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Trek Travel enables Guides to enjoy many perks and benefits as a part of their job that help alleviate out-of-pocket expenses while on the road. Find out more below.



Trek Travel Guide Compensation & Benefits:

Trek Travel Guide compensation and benefits are standard and competitive within the active travel industry. The following information is relative for all Trek Travel Guides.

Pay & Gratuities:

Guide pay rates are based on an hourly rate that is provided along with contracts/offer letters and handbooks at the start of each season. Hourly rates are individual to each guide and start at $12 an hour. Guides will be paid on a bi-weekly basis. Trek Travel will consider pay increases on an annual basis based on several factors. More information regarding pay will be provided throughout the interview process and within the contract and handbook. In addition to their regular rate of pay, it is customary for Guides to receive gratuities directly from guests. Each guest is encouraged to tip an average of $40-50 per day.

Amount of Work:

Guide earnings depend heavily on the number of trips guided and the amount and type of work performed on each trip. Guides with more availability have a better chance of being scheduled for more work and therefore have a greater chance of earning more income. On average, a full-time Guide will work 10-20 trips (or 100-200) days per peak season (April-October). In most cases, for every 2-3 weeks working, a guide will have 1 week off. Full time guides tend to have priority with scheduled trips since they have full time availability; whereas, part-time guides have scheduled work depending on availability, location and other factors.

In addition to guiding trips, Guides will have the opportunity to perform other paid services, including, but not limited to:

  • Bike and equipment maintenance and miscellaneous warehouse work as scheduled
  • Driving bikes and equipment between regions
  • Updating all Guide & Trip Documents with changes as they occur
  • Researching new trips
  • Final trip preparation on ground conducted at the beginning of a season prior to running trips in a region
  • Familiarization drives of a new region prior to guiding a trip for the first time
  • Training and Meeting sessions

Guide Travel:

Trek Travel will pay for all transportation costs to and from the Guide’s home airport and trip destinations. We enjoy the services of a dedicated Travel Agent who helps book Guide flights and rail tickets. Guides are only responsible for transportation costs if they choose to modify the itinerary planned by Trek Travel, for example, by extending their stay at or around the trip destination or traveling to and from home in-between trips.

Guide Housing:

Trek Travel will pay for all lodging associated with the trip-related work. Guides room together while staying in lodging on trip, paid for by Trek Travel. When Guides are not working or are in between trips, Trek Travel will pay lodging at a regional Guide house or hotel (at its sole discretion) as well as all necessary transportation costs. If a Guide does not wish to take advantage of lodging provided by Trek Travel before or after (but not during) a trip, he or she may stay elsewhere at his or her own expense, including the cost of transportation to and from such alternative lodging.

Guide Meals:

Trek Travel pays for Guide’s meals that we include in the trip for our Guests. For example, on a typical trip all breakfasts, most dinners and most lunches are included in the price of the trip for our guests, so Guides do not have to pay for these meals. Trek Travel Guides are responsible for paying for all meals outside of their trips while on contract with us.


Workers Compensation Coverage:

Worker’s Compensation Insurance provides medical expense coverage for hospital and out-patient medical treatment as well as a limited amount of disability income protection should the guide incur an injury on the job or contract an illness directly attributable to their work. In the event of a work-related injury, all Guides are covered by Workers Compensation Insurance.

Additional Benefits

Beyond working in amazing places and interacting with an incredibly diverse group of both Guests and Co-Guides, there are many advantages to being a Trek Travel Guide.

  • Active work environment, we pay you to ride your bike for work
  • Vast array of opportunities within the growing company
  • Desirable company values and culture
  • Ride our top-of-the-line bikes while guiding and in the field
  • Immediate access to discounted prices on Trek and Bontrager gear
  • Generous discounts on purchase of Trek Bikes
  • Privy to leading outdoor industry discounts through our network of Pro Deals
  • Discounts on Trek Travel vacations for you and your family members
  • Ability to keep personal frequent flyer miles from all work-related travel
  • Be apart of a dynamic, worldwide Trek Travel family with an average of 5+ years retention
  • Vibrant, passionate, committed coworkers who love cycling just as much as you do
  • Continuous Training Programs for the entire Trek Travel team

The following information is relative for all Trek Travel employees. Please note: Guides that are US citizens are hired as Trek Travel employees.

Medical Insurance:

Employees who qualify as full-time employees (FTEs), are eligible for the individual coverage health reimbursement arrangement (ICHRA). You are eligible on the first of the month following the first month you work 130 hours or more. Eligibility will be measured and determined on a monthly basis.

Dental & Vision Insurance:

Trek Travel provides the dental and vision plans through Delta Dental and is 100% covered by the employee. Dental and vision have the same eligibility as the ICHRA.

401(k) Plan:

Employees are eligible to make 401(k) Elective Deferral Contributions on the first day of the calendar month following the month during which you attain the age 21 and after you have completed 1 month of service, measured from your date of hire. After working 1,000 hours in 6 or 12 consecutive months, whichever comes first, you will be eligible to receive Trek Travel’s match of 50% on the first 6% you contribute, and you are 100% vested immediately.