Long, trans-Atlantic or Pacific flights can be a beast to get through. But with a little preparation, your journey can be one that’s more daydream than nightmare.

1. Bring a neck pillow and eye mask.

Nothing is worse than your head flopping around while you’re trying to catch some precious zzz’s. So while it may look goofy, a neck pillow will be your best friend. Also, if you are flying during daylight, an eyemask is critical to get a jumpstart on beating jetlag.

2. Escape from the noise

For long flights, noise-canceling headphones will be what gets you through. Pop those suckers on and you’ll be able to enjoy a ride without the disturbances of the plane engines and all other noise that comes with a packed flight.

3. Comfort above fashion

Keep it loose and comfortable and remember to layer for when it gets chilly. Loose-fitting shirts, comfortable pants with a little stretch, flats or tennis shoes, and a light jacket or sweater should be your uniform for the day. Also, make sure to pack an extra outfit in your carry-on in case your checked luggage doesn’t make it when you do.

4. Juice up your devices and plan ahead

Make sure to charge your phone, computer, tablets or whatever electronics you’re bringing aboard because the last thing you want is for your Kindle to run out of battery halfway through your 12-hour flight, or to have a dead phone upon landing.

5. Stay healthy & pack extra snacks

Sitting around at altitude for most of a day isn’t the best for your body. Fight off dehydration and deep-vein thrombosis by regularly drinking water, stretching, and walking around the cabin. And make sure to pack extra snacks like granola or a couple protein bars, as airline food isn’t often plentiful and you may get hungry in between scheduled in-flight meals.

6. Be polite to the crew

Make an active effort to be nice to those looking out for you in the air. You’re all up there together for quite a long time, and you never know, you might make a new friend or two.


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