places that do not have water parks or ball pits. Thoughts of the freedom to see and do something other than watch a basketball tournament or ask Siri where for the nearest McDonald’s Playland. Thoughts of enjoying a nice dinner with fabulous wine—without the whine!

My taste for travel was whetted early as a kid. The most impactful experience was as a foreign exchange student in the tiny town of Gorizia in Northern Italy. When my host family’s tiny yellow Citroën picked me up at the train station, I knew that this was going to be an adventure. The drive home quickly became awkward as we tried to get to know each other—but without understanding each other’s language! So, I spent many of the first weeks trying to not only learn Italian, but also to decipher body language—and was surprised to find my American senses were not used to the Italian way. It surprised me initially to watch dinner conversations escalate into heated arguments only to see hugs and kisses on the back patio a few hours later.

Despite the language challenge, I immediately fell into a state of wonder about the culture that surrounded me. I saw artifacts and architecture created a thousand years before my ancestors settled in the upper Midwest. I rode a public bus for an hour to get to the brilliant blue seaside where the locals were fascinated by our “cowboy” president (Reagan). I fed the Venetian pigeons in Piazza San Marco and bought a cameo ring that I still own today. And the pizza? The gelato? The pork and polenta? Nutella and French bread? Let’s just say I came home slightly larger than when I left. I embraced this little town and its people, with their heart and passion and beauty and yes, food!

Experiences like this taught me a lot about myself as well. Some of the things that mattered to me most when I was in my hometown really didn’t seem as consuming once I began travelling. My mind was blown at the rich history of different countries and cultures. And who knew that once you learn one Italian dialect, there were at least 87 more to master! This is what I love about travel. It has expanded my mind and my heart and made me a more compassionate, adaptable, and curious human being.

Admittedly, in the process of raising a family, I think that I lost some of that compassion and curiosity as I felt so consumed by the awesome responsibility of not screwing up two little beings. Today we have been released from that pressure chamber and voila! My energy and intrigue about different places is growing.

Perhaps this is the one of the last lessons I can teach my now-adult sons: people from different places can teach you so much; the world is interesting and diverse and beautiful and tragic; it is not at all like what you see on your social media feeds. Life begins when you step out of your comfort zone!

So arrivederci to vacations filled with water parks or chicken-nugget friendly restaurants. Italy, I cannot wait to see you again!

Find your next adventure.

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Designing for Giants

It’s no easy feat to climb six breathtaking giants in the Italian Alps in just four days. If anyone can put the itinerary together, it’s Trip Designer, cyclist, artist and world traveler, Jessica Singerman. Her favorite place she’s been? The Italian Alps. And we can see why. Follow along to see how Jess designed our latest cycling experience, Giants of the Giro, and join us this summer for a truly epic trip. Are you up for the challenge?

Meet Jessica Singerman, Trek Travel Trip Designer

Ride the classic climbs of the Giro on our Legendary Giro Italy bike tour

How did you put this trip together? Tell us about your design process.

On Day 1, the ride up Torre di Fraele is a more gentle climb, although still challenging. It’s the perfect way to acclimate after traveling to the region and it gives people a chance to get used to their new bikes.

Over the course of the next two days, we climb Stelvio, Mortirolo, and Gavia, some of the most challenging climbs in the world. Stelvio’s iconic hairpin turns have inspired cyclists, skiers, mountaineers, and even artists and poets since the mid-19th century. Passo Stelvio is the highest mountain pass in the Giro d’Italia, and during the Giants of the Giro, we will climb it not once, but twice. We will climb the side from Bormio, veer off through Switzerland just before the summit, and then ride up the 48 hairpins from Prato allo Stelvio before descending back into Bormio.

Trek Travel Classic Climbs of the Dolomites Cycling Tour

Passo Stelvio is the highest mountain pass in the Giro d’Italia, and during the Giants of the Giro, we will climb it not once, but twice.

On Day 3, we ride both Mortirolo and Gavia. Lance Armstrong famously said that Mortirolo was the “hardest climb” he had ever ridden, and Gavia brings to mind Andy Hampsten’s grueling 1988 Giro stage win in a blizzard. The stage ended in Bormio, our base for this trip. The reason we ride these two passes on the third day is so that people can make the decision of whether to ride Mortirolo and Gavia, or to stick to Gavia instead. Mortirolo is incredibly steep, so after the two previous days of riding, people will have a good idea of whether to ride it or not.

On the last day, the Bormio 2000 climb is for those guests who want to tick off one last climb before the end of the trip! It’s a short but challenging ride.

What about the Italian Alps is so special?

