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Croatia Bike Tour

Explore the Istrian Peninsula and the stunning medieval town of Rovinj

Get ready for a time-traveling adventure spanning over two millennia as you pedal along the Adriatic coastline and unlock the secrets of Croatia’s Istrian peninsula. Beginning on the coast of Slovenia, you'll enter Croatia to meander through rolling vineyards and olive orchards, where you'll discover the hidden medieval villages perched on verdant hillsides. Your time away from the bike will be a culinary delight, savoring the gastronomic treasures of the region, from earthy truffles to the legendary Istrian prosciutto of Tinjan. At the end of each day, bask in the timeless luxury of your accommodations before preparing for the grand finale: a visit to the enchanting Mediterranean gem of Rovinj. Book your trip with confidence »
Croatia Bike Tour
$4599 Per Person
6 Days & 5 Nights
Rider Level: ?
3 - Active Non-riders Welcome
Trip Style: ?
Hotel Level: ?
From $4599 per person View All Details
Trip Wows
Ride the entire Slovenian coastline before crossing the border by bike into Croatia
Visit two UNESCO World Heritage sites: Euphrasian Basilica, an early Christian masterpiece dating back to the 6th century and Pula's Roman arena
Discover the hidden charms of medieval towns, perched atop forested hills in the Istrian countryside
Indulge in the exquisite flavors of authentic Istrian delicacies, from the earthy delights of truffles to the finest wines and delectable prosciutto.
Take in the beauty of the Adriatic Sea as you pedal along the coast and sample its fresh fish during expertly-prepared meals
Croatia Bike Tour
Croatia & The Istrian Peninsula have been popular holiday destinations among Europeans for a long time. This trip is designed to get you away from those crowds and show you the hidden gems of the region - and this is exactly my favorite part. The medieval villages of Grožnjan and Motovun are stunning surprises along the way, and the views of the Adriatic sea are as beautiful as you’d expect. Imagine cycling along secluded roads, meandering through vineyards and olive groves, indulging in the flavors of truffles and prosciutto... Could you ask for anything more?
-Zsuzsanna Szurovcev, Trip Designer

Dates & Prices

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to run
Sold Out/

Single Occupancy from: +$1199
Sep 1 – Sep 6 
$4699 / Person, Double Occupancy Book this date
Sep 8 – Sep 13 
$4599 / Person, Double Occupancy / Hotel Variation: San Rocco Book this date
Sep 15 – Sep 20 
$4799 / Person, Double Occupancy / Hotel Variation: San Tommaso Relais and Wine Book this date
Sep 22 – Sep 27 
$4599 / Person, Double Occupancy
Date reserved ?
Sep 29 – Oct 4 
$4599 / Person, Double Occupancy Book this date
Oct 6 – Oct 11 
$4599 / Person, Double Occupancy Book this date
Oct 13 – Oct 18 
$4599 / Person, Double Occupancy Book this date
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  • 10+ Guests Price as advertised*
  • 8-9 Guests +$750 per person to trip price*
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  • 4-5 Guests +$2,000 per person to trip price*
  • 2-3 Guests +$3,000 per person to trip price*
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Welcome to your cycling adventure that takes you from Trieste in Italy, along the Slovenian coast and into Croatia, all in one day! Your journey begins at the main entrance of Trieste Central Station, where your guides will greet you before a brief shuttle transports you across the Slovenian border. Upon arriving in the coastal town of Koper, you’ll find your bikes ready and waiting to carry you along the Adriatic coast. Following a custom bike fit and some safety tips from your guides, you’ll weave through Slovenia’s stunning coast, including its gem, Piran. You’ll pause for lunch before you tackle invigorating hill climbs, crossing the border into Croatia and the Istrian Peninsula. For the following three nights, unwind in the luxury of San Canzian Village & Hotel, and indulge in a delectable Istrian dinner at the acclaimed Luciano Restaurant.

