On our cycling training camps, just clip in and get after big miles and big climbs.

Trek Travel Ride Camp is among the most unique cycling vacations we offer. Are you up for the challenge? These trips are specially designed for the confident, independent Level 4 cyclist looking to achieve riding goals, train, or log big miles in a beautiful place. Please note when further considering Ride Camp, these are not luxury departures and are thoughtfully designed with simplicity in mind. That way, you can focus on nothing but rides, rest, and relaxation in world-class destinations during the best riding season on the calendar, with 4-, 5-, and 7-day training sessions. You’ll climb the giants of Sa Calobra, Caesars Head, or Mount Figueroa on a race-ready Trek Domane with Di2 electronic shifting and leave with legs that are ready for anything. Every cyclist wishes they could ride and train more. Experience a Trek Travel Ride Camp, and you’ll finally make that wish come true.

How is Ride Camp different than a classic Trek Travel vacation?
Ride Camp is a mix of guided and self-guided rides, focused on building your base miles for your cycling season or training for a big event. As a result, these trips focus on the physical dimension and not the sightseeing incorporated into our other vacations. We also assume that guests on a cycling camp are more self-sufficient than our ‘all-inclusive’ style trips.
If you are looking for a similar experience to Ride Camp but want rides designed for a Level 2 or 3 rider, check out Ride Camp Lite, which runs alongside Ride Camp and offers less avid routes.

Looking for more? Ask our Sales Team about our ultimate date flexibility and add more days to your Ride Camp.

Is a Ride Camp Right for Me?

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