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Curious on how to prepare for your cycling vacation of a lifetime? At Trek Travel, we understand that everyone arrives to their trip with a different level of fitness–some are first-time guests and some are avid cyclists with a specific goal in mind. So, we recommend several different training program options for guests to decide which one suits their lifestyle and budget. The best part is that Trek Travel guests receive exclusive rates with our partners.

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Vision Quest Coaching

Our long-time partners at Vision Quest Coaching provide you with everything you need to reach your athletic goals. Vision Quest is dedicated to helping you train at your own individual level, push limits, and enjoy the process. Vision Quest will work with each athlete individually to make sure that you can take your best to a higher level, no matter which level of trip you are taking. Retired professional cyclist Robbie Ventura leads a community of endurance athletes and coaches offering a diverse set of scientifically designed cycling and multisport workouts, coaching both in-person and remote, and a suite of performance lab services.

Every Trek Travel guest will begin with a private consultation with Robbie Ventura either in-person at one of their training centers or over the phone to help you decide which Vision Quest Coaching option is the best fit for you. You’ll receive a training plan through their Training Peaks portal customized to your fitness, training volume and intensities and taper for your specific goals. A Vision Quest certified coach will be available to provide advice and mentoring for athletes throughout the training process.

For those wanting to take advantage of their performance training lab, Vision Quest Coaching utilizes some of the best technologies in sports science on-site at their training centers including INSCYD Metabolic Testing, DexaFit Body Composition Scan, and Precision Hydration Sweat Testing. Remote performance services are available for any athletes as well which include Customized Nutrition Coaching and Mental Skills services.

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Your Local Trek Dealer

Every great town has a great Trek store. We recommend that you find your nearest Trek store and see if they have any group rides that you could take part in. They may also have e-bikes available for demo, gear for your trip and you’ll want to be in touch with them after your trip to buy your new bike with your Trek Travel coupon as well.

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Fit For Trips

Trek Travel has begun partnering with Fit For Trips – adventure travel fitness specialists – as a new 2019 offering. Founder, Marcus Shapiro, has been training individuals since 1993 and launched online in 2009 to coach travelers outside of Metro Atlanta, GA. Marcus collaborates with Christian Parrett who is a full-time cycling coach and former Professional Cyclist.

Fit For Trips is best suited for our Multisport tours and riders that consider themselves Leisure, Recreational, or Active riders. After you’ve chosen your guided trip, schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your current training regimen with Marcus. The conversation will help you understand whether you are on track to physical preparedness by departure day or whether you need to consider a different training approach. With Fit For Trips, you can expect a thoroughly customized training solution that takes into consideration medical history (injuries, surgeries, etc.), past and current exercise experience, available training days and equipment, and whether you will train at home or at a gym

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