Solo but not alone.

Solo travelers are the ultimate adventurers, and we salute them with our portfolio of solo options. They’re built to introduce you to other solo sojourners, each on their own journey, writing their own story. And did you know that 30% of all our guests are solo travelers from all walks of life, so the chances are good that you’ll find fellow friends in no time.

Whether you choose a private room or a shared one with a new roommate, our trips are made for one or many, and we promise plenty of fun around every corner. Learn more»

Recommended Trips for Solo Travelers

Solo Rooming Options

Maybe you’re the type who needs some independent downtime. Or maybe you consider roommates to be built-in new friends. Whatever your preference, our Guest Services team will set you up in the accommodations that best suit your travel needs.

Private Rooms
If you elect for a private room on your trip, there is an additional Single Supplement fee, listed in the Dates and Prices section of our trip pages. Please reserve your private room with your Trip Consultant at the time of booking or choose “Single Occupancy” when booking online. You can also add Single Supplement after you book by contacting us to confirm room availability.

Roommate requests will be accommodated according to gender availability. We do everything we can to match you with a roommate, but if we are not able to, you will be charged a discounted Single Supplement rate of 50%. The discounted Single Supplement charge will be billed with your final balance. If you are matched up with a roommate, we will refund this discounted charge seven days before the trip start date.

Tour de France, Special Edition, and Cross Country specific policy: If you are open to a roommate for the Tour de France, a Special Edition trip, or a Cross Country trip and we can’t place you with one, you will be charged 100% of the normal single supplement fee. This charge will be billed with final balance. If we do find a roommate for you, we will refund 100% of the Single Supplement charge seven days before the trip starts.

Self-Guided Trips as a Single Traveler

Single travelers booking a self-guided trip will be charged a Single Supplement fee. See trip pages for price details.