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Do homework before flying with a bike

To fly with a bike or to rent one on the road is the money question, says Jim Potter, owner of Vecchio’s Bicicletteria in Boulder, Colo. The destination often dictates the decision. If you’re traveling to a place with a strong bike culture, you can probably rent a serious bike. Touring companies like Trek Travel usually have access to fancier bikes. “More often than not, standard bike shops rent recreational city bikes with a generic fit,” he says. “If you’re tall or short or looking for performance, you’ll probably be more comfortable with your own bike.”

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Bicycle tours and routes: How to get back on that bike

Last year, RewardExpert released its 2017 ranking of the Best Destinations to Explore by Bike, comparing 53 of the largest cities in the country and evaluating them on 13 key metrics across four categories: biking infrastructure, city profile, bike-share index, and biking safety. Top of the list – Minneapolis, with 170 bike share stations and 130 miles of bike lanes through Nice Ride Minnesota. Topping RewardExpert’s Up & Coming Cities list was Memphis, with plans to implement a bike-share program this year to use in the city’s already-expanded bike lanes.

Below you’ll find a dozen bicycling routes and tours around the U.S. that will you get in the saddle and traveling on two wheels. Of course, this is just a sampling of places to ride – pretty much wherever you go, there’s likely a chance to hop on a bike.

Asheville (North Carolina): Riding along the Blue Ridge Parkway, you’ll pedal the mountains of western North Carolina where you’ll find the highest peak east of the Mississippi River. On the Asheville to Brevard trip with Trek Travel, pass rivers and waterfalls as you ride the scenic roadways and enjoy the indulgences between Asheville, “Beer City USA,” and the mountain town of Brevard.

Glacier National Park (Montana): Named one of the best bicycling routes by several cycling publications, Going-to-the-Sun Road is not to be missed when riding in Glacier National Park. Trek Travel, which features Trek Bikes and electric assist bikes, offers a tour that highlights various areas of the park, and even includes rafting on the Flathead River. Just 25 glaciers remain in the park, and seeing them by bike gives you more time to reflect upon them.

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Meet our team: Lindsay Juley

From the coast of Australia to the skyscrapers of NYC and back to her home state of Wisconsin, Lindsay uses her wealth of experience and passion for exploring the world to lead the charge on building and creating awesome relationships with travel agents across the country looking to sell the vacation of a lifetime.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, my idea of a vacation pre-college was either flying to Arizona to visit my grandparents or going camping at many of the local state parks. I did not need to go far to have a great time. However, after studying abroad in London in college, a whole new world opened up for me. I completely fell in love with traveling, and I knew I needed to find a job that would allow me to continue exploring the world. I ended up landing the perfect post-college job with STA Travel, a student-focused travel agency, where I became a full-service travel agent. Not only did I get to talk about travel all day, but I was able to take multiple trips per year myself.

Lindsay Juley Trek Travel Cycling Vacations

My job with STA Travel led me to do a working holiday in Melbourne, Australia, where I lived for almost a year still working as a travel agent. Instead of planning very short spring break and winter break holidays, I began to put together elaborate round-the-world trips, and 3 month long backpacking trips for my Australian clients. It challenged me every day, and I learned quite a bit about different markets and cultures that I never was exposed to back in Wisconsin. Since new destinations around Australia and southeast Asia were now all of a sudden very accessible, I also was able to take several trips while abroad, continuing to check off more countries and continents off my bucket list.

After returning from Australia with a passport full of stamps and more vacation planning experience, I became the store manager at my Madison office. Due to a company re-structuring, I was selected to work at one of the New York offices, but the Midwest kept calling me back. After almost 6 years and hitting all 7 continents, I parted ways with STA Travel and moved back to my favorite state of Wisconsin. I knew I wanted to stay in the travel industry while remaining in Madison, so the natural option was to pursue a role at Trek Travel. I used to book the travel for the Trek Travel guides when I was at STA Travel, so I already was very familiar with the company!

Lindsay Juley Trek Travel Cycling Vacations

My first job at Trek Travel was as the guest services coordinator, doing mostly admin work and communicating with guests after they were booked on a trip. Shortly after that, I became a trip consultant, selling our trips to our guests. I noticed there was no set travel agent program in place, so I started to develop a plan to provide more structure and training in order to grow our company’s travel agent business.

