Introducing the Flare R on Trek Travel Cycling Vacations

Be Seen. Over 80% of cycling-related accidents occur during the day. Makes sense, right? That’s when people ride. What makes more sense is zero cycling-related accidents. That is Flare R’s mission. And that’s why we’re proud to debut the Bontrager Flare R taillight on our entire bike fleet. It’s a dazzling reminder that your safety is our first priority, no matter the time of day.

Daylight Visibility

Trek President John Burke is something of a dedicated cyclist. While he puts in around 6,000 miles annually on some of the world’s most beautiful roads, his favorite ride is the 22.4 miles from his home in Madison, Wisconsin to Trek’s headquarters in Waterloo.

The route is classic Midwestern beautiful—rolling farmland, red barns and cornfields and lookout vistas where you can see for miles. For most of the ride, especially in the summer, you’ll likely see more cyclists and farm animals than vehicles.

But there’s a precarious 2-mile stretch before getting out of Madison with an unnerving number of vehicles. Here, and on sections like this around the world, visibility is a major concern.

Two years ago, while working in San Diego, John Burke noticed a cyclist on a daytime commute. Even though the sun was shining, the commuter had his rear tail light blinking.

It was a moment of inspiration: Daytime lights, like those used on cars and motorcycles, were an outstanding way to help cyclists be more visible on the road. The problem was that even cycling’s brightest tail lights weren’t effective in sunlight.

Back in Waterloo, Trek began working on a tail light that would increase the visibility of cycling during sunlight hours.

The result is Flare R, a tail light engineered for daylight use. Flare R is ultra-lightweight, durable, and rechargeable, and it’s equipped with optics and flash patterns proven to be the most eye-catching for drivers. Most importantly, it’s visible from over 2km away in daylight.

Every cyclist, on every road, needs to be seen. This includes early-morning commuters all around the world, cyclists training in the mountains, children in neighborhoods, and even professional racers.

Behind The Scenes

Thanks to the efforts of Trek Travel Logistics Manager Sean Peotter, our guides are equipped with a single case to charge their trips’ Flare R tail lights every night.


Try the new Bontrager Flare R tail night on your next Trek Travel bike trip


Be safe with the Flare R tail light on your next Trek Travel cycling vacation


Introducing the Flare R tail light on all Trek Travel cycling vacations

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Ride safely with the Flare R on all Trek Travel cycling vacations.
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