Our guides are experts in riding bikes around the world. Just ask them what gear they go-to for any situation and they’ll tell you their favorites. So we gathered together a list of their go-tos for riding, from what they love to wear on their feet to tools they swear by. Here are their top spring and summer gear picks of 2017.

Bontrager Lithos Mountain Bike Helmet and Ion700 light
Justin Schnittker, Trek Travel Guide

Lithos MTB Helmet

“I really enjoy my Bontrager Lithos MIPS mountain bike helmet! Super comfy, good coverage in the back, great ventilation and cool colors that are quite visible for trail safety. Even better my Ion 700 light or a GoPro attaches directly to the top of it on a quick release system if I end up riding in the dark. Not to mention that rechargeable Bontrager Ion 700 light is like daylight riding!”

Bontrager Spector Windshell Vest
Pavel Drastik, Trek Travel Bike Tour Guide

Specter Windshell Vest

“Outside is my office and bike clothes are my uniform. Since I can’t regulate the outside temperature I have to be prepared in terms of clothes I’m wearing. Unless you want to carry a backpack with multiple items, I can’t praise enough the Bontrager Specter Windshell Vest wich easily fits in your back pocket and will help you stay comfortable most of the time! Priceless.”

Bontrager Classique cycling shoes and Race 5" socks
Jessica Singerman, Trek Travel Bike Tour Guide

Classique Road Shoes

“I love my Classique shoes and how breathable these are with all the strategically placed vents. The laces allow for a great fit that is infinitely adjustable, and plus they have that cool retro look. I’ll pair these with the Bontrager Race cycling sock. They are comfortable and wicking. They hug the foot just right and they feel supportive around the arch of the foot. Plus they come in high viz yellow and tomato orange!”

Bontrager MTB Shoe
Zeb King, Trek Travel Bike Tour Guide

XXX Mountain Bike Shoe

“Fashion and performance collide in the Bontrager XXX Shoe! Looking so good has never given you such a performance advantage while still allowing comfort! These have become my go-to shoes for guiding, both on the road and in the dirt. I’m the biggest believer in the Boa system for getting a perfect fit while also allowing for micro adjustments mid-ride. The stiffness of the carbon sole (rated 14 out of 14!) allows me to waste no energy transfer as I push the pedals hard into the hills of Tuscany or the singletrack of Bend, Oregon. The variety of colors, amazing durability and unending performance are just a few reasons that the Bontrager XXX shoe has become a favorite of many of the Trek Travel guides.”

Bontrager Classique cycling gloves
Scott Heather, Trek Travel Bike Tour Guide

Classique Cycling Gloves

“The Classique gloves are awesome. They are made of nice soft leather and last for years. The classiques also have that cool motorcycle look.”

Bontrager cycling cap
Mark Thomsen, Marketing Manager and former Trek Travel guide

Cycling Cap

“The Bontrager cycling cap a great addition to spring riding wardrobe because it’s so universal. The added layer on your head helps on those cold mornings keep things warm. Plus the visor keeps the sun out of your eyes in the early light when sunglasses are just too dark still but the sun is coming up.”

Bontrager Lithos Stormshell Jacket
Grant Chaffin, Trek Travel Bike Tour Guide

Lithos Stormshell Jacket

The Bontrager Lithos Stormshell jacket is a piece of equipment that I never leave home without. Always keep in mind there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad equipment. This jacket will keep you up to your eyes in adventure, even when it is pouring rain. The hood fits great over a helmet if your riding, the vents are great if your doing a strenuous uphill hike and want to stay dry and not get too hot, and the pockets are big enough to protect plenty of items from the down pour. I wear the jacket guiding in the narrows on cold mornings with a nice down base layer, as a wind layer when it is extremely cold, and of course when its raining and I’m on my bike. This is a super versatile piece of apparel that I would recommend to anyone.”
*This product is not currently offered online.

Bontrager Flash Charger floor pump
Tony Ferlisi, Trek Travel Bike Tour Guide and Trip Designer

Flash Charger Floor Pump

“Try seating a tubeless mountain bike tire at the trailhead without access to an air compressor and only a standard bike pump. Likely, you’ll end up with tire sealant all over your feet, a tire that won’t inflate and no more daylight. I love the Flash Charger floor pump. Flip the red lever to the “up” position on the Flash, pump the canister up to about 150 psi, attach the nozzle to the valve on your tire, flip the red lever to the “down” position and ffffump! A fully pressurized, sealed tire (even a Bontrager SE5)! This is simply the best bike pump I’ve ever owned. It makes seating tubeless tires a breeze. It’s become my everyday floor pump.”