Now, after more than four years with Trek Travel, I am focused mainly on creating and cultivating relationships with travel agents, which I love! Since I previously was a travel agent myself, I have a great understanding of what it is like to be on the other side of the business and what resources agents may require to sell active vacations. I also understand the benefits a travel agent brings to our guests, being able to assist with all planning aspects of their vacation. I look forward to continuing to grow this important part of our business, and hopefully meeting more agents in person!


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Pilot Cove: A Pisgah Oasis

After 20 years as lawyers, Lane and Beth decided to leave the law and take their family on a 13-month, 42-country trip around the world. It was after this sojourn they met Collin and Jenni. And Pilot Cove was born.

Trek Travel Cycling vacations Pilot Cove Brevard NC

Tell​ ​us​ ​a​ ​little​ ​about​ ​yourselves,​ ​what​ ​did​ ​you​ ​do​ ​before​ ​you​ ​created​ ​this​ ​much​ ​needed​ ​oasis​?​
Collin: After graduating from college, I built multi-use trails with Trail Design Specialists for a few years. We were working much in Western NC, which brought me to the area. I currently own Altamont Property Group based in Asheville, focusing on real estate and land tract brokerage in the region. Pilot Cove evolved over time after becoming friends with Lane and Beth while they were looking for real estate. We hatched the idea and things took off from there!
Lane: Beth and I met in law school and married in 1994. In 2013, after practicing law for 20 years we planned to take a year off and travel with our three sons Mac (14), Wiley (12) and Levi (12). 13 months and 42 countries later we decided try something different. Instead of making a living helping people out of trouble we wanted to help people have fun. We returned to the U.S. and moved to Asheville. This is where we met Collin and Jenni.

What inspired you to start Pilot Cove? And to go into hospitality? Why this area?
Collin: The growth in tourism is apparent throughout Western NC, and we saw the potential for a unique project in Brevard and Transylvania County. We see many travelers come to Asheville for great food, craft beverages, shopping, and a thriving art community. Travelers are drawn to Brevard for many of the same reasons, but also for the world-class outdoor recreation so accessible from town. We designed Pilot Cove to be approachable to travelers from all walks of life, yet focused on cyclists and outdoor recreation enthusiasts. Our 124 acre property offers ride in–ride out access to Pisgah National Forest!
Lane: We chose Asheville because we love the mountains and were excited about the changing seasons. I am a native Floridian and Beth and I spent our first 20 years together in St. Petersburg, FL. Having just traveled for 13 months we felt we had some insight into the hospitality industry. We stayed in all kinds of lodging from tents and hostels to castles and resorts. Collin had the idea of starting a resort that catered to bikers. We started looking at properties and were fortunate to find our current location. It was the perfect spot, surrounded by Pisgah National Forest and with direct access to some of the best biking in the country. We were most excited about creating a career where the focus is helping people have fun and get the most out of our amazing natural playground.

Trek Travel Cycling vacations Pilot Cove Brevard NC

How did you all meet?
Collin: My wife Jenni and I connected with Lane and Beth when they were looking for real estate in the area. We were joined by our property manager Syl Neel before we started construction. I met Syl on the Appalachian Trail in 2008 and we’ve stayed in touch over the years. He has been instrumental in the development of Pilot Cove.
Lane: Once we decided to move to Asheville, Beth emailed multiple realtors in the area and Collin was the first and only response.

What has been the most rewarding part about this change in venture?
Collin: The community response has been tremendous! We saw demand and designed a project that would fill it, but never envisioned the support we would receive from the community. We can’t say enough great things about Brevard and Transylvania County. The people, businesses, and civic leaders care deeply about their community and great things are on the horizon.
Lane: I love seeing the dream become a reality. We spent two years figuring out how to turn a forested mountain side into Pilot Cove. In the process we became good friends with our contractors, graders, designers and workers. My old college roommate saved the day with the wonderful forest lodging design. Local artisans built the furniture from local resources. I’m happy to say that the final result has exceeded our expectations. Remember we were lawyers and not developers. Pilot Cove is the result of lots of people buying into an idea and coming together to create something special.

