Everyone loves new bike day, and with more bikes to choose from, that day might come sooner than you thought. Plus, shipping is on us, and who doesn’t love that?

1. Once the best bikes, always the best bikes

When we select the bikes that will accompany us on our world-class trips, we settle for nothing but the best. Shift cables? If they’re messy, no thanks. A buttery ride on Trek’s flagship OCLV dual Iso-Speed carbon endurance road frame? Yes please. Rider-tailored touchpoints and fit adjustments? Duh. With an 11-speed Ultegra Di2 drivetrain and some serious road-smoothing engineering, the Trek Travel Domane is one of the most thoughtfully built bikes on the market.

2. TLC is in our DNA

If you ask our guests about our trip, they’d probably tell you about the stunning views, how the guides took care of their every need, and that they can’t wait to travel with us again. And, just how smooth the bikes were. Our guides and mechanics go above and beyond to proactively replace wear-and-tear parts, clean, lube, and protect these bikes so they are perfect every time. Nice for the guests, but what does this mean for you? A bike that’s been professionally maintained from the moment it was first built to the moment it arrives at your door.

3. How’s half-off sound?

We don’t have to tell you that the best bikes aren’t cheap, but ours are at a deal you can’t beat. Have they tasted adventure? Sure. Are they ready for another? You bet.

4. 52 is the new 50

We started with an idea–how can we standardize a used bike? How can we assure our customers they’re getting the best of the best? A 50-point inspection, of course. Our mechanics put together a list of every single item they meticulously check, clean, and replace before a bike goes out the door. And when we counted them up? 52. Included in each bike box is your hand-checked 52-point inspection showing how your bike got from our trips to your home.

5. Fast, easy, FREE Shipping

What’s there to love more than free bike shipping? Other than your new ride, of course. Your bike order will ship free anywhere in the US. It’s our way of saying thanks for giving our sweet bikes a chance at their next adventure.


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