Today's Ride:

From Koper to Piran to San Canzian Village
Approximately 26 mi | 42 km and 2,000 ft | 603 m


San Canzian Village & Hotel

Included Meals:

Lunch | Social Hour | Dinner

Awaken refreshed amidst the tranquil Istrian hills, ready to explore enchanting villages and savor the region’s most esteemed delicacy. Your ride first brings you to Grožnjan, a small haven nestled in the Istrian hinterland. Often referred to as the “artist town,” Grožnjan boasts a population of just 164 residents alongside more than 20 art galleries and studios. From Grožnjan, weave your way through the lightly populated village of Oprtalj, towards the Motovun forest, where a truffle hunter family will introduce you to the “Gold of Istria” through a savory tasting lunch and cooking class. Following this exquisite truffle-themed lunch, explore Motovun, a hilltop town whispering tales from the Roman era, celebrated for its strategic perch, preserved historic architecture, and rich cultural tapestry. Afterward, opt for a shuttle return to the hotel or complete the loop by bike, ensuring some time to unwind before rejoining for dinner together at a beloved local eatery. For those still wanting a bit more time in the saddle, choose the Avid option and head out for one more loop from the hotel.

Today's Ride:

Medieval Istria and Truffles Loop
Approximately 42 mi | 68 km and 4,045 ft | 1,233 m

Short Option:

Medieval Istria and Truffles to Motovun with Shuttle
Approximately 31 mi | 49 km and 3,160 ft | 941 m

Avid Option:

San Canzian to Sterna to Momjan Add-on
Approximately +20 mi | +33 km and +1600 ft | +485 m


San Canzian Village & Hotel

Included Meals:

Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

Picturesque landscapes, from rolling hills to coastal roads, await as you ride the Istrian Wine Trail. Adorned with delightful wineries and inviting wine cellars, the trail boasts tastings of Istria's eclectic wine offerings, encompassing Malvazija (Malvasia), Teran, and a host of other esteemed grape varieties. Guiding you to Poreč, this route unveils a magnetic coastal town rich with history extending back to Roman days. Famed for its Euphrasian Basilica, a UNESCO World Heritage Site from the 6th century AD, Poreč dazzles visitors with remarkably preserved early Christian mosaics and architectural wonders. Explore the town and relish a leisurely lunch with our recommended spots, before cycling onward to Novigrad or directly to the hotel. Dinner awaits you at a nearby restaurant, where you can savor more regional culinary delights.

Today's Ride:

Istrian Wine Trail to Poreč and Novigrad with Shuttle
Approximately 33 mi | 53 km and 2030 ft | 621 m

Short Option:

San Canzian to Poreč with Shuttle
Approximately 23 mi | 37 km and 1,400 ft | 430 m

Avid Option:

Istrian Wine Trail Loop
Approximately 49 mi | 78 km and 3,375 ft | 1,029 m


San Canzian Village & Hotel

Included Meals:

Breakfast | Dinner

Ready for another day brimming with adventures? Today, you’ll cycle from hotel to hotel, moving through serene vineyards and tranquil olive groves. Our first stop is in the village of Tinjan. Known as the Istrian Ham Municipality, you’ll indulge in a tasting of the finest Istrian prosciutto, a traditional specialty with a rich history and the honored European label of origin. After the tasting, continue your ride, navigating past evocative medieval castle ruins. Our destination today is the inviting town of Bale and our next home, La Grisa. This unique hotel, crafted meticulously from the renovation of 12 previously abandoned buildings, has been honored as Croatia's best small family hotel. As evening falls, explore the diverse dining options at your leisure, with your guides happily providing recommendations for their favorite culinary treasures in town.

Today's Ride:

San Canzian to La Grisa
Approximately 39 mi | 63 km and 2,600 ft | 800 m

Short Option:

San Canzian to Tinjan with Shuttle
Approximately 19 mi | 32 km and 1,650 ft | 505 m


Hotel La Grisa

Included Meals:

Breakfast | Lunch

Scenic coastal towns and a 2,000-year-old amphitheater are on the menu for today! Beginning our journey toward the shores of the Adriatic sea, you’ll meander through the coastal town of Fažana, a locale offering a unique blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and a relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere. We keep pedaling close to the coast to reach today’s highlight the Pula Arena, one of the six largest surviving Roman amphitheaters in the world and another enthralling UNESCO World Heritage site. Savor lunch with your fellow travelers before riding back to our hotel. This evening, we’ll commemorate a great week of cycling and new discoveries with a special dinner celebration.

Today's Ride:

La Grisa to Pula Loop
Approximately 31 mi | 50 km and 1,380 ft | 422 m

Avid Option:

La Grisa to Pula Loop with Svetvinčenat
Approximately 42 mi | 68 km and 2,000 ft | 600 m


Hotel La Grisa

Included Meals:

Breakfast | Lunch | Social Hour | Dinner

Today marks our final ride together, leading us to the enchanting town of Rovinj, often celebrated as one of the most romantic and picturesque destinations in the Mediterranean. The town center, while exceptionally charming, it is not conducive to cycling. Admire this beautiful town and then head back to the hotel to shower and pack. Say goodbye to your guides at Hotel La Grisa at 11:00 AM then board a shuttle to Rovinj or Pula airport depending on your continuing travel plans.

