Guide Nick Bouzianis

Nick Bouzianis

What I Love:

If I’m passionate about anything it’s simply life itself – I’m awfully jazzed that I get to be here. Everything else is small potatoes. But I’m also endlessly fascinated by the natural world, especially trees. I also love plants, but mostly the ones that make coffee.

Riding with TT Since:


Trek Travel Role:


My Favorite Ride:

Up to this point I’ve only ridden my bike in my home state of Kansas, and riding through the Flint Hills is without a doubt my favorite place to explore. It’s scenic and historic, being one of the longest rail-trails in the country and part of the Oregon Trail.

My Rides:

I would like either a Checkpoint ALR 5 for off-road touring or a Farley 9.6 for all-purpose awesomeness.


Most popular nickname is Bouzi, but my nieces call me Nicky. Once in the sixth grade someone called me “radish-boy” because I don’t like radishes and I’ve yet to fully recover from the humiliation.


BA - Nutritional Sciences, Kansas State University; Master’s Degree in Anthropology, University of Edinburgh

Current Home:

Spent the previous year in Lawrence, KS; lived in the Midwest most of my life.


I’m determined to learn Spanish and soon!

In My Previous Life:

I’ve been a student most of my life, but I did a lot of community organizing and advocacy while in college. I began working in public health during the pandemic and quit that to work at a bike shop in the summer of ‘21.