Every corner of the world on the best cycling trips.

Trek Travel will show you the most time-honored, picturesque, and jaw-dropping destinations of the world, from the high peaks of the Pyrenees to the sandstone landscapes of Zion National Park. But that’s only just the beginning. We travel to destinations as scenic as Vermont and California, or as exotic as Costa Rica and Croatia. Wherever you choose, you’ll experience luxury and incredible rides that only the world’s premier bike tour operator can provide. We add in the extra details that make your ours the best cycling trips out there, from top-of-the-line gear to unforgettable dining experiences and award-winning accommodations. No matter what region you want to visit by bike, discover the best cycling vacations in the world with Trek Travel.

Where We Go


Imagine yourself pedaling through rich historical landscapes and enjoying spectacular scenery on a bike tour in Europe. Some of our best cycling trips wind through the beautiful towns and countryside of Europe, where the cycling is sure to capture your heart as you take time to indulge in a slower paced lifestyle. Whether you prefer to discover ancient architectural gems on two wheels or if you want to climb the epic mountain pistes, our legendary guided and self-guided cycling vacations in Europe won’t disappoint.


Our guided and self-guided bike tours in North America offer a diverse selection of cycling experiences from coast to coast. Create lasting memories with friends or family, relish in the stunning landscapes, and rejuvenate in truly unique accommodations all while delighting in a cycling vacation in North America that is beyond compare.


Our guided cycling vacations in South America and Latin America allow you to discover the brilliance of this warm, welcoming region with breathtaking scenery, vivid colors, and diverse cultural traditions. Explore the splendor of this irresistible paradise on one of our world-class biking trips.


A memorable cycling vacation in the Asia Pacific will allow you to discover the allure of this captivating region. Our guided bike tours in this fascinating corner of the globe feature remarkable landscapes and cultures intimately explored on two wheels. Cycling in the Asia Pacific region will delight all types of active travelers looking to experience some of the best cycling vacations in the world.