Boost your trip with the electric power of the Domane+ SLR 7

The Domane+ SLR 7 combines the best of the award-winning Domane road bike with a revolutionary ultra-lightweight design and electric assist to help you tackle even the most difficult rides. This is not your normal performance e-road bike, it is sleek, fast, and powerful. Whether you want to take the more adventurous route, keep up with the fast group, or tackle the most difficult climbs, the Domane+ SLR 7 will help you get there.
Upgrade to the Domane+ SLR 7 on any of the trips listed below.
Pricing varies by trip length: 3-6 day trips $399 / 7+ day trips $599*

Looking for an e-bike at no extra cost? Our Verve+ is included in your trip price!

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*Available in limited quantities. Please speak with a Trip Consultant regarding availability.
*The Trek Domane+ ALR is offered on our Chile bike tour. See trip for details.
*The Trek Domane+ AL 5 is offered on our Australia's Gold Coast Self-Guided bike tour. See trip for details and pricing.