Today's Ride:

La Grisa to Rovinj
Approximately 18 mi | 30 km and 900 ft | 270 m

Included Meals:



hotel image

San Canzian Village & Hotel

Muzolini Donji, Croatia

Luxury Accommodation | San Canzian Village & Hotel is a beautifully restored property that offers a unique blend of modern comfort and rustic charm. Located in the heart of Istria, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, and picturesque landscapes, this luxurious boutique hotel (part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World collection) provides a serene and tranquil setting away from the hustle and bustle of busy coastal towns. The hotel features traditional Istrian architecture with stone walls and terracotta roofs, giving it a rustic and authentic feel. It seamlessly combines historical elements with contemporary design.
hotel image

Hotel La Grisa

Bale, Croatia

Explorer Accommodation | Heritage Hotel La Grisa derives its name from the oldest and main street of the delightful medieval town of Bale (Valle) in southern Istria. The hotel was established when the owner acquired an old, vacant residence in the heart of Bale and an additional 11 abandoned properties, which were then transformed into a charming boutique hotel and restaurant. Its air-conditioned rooms are elegantly furnished and each of them is made special with a personalized and unique touch.
hotel image

Hotel Variation | San Tommaso Relais and Wine

Bale, Croatia

Explorer Accommodation | Nestled in an idyllic Istrian hinterland village, this serene, family-run boutique hotel near Bale boasts charming, well-appointed rooms with stylish bathrooms and air conditioning. Relish exquisite wines, rooted in their longstanding viticultural tradition, at the esteemed on-site restaurant. Refresh with a dip in the jacuzzi or outdoor pool after a day of cycling, and experience the exceptional friendly, attentive service for which the hotel is renowned. Please note: You will stay here instead of Hotel La Grisa on select dates.
hotel image

Hotel Variation | San Rocco

Brtonigla, Croatia

Explorer Accommodation | Hotel San Rocco is a boutique retreat in Istria, Croatia, blending traditional Istrian architecture with modern comforts to offer a serene and luxurious experience. This charming hotel offers well-appointed rooms, a restaurant serving Istrian and Mediterranean cuisine, and a spa. The outdoor spaces, including a garden and pool, provide tranquil environment to unwind. Set amidst the verdant Istrian landscapes of vineyards, olive groves, and historic sites, it's the perfect base for exploring Istria's unique beauty and coastal towns while enjoying the comforts of a boutique getaway. Please note: You will stay here instead of Hotel San Canzian on select dates.

What's Included

For us, the details matter most

Every moment of a Trek Travel bike trip has more than you could have ever dreamed. More romance. More scenery. More choice. It's the little additions to every Trek Travel cycling vacation that make it truly special. And that's how we help you create more memories.


Trek Domane SL 7

Experiencing your cycling vacation of a lifetime is not complete without a world-class bike and the Trek Domane is the best way to enjoy the ride. Trek Bikes has launched the all-new Trek Domane and now you can ride it on our trips. It raises the bar to deliver incredible endurance road bike comfort without sacrificing performance and features highly responsive disc brakes and electronic shifting. This new bike is lighter than ever before, and carbon wheels come standard on every bike. The road-smoothing IsoSpeed technology lets you ride as long as you want with less fatigue. The bike you ride on a biking vacation matters. That is why we provide the newest and best bikes in the business. Learn More


Trek Electric-Assist Verve+

With its Low-Step frame design, hopping on and off the Trek Verve+ is super easy. The front suspension will take the edge off any bumps in the road and the Bosch system will keep you smiling from ear to ear. The integrated battery keeps this bike looking sleek as you pedal through amazing terrain. Learn More


