Traveling abroad for the first time? Looking to experience the charm and history of old-world Europe? Do you want to pedal through quaint, cobbled-street villages past cafes filled with locals? The following list of our most popular European bike tours are the perfect place to start your journey. From savory Michelin-starred meals, to centuries-old walled cities and enchanting locals, these cycling vacations will unearth a Europe you didn’t know existed.

1. Puglia, Italy

Puglia, on the heel of the Italian boot, is truly an undiscovered treasure, and one of the top places to visit. You’ll ride out to the Adriatic Coast, taste hand-pressed oils and visit the iconic whitewashed villages of Ostuni and Alberobello. This region rewards you at every turn, from the ancient trulli dotting the landscape to the spectacular white sand beaches of both the Adriatic and Ionian coastlines, this is so much more than just a cycling trip.

Beautiful ocean side Puglia bike tours with Trek Travel

2. Costa Brava, Spain

The gentle hills and soothing ocean breezes of the wild coast of southern Spain beckon those who know it to return, and those who have never been to visit. From nights in a seaside Iberian villa to days spent biking the Empordà plain, this Mediterranean paradise offers a perfect mixture of lively culture, fabulous cuisine and varied terrain. This is Spain. And that’s something special all its own.

Experience the rugged coast of Costa Brava, Spain with Trek Travel bike trips.

“I have been going to Europe for 35 years. I’ve acquired a “I’ve seen it all” mentality, a shame really, but I’ve been to Italy 30 times and thought I had “been there done that.” I never expected the amazing trip and new experiences I had with Trek Travel to Puglia. It was truly one of my greatest experiences in Italy”
– Cameron

3. Piedmont, Italy

Piedmont is Italy’s most delicious secret, and our ONE cycling vacation takes you into its heart. You’ll enjoy a very sophisticated side of this region, capped off with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for traditional white-truffle hunting in the town of Roddi, complete with a truffle-hunting team of local canine professionals!

Truffle hunting on Trek Travel's Piedmont, Italy cycling vacation

4. Tuscany, Italy

What’s the best part of visiting Tuscany with Trek Travel? Is it the deep, evocative history, rich with detail? Is it the fragrant olive groves and ancient cypresses? Or is it the decadent food and wine, a vivid palate of full-bodied reds, wonderful whites and complex recipes? Luckily for you, it is all the above and then some. Tuscany is our most popular bike tour in Europe and for good reason.

Explore Trek Travel's luxurious Tuscany bike trips.

“This trip was better than anticipated — and I had high expectations based on previous participants’ reviews! I am now convinced that this is THE way to see a new country and experience its culture; by the sights, sounds, and smells only obtainable by cycling through its countryside. The support of the Trek Travel guides made it exceptionally easy and enjoyable. A perfect way to spend our 15-year wedding anniversary!”
– Kathy

5. Croatia & The Dalmatian Coast

A perfect cycling tour along the Dalmatian Coast, where the clear blue waters of the Adriatic Sea offer an ever-present and inspiring view. From the start, you’ll lose your heart to captivating, historic Dubrovnik, whose centuries-old city walls and fortresses surround an enchanting, romantic Old Town. As you move along to the unforgettable port of Split, you’ll visit sun-kissed islands and ride along ancient stone terraces carpeted in lavender. Enjoy the unspoiled beaches of Korcula, discover tiny hamlets ringed by olive trees and vineyards, and explore deserted coves near chic, glamorous Hvar Town. It’s the perfect adventure for a first-time European traveler.

Croatia bike tours