Trek Travel Cycling vacations Pilot Cove Brevard NC

What’s your favorite part about the nearby Pisgah National Forest?
Collin: For me it’s the four distinct seasons. Spring brings rebirth and blooms. Summer is great to hit the trails, waterfalls, and swimming holes. The Fall season is my favorite, offering cooler temps and breathtaking leaf colors that sweep across the mountains. Winter brings less crowded trails, fishing holes, and endless views with leaves absent from the trees. There’s something for everyone in every season.
Lane: Pisgah is truly one of nature’s greatest playgrounds. It offers outstanding hiking, road and mountain biking, waterfalls, sliding rock, rock climbing, fly fishing, mushroom hunting, wildlife viewing, and I could go on and on. I went to camp one summer in Brevard when I was a child. I remember riding up Hwy 276 to Sliding Rock along the Davidson River and thinking this is the most beautiful road I have ever been on. Now Pilot Cove’s entrance is right on 276 at the entrance to the forest and I get to take that ride on a regular basis.

<img src="" alt="Trek Travel Cycling vacations Pilot Cove Brevard NC" width="1000" height="667" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-30684" />

Top three things to do in Brevard?
Collin: 1) The local music scene is great, be sure to catch Mountain Song Festival in September hosted by local favorites the Steep Canyon Rangers. 2) Enjoy Brevard’s quaint downtown! The Heart of Brevard is a great resource for authentic locally-owned business. 3) Enjoy the forest and mountains! Pisgah National Forest and DuPont State Forest offer a world of possibilities on foot or in the saddle.
Lane: 1) Sliding Rock. Nothing refreshes and brings a tired body back to life like a trip down Sliding Rock into cool pool below. 2) Black Balsam hike. Just off the parkway this hike takes you along the Art Loeb trail and over a 6000 foot bald with amazing views in every direction. 3) Dupont State Forest. 15 minutes from Pilot Cove with spectacular waterfalls and mountain biking.

Favorite bike ride you’ve ever been on?
Collin: Tough to say! We frequent Breckenridge CO, and the Peaks Trail is a favorite when there in Summer. For road cycling we are lucky to have the Blue Ridge Parkway so close to home.
Lane: Locally, I love Ridgeline in Dupont. A bombing two mile downhill with flowy lines and bermy curves. Best ever, biking down Cotopaxi (the world’s highest active volcano) in Equador with Beth and our boys.


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Before, During and After: Andalucia

Andalucia is a perfect destination for a cycling vacation of a lifetime. If you find yourself with a flight to Andalucia for a Spain bike tours, consider any of the following cities before or after your trip. From the flamenco caves of Granada to the northern Pyrenees and coastal cities of Catalonia, you will be enchanted by Spain.

Like any country, the landscape and culture is unique wherever you go in Spain. Andalucia, or Andalusia, is a region in southern Spain known for its warm weather, agriculture, sherry, Jamon Ibérico, flamenco, bullfighting and Moorish architecture. It’s an incredible experience for a cycling vacation with a variety of climbs and rolling hills, stunning views, friendly people and endless tapas throughout your ride that continue into the night alongside a glass of sherry or local vino. Just a train ride away you’ll find a handful of popular and to-be-discovered cities throughout Spain that are also worth a trip.

Before: Seville, Spain

On Trek Travel’s cycling vacation, we begin in Seville, Andalucia’s capital city, where we meet up with the guides to start the bike tour. If you arrive at the end of April, you could catch the beginning of Feria, one of Spain’s biggest festivals. On the night of the festival, follow the crowds along the river to the grounds that house hundreds of decorated casetas, or little houses, for private gatherings that celebrate well into the night and into the following morning. During the day, be sure to enjoy the local tapas bars and explore the history and architecture of Seville. Lonely Planet named Seville the “Best city to visit in 2018.”

Travel to Sevilla, Andalucia on an Andalucia bike tour
Travel to Sevilla, Andalucia on an Andalucia bike tour

Empty streets of downtown Sevilla. The entire city made their way to the Feria de Abril festival.

Travel to Sevilla, Andalucia on an Andalucia bike tour
Plaza de España in Sevilla

During: Ronda to Antequera, Andalucia

If you’re a lucky guest on the Trek Travel trip, hop in the van with the guides and drive into the hills to a lovely olive oil farm. Your first ride will lead you down into a valley and up through the hills towards the hidden gem of Ronda. Ronda is a historic mountaintop city overlooking a gorge that includes the diverse “old town” and “new town”, separated by an iconic stone bridge. The “old town” houses residents who’ve lived there for centuries, and across the bridge you’ll find shops, tapas bars, flamenco dancing, the oldest bull fighting ring in Spain and more. The whole city is quite small and very walk-able. Ronda is extremely charming and a gem of the South.