  • Five nights of accommodation at handpicked hotels
  • Two experienced guides to provide local knowledge, support, and camaraderie
  • Daily route support with both guides and our support van
  • Daily breakfast, four lunches, and three dinners
  • Two social hours of drinks and hors d'oeuvres
  • Ride a Trek Domane SL 7 disc or Trek Electric-Assist Verve+
  • Up to three daily route options on riding days
  • Snacks and drinks for each day's ride
  • Trek Travel Santini cycling jersey to keep
  • Trek Travel water bottles to keep
  • Cinch sack day bag to keep
  • Each bike is equipped with a Garmin Edge 1030 GPS computer, a flat pack (containing a tube, levers, and a CO2 cartridge with inflator), front and rear Bontrager Flare R lights, a Bontrager saddle, and pedals (Shimano clipless road pedals, Shimano clipless mountain pedals, caged, or flat pedals)
  • Bontrager WaveCel helmets
  • All gratuities for drivers, local experts and hospitality staff
  • All luggage transfers and transportation during your Croatia bike trip
  • A digital photo album of your trip
  • Entrance fees for all activities, private tours, and events


  • Trek Domane SL 7 disc carbon road bike with Shimano Di2 electronic shifting or Trek Electric-Assist Verve+, available in a limited quantity
  • Trek Travel Santini cycling jersey to keep
  • Trek Travel water bottles to keep
  • Shimano clipless road pedals, Shimano clipless mountain pedals, caged or flat pedals
  • Bontrager WaveCel helmet
  • Bontrager men's and women's specific saddles
  • Bontrager front and rear Flare R lights
  • A flat pack containing a tube, levers, and a CO2 cartridge with inflator
  • Garmin Edge 1030 GPS computer
  • Cinch sack day bag to keep
  • Coupon valued up to $500 off a new Trek Bicycle. Your coupon will be delivered via email prior to your trip.
  • For the most comfortable ride, you may choose to bring your own pedals, saddle, and helmet on the trip. Your guides will install your gear on the first day during your bike fit.


Guide gratuities are customary and at your own discretion, to recognize service, hospitality, and the little extras that surprise and delight. For this trip, we suggest a tip for your guides between $240-$300 per guest and, of course, you may choose to give more if your guides made your trip an unforgettable experience. While local currency is preferred, there are other options to make tipping easier. Most guides accept gratuity via PayPal or our staff can help before or after the trip. Gratuities will be divided among the guide team, so feel free to leave your gratuity with whomever you choose at the end of your trip.
  • Airfare and transportation to and from the trip pick-up/drop-off locations
  • Lodging before and after the trip
  • Personal items purchased during the trip
  • Optional activities not scheduled by Trek Travel
  • On select trips some meals are not included. On these trips, Trek Travel invites you to explore the local cuisine at your leisure.

More Information

Rider Level: 3 - Active?

49 kilometers / 30 miles
295 kilometers / 183 miles
626 meters / 2,050 feet
3,759 meters / 12,332 feet
It's hard to find flat surface in the entire country of Croatia, so you will be riding on undulating and hilly terrain with rewarding downhills. Most of the rides are on country roads with very little traffic, but every now and then you will have to ride on busier roads for a few kilometers. Our Croatia bike tour is best suited for our Type 3 riders. Our Trek Travel guides can also accommodate Type 2 riders, who seek less mileage or fewer uphills, with a boost in the van. Those who wish to ride every mile but are concerned about their physical ability may want to try our electric bike option–you still get a workout but can climb alongside even the strongest rider. Type 4 Riders will enjoy the extra mileage the avid route options offer.
On most Trek Travel trips, we offer non-riding options for riders who want to take the afternoon off, or travel companions who want to spend little or no time in the saddle. Some of these options may need to be scheduled before your trip–please contact one of our Trip Consultants for more information. Expenses and/or related transportation to these activities may not be included in the trip price. Some non-riding options on our Croatia bike tour are:
  • Enjoy a tour of Euphrasian Basilica, UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Indulge in truffle, prosciutto, and wine tastings
  • Visit the Pula Arena, a 2,000 year-old Roman amphitheatre
  • Take a spa day at the San Canzian Village and Hotel

See itinerary for specific daily ride distances and elevation options. On all of our vacations, Trek Travel seeks to find quiet, paved secondary roads or bike paths to experience a region; busy roads are avoided as much as possible. Our itineraries are an approximation of our trips. Trek Travel strives to offer every guest a vacation of a lifetime on every trip. At times routes, hotels, activities, etc. listed here may change at the discretion of the trip designer or guides to improve the trip experience.

Averages and totals are calculated from our "Today’s Ride" options.

