Guests everywhere have been using our e-bikes to make great vacations even better. Read some of their stories and then set your own rides on “turbo.”

Jill: Croatia & Dalmatian Coast

“That bike is what made this vacation possible for me. I did the basic ride every day and never felt that I couldn’t keep up with the group (which included an Olympic marathoner for goodness sake!). We kept calling the e-bike “the great equalizer” because it really does make an active vacation like this accessible to people like me who may not be on the same level as the more avid riders. I’m definitely a fan!”

Trek Electric-Assist Bikes now available on Trek Travel vacations

Ride a trek Electric-Assist bicycle on Trek Travel cycling vacations

Laurie: Asheville to Brevard

“LOVED the e-bike! It made the trip so much fun. I feel like I could do any trip regardless of the difficulty. I have a gravity/exercise induced asthma and the e-bike was heaven. I felt like the ones that had to grind out the hills were annoyed at how fast I could go, but, what the heck, I was able to do all the extra loops and come in smiling! For a less hilly trip, I would be thrilled to ride the regular bike-they were top notch! And I would use the quality of bikes as a big recommendation factor to others thinking about a Trek trip!”

Sharon: Portugal

“I trained really hard for this trip. Even with my training, I worried about the hills. I am 65 and can ride a long way when it’s fairly flat. But I was very worried about all the climbing on this trip. So I reluctantly requested an e-bike. It turned out to be a brilliant decision. There were 4 of us on e-bikes. The e-bike made it so the most expert riders, the good riders, the decent riders and those that don’t ride at all could enjoy the whole wonderful experience.”



Dawn: Tuscany

“Although he is the cyclist, I enjoyed the trip as much, if not more! Even though my skill-level was nowhere near the rest of the group, I was able to keep up with (and at times, pass up) the others when I used the electric assist bike. I was so happy to not have missed the Tuscan landscapes while riding, which are as beautiful as you see in any postcard or painting. The off-bike experiences were phenomenal.”

Cathy: Crater Lake & Oregon Cascades

“Our experience was like a second honeymoon! I was provided with an e-bike. My husband is an avid rider and for the first time ever I was able to keep up to him and experience the beautiful scenery every bit of the trip. Loved every second of our vacation! We were treated like a king and queen by our tour guides and can’t wait till our next Trek Travel adventure next year!”


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