Travel on an Andalucia bike tour
The hills of Andalucia bring slow climbs and views of pueblos blancos, or white villages, dotted throughout the landscape

Travel on an Andalucia bike tour
A hidden gem in Andalucia, Ronda is a historic town that overlooks a breathtaking gorge

After (Southern Spain): Granada

After the Trek Travel trip, consider taking a train to experience Granada. Granada features the Moorish castle Alhambra which overlooks the old neighborhood of Albaicín. Sit down and have a beer or glass of wine here and you’ll also receive a small plate of tapas – whatever the kitchen is serving up that day. You might never have to pay for food here, as long as you have a drink ordered. Be sure to get tickets in advance to tour the Alhambra, it’s a popular tourist sight, but you’ll find the city itself is filled with friendly, charming locals. You can’t miss the flamenco in Granada either – here, step into a cave, sit down with a drink and enjoy the dancers and musicians perform the traditional flamenco.

Travel to Granada, Andalucia on an Andalucia bike tour
Travel to Granada, Andalucia on an Andalucia bike tour

The view from Generalife at Alhambra and a hot air balloon floating over the city of Granada

After (Northern Spain): Barcelona, Girona and San Sebastian

If you’re looking to head north, book a train to Catalonia to find a variety of cities to fall in love with. Travel to Barcelona for its seaside cityscape, world-class dining, museums and famous architecture. Or hop on a quick train just north of Barcelona to Girona in Costa Brava for cobbled streets, medieval architecture, a cycling scene and endless pintxos. Girona is just 20 minutes from the coast where you’ll find unbelievable views of the Mediterranean sea, and roads that are perfect for a scenic bike ride. San Sebastian is only a train ride away and nestled into the northern edge of Spain on the border of France. San Sebastian is in the Basque region, home of some of the best seafood and beaches in the world. It is a foodies delight, with enough Michelin star restaurants and world-class pintxos and cidre to keep you full for your entire stay.

Wherever you choose to travel to in Spain, you will not be disappointed. This warm and welcoming country will keep you busy with activities or relaxation and make you want to come back for more.

Visit northern Spain in San Sebastian before or after your Trek Travel cycling vacation
Old town in San Sebastian and one of the best beaches in the world, La Concha

Plan your cycling vacation to Andalucia with Trek Travel

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Top Mountain Biking Trails: Bend, Oregon [Video]

Bend is synonymous with amazing beer and even better dirt. Central Oregon is loaded with flowy, purpose-built single track through dense forests and dramatic volcanic landscapes. The expansive network of trails is approachable for any level, whether you’re new to knobby tires or a professional rider. Watch Freehub’s latest video capturing the trails in Bend, then ride them for yourself on our newly designed bike tour.

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Our Newfound Cycling Paradise in the UK: Scotland [Video]

Put away your golf spikes and three-iron for a moment and consider this: Scotland was actually built for bikes, too. At one of our newest destinations, we’ll ride through the Highlands where you will be treated to stunning scenery each day, along with a huge array of cultural experiences. We’ll visit and stay in castles, indulge in a tour at the Glenfiddich distillery and perhaps a microbrewery as well. But don’t let us do all the talking. We went to explore just how special Scotland is while designing our newest trip. Watch the video below, it showcases our experience best.

[trek-fullwidth-img src=”×670.jpg”]

Meet Our Team: Diego Villasenor

A man of many countries who has spent his first year with Trek Travel guiding in Costa Brava as well as on L’Etape du Tour, Diego has a strong passion for exploring the world, a taste for new adventures and the travel journals to prove it.

So to start off, where are you from?

This is probably one of the hardest questions to answer. I was born in Mexico City, but grew up in Bolivia and spent a few years in Gainesville, Florida. I have three nationalities, Mexican, Bolivian and Swiss. Yes Swiss, but that is a story for when you come to one of my trips. For the last couple of years I’ve just been saying “I’m a citizen of the world.”

What did you do before you became a guide?

When I finished my degree in sustainable tourism and felt like I needed to do something more I grabbed my bicycle and started traveling to visit new towns and taste new cultures. With a group of my best friends we started to ride together and produce a radio show to promote sustainable tourism practices. Being in academia I also had the opportunity to travel around Mexico participating in rural tourism national conventions.

What has been your favorite part about guiding thus far?

Everyday is different. Each week is unique. Even if the days look the same on the website, our trips are memorable. I have the opportunity to meet amazing people from different parts of the world with incredible stories to share. And let’s not forget that we share the passion to ride the bicycle in some of the most beautiful places on earth.

