Kate’s Real Food energy bars are designed for refueling during big days on your bike.

After putting some serious mileage on the bike, Trek Travel understands the importance of refueling. Our guides set up snack stops to keep our guests happily and healthily fueled throughout the day’s ride. Trek Travel is proud to share our partnership with Kate’s Real Food, a healthy, organic energy bar brand that will keep you riding without a pause! Get to know them a little more, and see why we can’t wait to share their bars on our North American trips.

Who is Kate’s Real Food?

Kate’s Real Food is a company founded by Kate Schade, active skier and busy body, who understood the necessity of having quick fuel on the go. From long hours hitting the slopes to heading to her night job, over the years Kate perfected her recipe for tasty organic energy bars known as Tram Bars. After sharing her bars with friends and receiving consistent pleas to start selling her recipe, by 2010 Kate made her Real Food company come to life. As of now, Kate has created 6+ mouthwatering flavors filled with wholesome, organic ingredients for people to grab when heading to their next adventure.

Why Kate’s Real Food and Trek Travel?

“We are proud to partner with a company that prioritizes high quality and organic ingredients, and we know that our guests will love the variety and recipes. Whether it’s long days in the saddle at Texas Ride Camp or leisurely cycling through Kentucky Bourbon Country, Kate’s Real Food is the fuel of choice.”
– Tania Burke, Trek Travel President

Kate’s Real Food was also voted best energy bar of 2019 by Outdoor Gear Lab!

What makes Kate’s Real Food tick?

Kate’s Real Food focuses on three main aspects when it comes to the quality and make of their bars: clean ingredients, sustainable practices, and great taste.
Clean Ingredients: From organic gluten-free oats to organic dark chocolate, Kate’s Real Food specifically uses clean ingredients to ensure each bite is better than the last and contains the best quality. No chemicals or artificial sweeteners are added to the products as organic fruits, such as dried cherries or dried mango, and all-natural honey fill their place.
Sustainable Practices: Sustainability is a prioritized practice within the company when it comes to production, culture, and organization. Kate’s Real Food focuses on sustainability by recycling plastics, glasses, paper, metals, and cardboard and is continuously finding any way to reduce waste.
Great Taste: Great taste is one of the perks of this healthy, energy filled product. Kate’s Real Food combines a multitude of ingredients to ensure your taste buds will be more then satisfied. Each product contains a sweet-and-savory recipe that allows for a unique mixture of flavor and texture. From crunchy to chewy and everything between, Kate’s Real Food will leave you ready to try the next delicious flavor.


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