First in line for the hottest new restaurant? Love an interesting combination of ingredients? Know just the perfect wine to pair it all with? Well, the world is calling and we know all the dining experiences that will take your breath away. Here are our top 5 trips for the ultimate Foodie Heaven.

Trek Travel Asheville Cycling Vacation


“I want Rhubarb to be where the important stuff happens,” says Executive Chef John Fleer. After 15 years as executive chef at the famous Blackberry Farm, he now brings his fresh approach to boldly flavored dishes and love for all things southern (and local) to the table for you to enjoy.

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Santa Barbara Wine Country

The acclaimed Bear and Star, “Takes its name from the two states our founder called home, Texas and California, celebrating refined ranch cuisine paired with California’s bounty.” Tied to restaurant is the 714-acre Fess Parker Home Ranch located seven miles away and home to Wagyu Cattle, chickens, quail, rabbits, pigs, bees and a number of heirloom fruits and organic vegetables allowing guests to experience great-tasting ingredients at the peak of their freshness.

Trek Travel SingleThread Cycling Vacation


A work of art in itself, SingleThread was born of designers, craftsmen, artisans, and makers who have curated a culinary main event you have to see to believe. Here you’ll dine in the 2017 James Beard Award-winning dining room on an elaborate 11 course, wine- or sake-paired tasting menu which the San Francisco Chronicle describes as a “flawless four star experience.” And enjoy a family-style, traditional Japanese donabe dinner in the private study on another evening.

Trek Travel Piedmont Cycling Vacation


Visit Castello di Roddi, a village that is home to the only truffle dog university in the world. Here you’ll have the opportunity to set off on a hunt of your own, aided by Giovanni, a third generation “trifolao”, and his local canine professionals who will of course sniff out the delicacy. Truffle-hunting is one of the long-standing traditions of Piedmontese culture and you’ll learn about the truffle’s cultural and economic importance in this area over an indulgent truffle themed lunch.

Trek Travel Provence Luxury ONE Cycling Vacation

Provence Luxury

While some other destinations exist, Provence blossoms. Here, the world is in full bloom, from rich, fragrant, local recipes that awaken your senses to the countryside alive with color, to stunning vistas across lavender fields. A foodie’s dream, you’ll strap on an apron and learn the secrets of Provençal cuisine from Michelin-starred chef, Xavier Mathieu. You’ll then dine at his gastronomic restaurant, the Xavier Mathieu, where the fare is inspired by the seasons and flavors of southern France.

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