What has been the biggest surprise?

Everything! Last year I had no clue what I was going to do in 2017. My closest friends kept asking, “What’s your plan?” And the only answer I kept repeating was, “I don’t know, but I will surprise myself!”

Well, here I am in Milan, Italy finishing eating the best pizza I’ve ever had while I write these few humbled words to share with you. Meanwhile I also try to imagine who might read this and then who will I have the honor to meet in person. The bonus, and one very important thing for me, is that I’m guiding bicycle trips in Europe with a fantastic group of people that I proudly call my Trek Travel family.

How did you come up with the travel journal idea?

Ever since I was 5 years old I have been traveling by plane alone. Back then, traveling was just a means to get to the final destination. Now I travel to enjoy every single part of the trip.

Since 2016 I started drawing a line and writing the names of the states I was crossing while we were on a road trip from Florida to Washington D.C. And that is the first official drawing in my journal. Now, each detail that happens during the trip I try to put it inside my notebook. I even ask people I meet randomly during my travels to sign their name or write a message. It’s a way to remember where I’ve been and what I’ve done.

Favorite trip to guide?

This year I have been guiding Costa Brava in Spain and during the Tour de France I had the opportunity to guide L’Etape du Tour. I love mountains, they are my favorite place to be. Riding in the French Alps was the most fantastic combination of challenging riding and amazing views.

Costa Brava on the other hand, is just the perfect combination of beautiful roads, rich culture and amazing places to visit. An all around great trip that gives us a new gift every week. Bright red poppy flowers at the beginning of spring or shining yellow sunflower fields towards the end of summer. And let’s not forget that every day we get the opportunity to dip our feet in the Mediterranean Sea.

Trip you’d love to guide soon?

I am very excited for our new trips in South America! I grew up in national parks in Bolivia and when I heard that Trek Travel is introducing Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands to the itinerary my explorer soul jumps from emotion.

And the biggie…favorite ride of all time?

Again a hard question!! I have two in mind. The 385km trip around the biggest lake in Mexico with really good friends. We had never done this together and we tackled every challenge we had on the road. It was the moment I knew I wanted to do multiple day trips by bicycle.

The second all time favorite is when my ex-partner and I gave away all our belongings and started a bicycle trip with our two dogs. We traveled with our bicycles visiting places that we never knew existed, also met wonderful people that open their homes to us so we could sleep in order to continue our trip.

Like I said before, now traveling for me is not only about the final destination. It’s all about the small details along the way.


Catch up with Diego in Costa Brava

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Michael Valenti: 21 Days of Cycling Art

Michael Valenti, a former ad man and now artist has decided to leave the modern comforts of his studio and set out to be the first cycling artist to follow and draw all 21 days of the Tour de France. Read on to hear about his idea and the journey that has led up to this awesome adventure.

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Michael Valenti 21 Days of Cycling Art

So first up, who is Michael Valenti?
Well…I’m a husband and dad and all that. As a professional I was brought up in the world of ad agencies. I was a designer, illustrator and marketing guy you know. Now I’m an artist. After 35 years of being in the industry I never considered myself an artist, now I answer “artist” and it’s still weird for me. But I’ve always loved what I do.

When did you become fascinated with cycling?
My friends and I are still convinced we invented mountain biking, haha. We used to terrorize the neighborhood as a pack of riders in the late 60s. Just a bunch of 10-12 year olds in Stoughton, Massachusetts. I didn’t really start riding as a cyclist until my 30s when I moved to Chicago and started riding with a friend of mine who taught me the basics. I joined a few clubs, and I’ve been hooked ever since. These days I do most of my riding in the Southeastern part of Wisconsin—Kenosha, Burlington, Lake Geneva areas.

What inspired you to put cycling at the center of your art?
I found myself in any spare moment drawing what I love to do, so it was just a natural progression. I wanted to do something I could build and sustain until I decided to walk away from it.

You seem pretty involved with Avant Bicycle and Cafe, can you talk a little about that?
Yeah Tony Valenti, a friend of my son’s opened a bike shop in Delavan and I was like hey, open a shop in Lake Geneva and I’ll use it as my gallery north and bring all the art for your walls. So he did, and so became Avant and I hang original pieces there. The difference between a starving artist and a successful artist is marketing, you know?