The landscape is visually stunning, the people are friendly, the riding is second to none, and the food is super tasty. It’s a bicultural region, having been fought over by Austria and Italy, so there’s a lot of history and multiple languages spoken. The region has something for everyone.

[trek-fullwidth-img src=””]

What is the “magic moment” of this trip? Is it a specific climb, the gratification of hard work, or maybe the view from the top?

The views from the top of Stelvio are unreal. Looking down and seeing the switchbacks rise up from the valley to the summit is incredibly rewarding and visually breathtaking. Because of the way the road is built, you can stop periodically along the ride from either side of the pass and see the hairpin turns stacked on top of one another.

Another amazing part of the riding here is simply how long the climbs are. There aren’t many places where we can climb for hours. I love the mental part of climbing like this. Watching your breath, finding your cadence; getting into a rhythm is so satisfying. In the midst of this effort we remind ourselves to look around us, and the breadth of the Alpine landscape is stunning. Riding here is a truly spiritual experience.

There aren’t many places where we can climb for hours. I love the mental part of climbing like this. Watching your breath, finding your cadence; getting into a rhythm is so satisfying.


Learn more about our Giants of the Giro bike tour.



It’s no wonder how the majestic Italian Alps have inspired Jessica in many of her paintings. Below she shares with us three pieces, all sparking creativity from the giants.

“During the making of these, the Italian Alps landscape was absolutely one of my inspirations.”

Oil Paintings inspired by the Italian Dolomites by Jessica Singerman

Top left: The Things I Can’t Reach 1, oil and acrylic on canvas, 40 x 40 inches, 2014
Right: Sweeping Green Blue Air, oil on canvas, 30 x 30 inches, 2014
Bottom left: How to Keep Warm, oil and acrylic on canvas, 40 x 30 inches, 2016

You can learn more about Jessica’s work on her website.

Guide Favorite: Piedmont

These words are written next to a fireplace in Girona – our European base – where I am now spending my days. The writing began when I opened a bottle of Barbera, a gift from my lovely co-guide Terra, that I have been carefully saving for many months. Naturally the memories travel with the wine, and I’m now anxious to find myself back on Trek Travel’s most undiscovered Italian vacation.

Trek Travel Piedmont Italy Bike Tour
This year I fell in love again.

Last August I was assigned to work in Piedmont. If you are trying to find that on a map, look towards the foothills of the Italian Alps, just east of the French Alps. And if you’re worried about the hills, don’t be. Its location in the foothills provides a perfect combination of flat riding and alpine views.

But what, in all my years of guiding, makes Piedmont stand out? Picture waking up our one and only hotel for the week with big windows overlooking the valley below Monforte d’Alba. The vineyards of Barolo, king of Italian reds, spread as far as the eye can see. On the horizon you can see clearly the white tips of the proud Alps reflecting every ray of sun. At sunrise the peaks are colored with shades of purple, pink and orange until the sky finally turns blue and we are off to explore this new playground by bike.

We might be off to a tasting of the best Italian wines, out to watch the hazelnut harvest take place, or on a truffle hunt discovering the white gold that grows in the Piedmontese land. Every day is an adventure, and every night is a celebration filled with playful jazz sounds and full glasses of vino. Che dolce è la vita!

In retrospect, how could I not fall in love with this place?
Trek Travel Piedmont, Italy Cycling Vacation

Guide Takeover: Puglia

Guides Jason Harding and Sonja Schmidt recently took over the Trek Travel Instagram account to share their perspective of Puglia, Italy. “Puglia is such an incredible place to visit. Sonja and I were able to dive into the region a bit more this spring and can’t believe that it’s already over. Looking back on the last month and a half makes us want to find ourselves back here in the fall,” said Jason.

Follow their adventures on Instagram @jasonhardingmt and @sonjaschmidt.


Puglia Olive Trees from Trek Travel Guide Jason Harding

“Sometime between 2,000 and 2,500 years ago, Roman legions sowed these quadrants of lantern oil producing olive trees. Without irrigation and infrequent precipitation, they decided 60 Roman feet was the ideal separation for these hearty trees. Today they stand at Masseria Brancati outside of modern day Ostuni and produce the most premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil in all of Puglia. I guess those Romans knew what they were doing…” – JASON

Adriatic coast on Trek Travel's Puglia, Italy Cycling Vacation

“From trulli and olive groves to the rugged Adriatic coastline, this Trek Travel Puglia trip is off the chain! Jason Harding and I have been making some sweet changes to our already amazing trip. This is a little slice of heaven on our fourth day ride!” – SONJA