Travel Details

How to Get There

Trieste (TRS)
10:00 AM
Trieste Centrale - Trieste Central Train Station

Say Farewell

Pula (PUY)
11:00 AM
Bale, Croatia


We suggest that you arrive at least one day prior to the trip start, which will enable you to adjust to the time zone and minimize the risk of missing the trip start due to flight-related delays. We recommend you fly into Trieste and then take a train to Trieste's Central Station.

The easiest way to access Trieste Central Station and the city center from the airport is by train. The ride takes about 30 minutes and tickets cost around 5€. Trains depart from the airport approximately every 30 minutes and drop you off directly at the Central Station. For more information, visit the Trenitalia website. Alternatively you can also take bus number 51 from the airport to Trieste's central bus station (located next to the train station). This ride will take you approximately one hour. Just like at any other airport, taxis are available and prices start from 75€ to the city center.

Your Trek Travel guides will meet you at the main entrance of the Trieste Central Station (Piazza della Libertà, 11, 34132 Trieste, Italy) at 10:00 AM on the first day of the trip. After a 30-minute shuttle to your trip's starting point in Koper, Slovenia, your guides will do a bike fitting to ensure your comfort on your Trek Domane this week. After the bike fit, you’ll hear some safety tips and a route overview before taking your first spin along the Adriatic coast of Slovenia. Please have your first day’s riding gear handy and separate from your other luggage to facilitate the bike fitting and ride.

If you will be late for the pick-up or are going to miss it altogether, please inform your guides. You will receive an email a week before the trip starts with their names and contact details. If you cannot reach them, please call our first hotel, San Canzian Village and Hotel (+385 993 020 000) and leave a message with your expected arrival time and contact details. Please note that a taxi from the airport to the trip hotel will cost approximately $230 USD.

View our pre hotel recommendations


You will say farewell to your guides at 11:00 AM at Hotel La Grisa. You'll then board a private shuttle which will bring you to Rovinj or Pula international airport, depending on your continuing travel plans. We highly recommend a post-trip stay in Rovinj, however, to have more time to explore and enjoy this charming town.

View our post hotel recommendations

Planning For Your Trip

Packing and Weather

The climate of Istria is typically Mediterranean along the coastline, but inland it gradually changes to mild continental climate. The ideal time to visit this part of Croatia is in the fall. The daily average temperature in September ranges between 68°F and 79°F and in October from a high of 64°F (18°C) to a low of 50°F (10°C). Rain is always a possibility, so be prepared with layers. The weather can be cool at night, so please bring a light jacket and walking shoes for short evening walks to and from dinner. Please note, one or two dinners per trip are casual with shorts being acceptable attire. Packing List

Before and After Your Trip


Before: Trieste, Italy

Trieste is a city of immense charm and historical significance, offering a unique blend of cultures, stunning landscapes, and a vibrant cultural scene. Its rich history is reflected in the grand Habsburg-era buildings and Roman remains that grace the city. Trieste is renowned for its café culture, with historic establishments like Caffè San Marco and Caffè degli Specchi serving as gathering places for intellectuals and writers like James Joyce for centuries. Don't miss the opportunity to savor a coffee in one of these iconic cafes. Beyond the city, you'll find picturesque landscapes, including the Karst Plateau and the nearby Miramare Castle, with its stunning park and sea views. For those seeking adventure, the Grotta Gigante, one of the world's largest cave chambers, is just a short drive away. We recommend the following accommodations for your pre-trip hotel:


After: Rovinj, Croatia

Rovinj's most striking feature is its stunning coastal setting. The town is perched on a small, hilly peninsula jutting into the Adriatic Sea, bathed in its crystal-clear waters. It's often hailed as one of the Mediterranean's most beautiful and romantic destinations. The well-preserved Old Town boasts winding cobblestone streets, picturesque squares, historic churches, and vibrant facades. The iconic Church of St. Euphemia, graced by a towering bell tower, is a must-see landmark. Rovinj nurtures a thriving artistic community, with numerous galleries featuring local and international talent. Year-round, the city hosts cultural events, from music festivals to art exhibitions and traditional Istrian celebrations, honoring its rich heritage. We recommend the following accommodations for your post-trip hotel:

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Our guides are trained to make your trip magical. They aren't just experts in riding; they're trained in delivering uncompromising service in ways you won't believe. We know that it's the unexpected surprises that make a trip magical. That's why our guides pride themselves on anticipating your needs before you ask.

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Our vacations are built to deliver the ultimate in flexibility, from extreme relaxers to hard-core roadies. You pick your mileage, itinerary and experiences. We take care of the rest.

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