Explore the allure of private and custom cycling vacations. Tailor your trip, choose your group, and set your own schedule. Read on to discover the reasons to opt for a private bike tour and explore fantastic destinations for your next adventure.

Friends and Family

Friends and family that bike together, stay together. There’s nothing better than cruising with your nearest and dearest, and booking a Private Trip means guaranteeing you will be traveling with your favorite people.

It’s simple!

Gather your group, choose from our variety of trips and dates, and we’ll reserve an open week exclusively for your adventure.

Exclusive ≠ expensive

For most of our trips, with 10 or more in your group, the price is as advertised! So gather your friends, family and anyone in between.


We always say it’s “Your Day, You Decide” and with our Private Trips, it’s your trip, with your group, on your schedule.

Trip Enhancements

Enhance your Private Trip with our exclusive Add-Ons. From inclusive wine and beer to travel assistance, our Private Trips offer a one-stop solution to enrich your adventure.

Sit back, relax

Every aspect of your trip is meticulously planned to match your style. Your Private Trip Coordinator takes care of every detail, and our guides prepare your bikes in advance—so you can simply enjoy your vacation.


Bike Tours in California

California Wine Country 3-Day

Looking to elevate your company outing? California Wine Country offers a 3-day escape amidst lush vineyards, blending exquisite wines and farm-to-table cuisine. Cycle through picturesque landscapes, sampling the region’s finest wines, and indulge in the vibrant food scene. A Private Trip to Sonoma combines luxury, adventure, and team building for an unforgettable company retreat.

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Bike Tours in Tuscany

Tuscany, Italy

Experience Tuscany’s rolling roads, exceptional cycling, and delectable wine and cuisine. Delight in local delights, from Chianti Classico in Radda to perfecting the art of Cucina Italiana with a private pizza-making class, this trip has something for everyone in your group.

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new mexico bike tour

New Mexico

Discover the heart of the American Southwest in Santa Fe, a fantastic destination for a memorable short vacation with loved ones. Cycle through the land of canyons, mountains, and adobe architecture. Immerse in luxury accommodations, relish award-winning cuisine, and explore Southwestern culture in an exclusive and intimate setting.

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Bike Tour in Andalucia, Spain


Andalucia beckons as the quintessential Spanish adventure. Pedal through limestone peaks, savoring the region’s diverse gastronomy. Immerse yourself and savor the culture of southern Spain with a private flamenco, explore organic olive oil farms, and cycle through pristine natural parks—creating unforgettable memories with your group.

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Prague to Vienna Bike tour

Prague to Vienna

Journey through Central Europe on a tailored 6-Day Private Bike Tour, making the journey from Prague to Vienna an ideal choice for a remarkable family trip or family reunion. Explore Bohemian landscapes, Renaissance towns, and dense forests, all while immersing in the region’s rich culture and delectable cuisine. Experience Ceský Krumlov’s medieval charm, savor a wine-paired dinner in Austria’s oldest winery, and cycle along the picturesque Danube River—making this private tour a cycling escapade of a lifetime.

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Make any of our regularly scheduled departures private just for you.

Choose a private bike tour for a unique adventure with your favorite people. Take the first step towards an unforgettable private cycling tour by filling out our Private Trip form below. Your next adventure awaits!

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