Learn about trulli on Trek Travel's Puglia Bike Tour

“A view from our second day ride to the hilltop town of Alberobello. These dwellings are called ‘trulli’ and this entire town is filled with them! These were cleverly built without the use of mortar to evade taxes because the structures were not permanent. Crafty Pugliese!” – SONJA

Discover Moorish palaces on Trek Travel's Puglia, Italy Bike Tour

“Our final ride on the Puglia trip takes you down to the heel of Italy’s boot; where the Adriatic and Ionian seas meet. This ride has epic coastal views and it also displays a major change in architecture. These Moorish palaces line the coast and this one, Palazzo Sticchi, has to be the most beautiful.” – SONJA

Stay at La Sommita Relais on Trek Travel's Puglia Bike Tour

“For 2016 we have a refreshed itinerary that includes a new hotel. La Sommita Relais is nestled within the polished limestone slab streets of Ostuni, The White City. After our Day 3 ride meanders through countless hectares of olive orchard, we begin a short climb up to this picturesque town who’s history of inhabitants can be traced back to the Stone Age.” – SONJA

Discovering Ostuni on Trek Travel's Puglia, Italy bike Tour

“Out exploring the White City, Ostuni, with Sonja Schmidt. After tasting the best olive oil in Puglia at Masseria Brancati we rode our bikes up to the historical center of this hill top town, where our five-star hotel, La Sommita Relais shares a property line with the cathedral.” – JASON

Puglia's coastal roads on Trek Travel's Italy bike tour

“We were on the hunt today for some new gems for the 5th and final ride of our upcoming Puglia trips. The approach to this one was a bit too dicey to make the cut, but it sure was an interesting part of the day!” – JASON

The World's Most Romantic Restaurant in Puglia, Italy

“A beautiful little spin scoping out some new terrain today. Sonja Schmidt wanted to check out the setting for Travel + Leisure’s ‘World’s Most Romantic Restaurant’. Ristorante Grotta Palazzese sits in a cavern, mid-cliff, right underneath where Sonja is sitting.” – JASON

Soaking in the sights of Matera on Trek Travel's Puglia, Italy bike tour

“Framed by this cliff side limestone archway, Sonja Schmidt soaks in the sights of modern day Matera. Opposite the canyon from this beautiful city lies the oldest known human settlement in Italy. Inside each cave, the intricate hand dug channels and water retaining reservoirs tell the story of early human ingenuity and our quest for comfort and survival.” – JASON

Discovering Polignano a Mare on Trek Travel's Puglia Bike Tour

“Puglia has so many gems and this little town, Polignano a Mare, is certainly one of them. Beaches, jagged cliffs, and Travel + Leisure’s most romantic restaurant winner.” – SONJA

Local cyclists on Trek Travel's Puglia, Italy cycling vacation

“Puglia seems to have more local cycling clubs/teams than anywhere I’ve seen. We definitely saw at least 100 people on our ride today, all locals super excited to see the Trek Travel van. These gents stopped to chat and then wanted to take a selfie. When they yelled ‘cheese’ I yelled ‘mozzarella!’ and they yelled back ‘BURRATA!’ and then we all laughed.” – SONJA

See Castel Del Monte on Trek Travel's Puglia Cycling Vacation

“Amazing things around every corner down here in Puglia. The geometric, octagonal prism shape of Castel Del Monte, built by Frederick II, makes for one of the most beautiful castles I’ve ever come upon.” – SONJA

Riding from Otranto to Santa Maria de Leuca on Trek Travel's Puglia Bike Tour

“Coastline as far as the eye can see. Our Trek Travel week of cycling through Puglia certainly finishes with a bang on this flowing dream ride from Otranto to Santa Maria de Leuca!” – JASON

Eat fresh muscles on Trek Travel's Puglia, Italy Bike Tour

“Salento: the sun, the wind, and the sea. We weren’t going anywhere until we shared some muscles with this sweet dude. Come join us this fall to start your ride with a muscle shooter!” – SONJA

Experience Puglia firsthand this fall!

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Hiking: 2-4 hours of hiking. 4-8 mi (6-12 km). Up to 1,500 ft (450 m).

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Road: 3-5 hours of riding. 25-55 mi (40-85 km). Up to 4,500 ft (1,500 m).

Gravel: 3-5 hours of riding. 20-40 mi (35-60 km). Up to 3,000 ft (900 m).

Hiking: 3-5 hours of hiking. 6-10 mi (9-16 km). Up to 2,000 ft (600 m).

Level 4:

Road: 4+ hours of riding. 40-70 mi (60-110 km). Up to 8,000 ft (2,400 m).

Gravel: 4+ hours of riding. 30-50 mi (45-80 km). Up to 4,000 ft (1,200 m).

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