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Our mission is to show people the world by bike, at their pace, every time, with unrivaled support and flexibility, and to encourage a passion for cycling.

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We are dedicated to the global explorers, the legendary fun seekers, the road warriors, the revelers of new destinations, the familial soul travelers, and to all of those who passionately believe the world is better seen from the seat of a bicycle.

WOW through Exceptional Hospitality

Make internal and external customers wildly successful. Contribute to a Great Place to Work. Constantly look for ways to WOW.

Roll 5’s

Everything is a 5 out of 5. Always strive for Awesome. Be an A-player and put the best team on the field. Refuse to accept mediocrity.

Get Stuff Done

Take ownership. Make a goal, hit the goal. Take ideas and turn them into action. Act with urgency. Ask ‘how can I help?’

Be a Learn-it-All

Continuously improve everything. Remain open to new ideas. Be a great listener. Pursue personal growth, professional development, and learn.

Have Fun, Inspire Others, and Add Positive Energy

Add energy to every situation. Use open, honest, and concise commuinication. Remain fun and flexible. You’re great at Plan B. Recognize and reward others. Offer solutions.

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Best in the Business

“Man, if all your guides are this good, your HR people should be in charge of hiring for the rest of the world!”
– Beth, Trek Travel Guest

“Once again, Kudos to your HR peeps for consistently hiring stellar, quality guides. This was my fourth Trek Travel tour and I’ve had nothing but positive experiences due mainly to the troops you put on the front lines. I’ll be back!” – A Trek Travel Guest

“Fantastic guy, superior service, always with a smile. I’d hire him in a second. You are lucky to have him!” – A Trek Travel Guest

“Simply put, our guides MADE this trip for us. They were absolute rock stars. They were masters at working very diligently while maintaining a relaxed, friendly, reassuring style and posture to us. I can’t possibly say how much I enjoyed and respected them. They are among the highest caliber of professionals I have met (and I did over 20 years in the Marines) but also they were totally fun to be around. Trek Travel must have very very good recruiting and screening methods. From the first day when we met them until the end of our ride … they were always on top of their game and always put our comfort and happiness above their own.” – Amy, Trek Travel Guest

“I have raved about both guides to all my riding friends since I have been back home. Trek Travel clearly has a rigorous and effective recruiting and selection process and it shows!” – A Trek Travel Guest 

“Clearly the best part of the trip was not the bikes or the scenery. It was the three guides. Michael, Scott, and Trevor were wonderful, both as individuals and as a team. Their technical expertise was outstanding, and they were all always very eager to help…I hope to return for more Trek Travel trips in the future. What will bring me back is not the roads chosen, nor the equipment. What will bring me back to Trek Travel is the guides.”
– A Trek Travel Guest

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