What’s better than the trip of your dreams? How about the trip of everyone’s dreams? That’s what you get when you choose one of our top five most popular destinations. They’re each a magic elixir of the perfect rides, views, food and fun that have captured the imagination of many of our guests. Because everyone’s dreams are different. But some trips just transcend them all.

1. Bryce and Zion

If discovering the nooks and crannies of these two national parks in Utah isn’t on your bucket list, it should be. Why? Because there’s no better place to taste the flavors of the great Southwest, hike through world-renowned slot canyons, or ride past ancient hoodoo spires. The jaw-dropping landscape of southwest Utah has been capturing hearts for generations, and this year was no exception.
Trek Travel Best-Selling Trips of 2016

2. Andalucia

Sure, Paris, London, Barcelona and Rome are among the most beautiful, historic cities on Earth. But Europe has so much more to uncover, and this region is truly something special. We’ll ride the trafficless roads through the Sierra de las Nieves to rural landscapes overgrown with olives and run by herds of goats, then we’ll top it off with delicious gala-style dinners and full-blooded flamenco performances. The terrain is otherworldly. The experience is singular.
Trek Travel Andalucia Spain Bike Tour

“Five years ago we booked the cycling vacation of a lifetime in another part of Europe. That trip was fantastic, and with several friends joining us, we had a blast. I was hesitant to believe that a cycling tour thru Andalucia could come close to our amazing experience five years ago. I have to say that this trip exceeded all of our expectations, and surpassed our former experience.”
– Manny C.

Trek Travel Best-Selling Cycling Vacations of 2016

3. Crater Lake and the Oregon Cascades

When you first lay eyes on the crystal blue waters of Oregon’s Crater Lake as it reflects the sky, you’ll remember that sometimes the best vacations never leave the country. Because when it comes to America’s national parks, seeing is so much more than believing. This is the country’s fifth oldest national park and it is sure to stop you in your tracks. They said the only way this trip could get any better is with a tour of Oregon’s best microbrews, so we added it to the itinerary.
Trek Travel best-selling bike tours of 2016

4. Ride Across Italy

They say the best way to see Italy is to eat your way through it. We’ve added riding, and now it’s truly perfect. We’ll dip our toes in the Adriatic Sea before discovering Le Marche, Umbria, Lazio, Tuscany and everything in between, with stops for sumptuous cuisines, world-renowned wines, charming medieval towns, and some seriously fresh pasta. By the time the journey comes to an end on the Mediterranean coast, you’ll have finished the trip that all future vacations will be measured by. This isn’t just another vacation to Italy. This is everything Italy could possibly offer.
Ride across Italy on Trek Travel's coast to coast bike tour

“This trip was on back roads with scant traffic, an unusual experience in Italy. The scenery on these back roads was rural, expansive and stunning. This trip took some amazing groundwork to find all of these isolated roads that made the Ride Across Italy so enjoyable. Great work on the locating!”
– Richard C.

Trek Travel Most Popular Bike Tours of 2016

5. Cinque Terre

Montecarlo. Lucca. The Ligurian Coast. This is the other side of Italy. Cinque Terre means ‘The Five Lands’ – and is a breathtaking stretch villages on the coast of the Italian Riviera. And while the tree-lined landscape is gorgeous, the wine terraces are what make the area a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Whether you choose to bike, hike or relax in luxurious hotels, you’ll likely be seduced by the wonder of this way of life that refuses to give in to the modern world.
Trek Travel Most Popular Cycling Vacations of 2016