So you did a similar project with the Giro, drawing a piece everyday. Which was your favorite?
Day 16. The Frankie drawing. I like drawing emotional pictures or pictures that have meaning more than I like drawing a picture of a guy with his arms up in the air.

Michael Valenti 21 Days of Cycling Art

How did you decide to go to the Tour?
Well work being good or bad is so subjective. The question is, “Is the person known or not known and what are they known for?” That’s how the Tour de France trip came around. I want to be the most well known cycling artist on the planet and my friend asked me, “Well, have you ever been to the Tour?” and I was like, “No, let’s go!” And that was that.

Can you give us a quick run down of this project?”
I will follow each stage of the 2017 Tour de France and draw what I see, feel and experience. I couldn’t be more excited; I couldn’t be more frightened! How can such a simple thing be so overwhelming and awesome at the same time? For a first time Tour follower I’m really jumping in with both feet here. Three of us are spending 21 days on the road in a little motor home together. The first of us, me and Keith, conceived this trip on a whim. Keith is my friend that lives here in Wisconsin, he’s just a regular guy, a cycling enthusiast, an experienced camper, he’s great with logistics, he loves wine and he takes good photographs. But the third guy, Harm Job has the most interesting story. Harm Job lives in the Netherlands outside of Amsterdam. I’ve known him since 2007, but we’ve never met in person! We first met on social media, he was an early adopter of the Veloist. We would email back and forth, send pictures, jerseys, we were pen pals. He is by trade a court reporter but by passion reports for cycling races. He speaks 5 languages, has traveled extensively in France, is an over achiever in social media and a completely passionate cycling nut. His chief job will be translating, navigation and social media.

How are you preparing for your trip?
I’ve been riding around with a 20lb backpack on. Hills are hard. I’m also walking with the same pack for three miles every other day. It’s my art pack, so I’ll take it somewhere, unpack it, draw something, pack it back up and ride home. I go through this process a few times to make sure I have everything I need, it makes me feel like a traveling art fair. And I can’t even tell you how many pens I’ve been trying! When I work in the studio I use a quill and ink but in the field that won’t really work so I’ve had to rethink my process a bit. I also like to draw big, but for this trip I’m using 12×18 paper, it feels like a post-it note!

What are you looking forward to most about following the Tour through France?
I have never done a project this big. Like a really focused effort where at the end of three weeks I will have a body of work that I’ve never had before. And I’m really looking forward to seeing what it looks like. There will be good days and bad days I’m sure, and I’m excited to see what days will be magic moments. One good idea in a day is a gift.

Which pro would you most love to have a drink with?
Well I’d love to have a pint with Sean Kelly. He has a connection to the history and would be a ton of fun in a pub. I would have a whiskey with Peter Sagan. You know who I’d like to just sit down and talk to because I think he’s normal? Christian Vande Velde. He’s grounded, he’s had a great career, heir apparent as an announcer and so smart and interesting. I bet he has some great stories.

Tell us about your favorite ride…
In 2000 I did the AIDS ride in Alaska from Fairbanks to Anchorage and that was the hardest ride and the most amazing ride. It’s funny how there’s a sliver of space between the most euphoric thing you’ve ever done and an excruciating amount of pain.

Dream bike?
I know you want me to say Trek but I’m a steel guy. I now ride a custom Waterford. Any bike would be an older Colnago steel bike.

Dream Trek Travel Trip?
This is the easiest question to answer, Tuscany. I would go to Italy in a heartbeat.

In honor of his one-of-a-kind trip, Michael has created a special Tour de France print and is offering it as well as other Open Edition prints to Trek Travel fans and guests at 30% off. It’s your chance to own a piece of art history, simply use the code TT30TDF at check out before August 31st.

And be sure to follow along with 21 Days of Cycling Art project here and on Instagram @Veloist

Michael Valenti 21 Days of Cycling Art

Photo Gallery: Vibrant Cuba

Whether you’re dancing in the streets, learning to craft an authentic mojito, snorkeling in the Caribbean or finding out why Cuban cigars are so famous, Cuba is sure to capture your sense of adventure. Get a peek of this magical destination and immerse yourself in an authentic and vintage Cuban experience.


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Cross Country:

Tackle an epic adventure that takes you point-to-point across mountains, countryside, and more.


Enjoy a bike tour on your schedule with just your chosen travel companions.

Single Occupancy

Sometimes it’s more convenient and comfortable to have your own room while on vacation. We understand and that’s why we offer a Single Occupancy option. The additional price guarantees a private room all to yourself