Japan is a country steeped in tradition that has survived centuries and still guides the everyday life if its people. So as a visitor what are some important things to know? We talked to our Travel Advisor Program Manager who visited this stunning country, and got her top 5 pieces of etiquette to keep in mind when traveling to Japan.

1. Remove your shoes upon entry to a home

It also considered good manners to turn your shoes to point towards the door once they’ve been taken off.

2. Escalators

When riding an escalator in Tokyo, stay on the left side so others can pass on the right. However, when riding an escalator in the Kansai region, stay on the right side so others can pass on the left.

3. Don’t walk and eat

It is not polite to eat or drink on the go. You will see locals standing by vending machines to finish their beverages, or standing outside convenience stores eating their food before walking.

4. Chopsticks

Do not leave your chopsticks sticking up in a bowl of rice—this is reminiscent of a funeral rite—instead, lay them flat over the top of the bowl if necessary.

5. When paying at the register…

Do not pass your money directly to a cashier—instead, place your money in the tray provided on the counter.


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