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Provence to the Riviera Bike Tour

From the Charming Countryside to the Fabulous French Riviera

The south of France encompasses luxury and elegance, Mediterranean lifestyle, fragrant countryside, picturesque hilltop villages, and some of the most dramatic natural landscapes that you'll ever see. It's hard to determine what's most thrilling about this trip that spans from France's most monumental gorge to the very heart of the alluring Côte d'Azur. Is it the surreal views of an imposing gorge, the "Grand Canyon of France," set against a backdrop of Provençal simplicity and calm? Or is it the glamour and cosmopolitan splendor of St. Tropez and the French Riveria? Perhaps it is the artistry of French cuisine made from local, fresh ingredients straight from the countryside alongside handpicked accommodations and restaurants in France's most celebrated vacation hotspots? It is, of course, all of these things at once–the ultimate combination of opulence, natural beauty, and adventure culminating in the perfect cycling vacation. Book your trip with confidence »
Provence to the Riviera Bike Tour
$6699 Per Person
6 Days & 5 Nights
Rider Level: ?
3 - Active Non-riders Welcome
Trip Style: ?
Hotel Level: ?
Ultimate Luxury
From $6699 per person View All Details
Trip Wows
Pedal along with dramatic views of France's most impressive gorge, the Gorges du Verdon, and challenge yourself on the Route des Crêtes
Get carried away on a culinary voyage at the Bastide de Moustiers, the farmhouse restaurant of world-renowned chef, Alain Ducasse
Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Côte d'Azur from the seat of your bike
Sip crisp rosé wines, the region's famous specialty, while taking in the views of the Mediterranean Sea
Embark on a catamaran for a private sail across the Gulf of Saint Tropez
Provence to the Riviera Bike Tour
You'll think you are dreaming. The surreal views of extraordinary natural beauty of the Gorges du Verdon are sure to leave you in awe while the glamorous fairytale towns of the French Riviera are elegant and refined, yet authentic and oh-so-quintessentially French. We'll enjoy the finest French cuisine and accommodations, play pétanque, sail, visit open-air markets, and explore the best riding that this area has to offer. Get ready for la vie en rose. We are serving it to you on a silver platter, with a glass of rosé and the eternal views of turquoise Mediterranean waters.
-Melanie B., Trip Designer

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Sep 15 – Sep 20 
$6499 / Person, Double Occupancy
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Provence is singular in its fragrant beauty and old-world charm. Today is the first day you get to discover it all! We'll meet you at the TGV train station in Aix-En-Provence and take you to our intimate lunch spot, Le Jardin de Célina, a lovely restaurant in the middle of the countryside where you will take a first taste of Provence. After guide introductions, a bike fitting and route talk, as well as a bike safety review, it's time for your first ride of the week! You will pass open fields along quiet roads on your way to the beautiful town Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, a veritable favorite of the renowned Provençal poet, Frédéric Mistral. This sleepy town perched on the sheer mountain drop is considered to be one of France's most beautiful villages and a town full of legends. A large golden star hanging between two mountains towering the city is sure to catch your eye and your guides will be happy to share the myths and legends as well as the history of this location with you. Your hotel this evening is the beautiful La Bastide de Moustiers, a hotel owned by one of the most renowned French chefs in the world, Alain Ducasse. Dinner tonight is at his restaurant, prepared by Chef Adrien De Crignis according to Provençal traditions and ingredients, and beautifully paired with local wines.

Today's Ride:

Plateau de Valensole to Moustiers-Sainte-Marie
Approximately 18 mi | 30 km and 1,440 ft | 440 m


Bastide de Moustiers

Included Meals:

Lunch | Social Hour | Dinner

Today's itinerary is one to remember. Arise among the fragrant and sunny Provençal countryside and take a walk in the stunning garden of the property before you enjoy the deluxe breakfast on the patio of the hotel. Time here slows down for you to enjoy the things that matter most on a relaxing vacation. Once on the bikes, you'll set out for the Gorges du Verdon, the "Grand Canyon of Europe," along the Route des Crêtes. The climb starts gently once leaving town and the views only get more and more stunning the deeper in you go. Take in the huge crevices and views above a 2,300 foot drop to the rushing turquoise Verdon river below. Bird watchers will also delight at the Griffon vultures and other wildlife that call the canyon their home. This afternoon is yours to explore town as you meander the cobbled streets, chapels, and an incredible sunset between the two rock ledges of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. Tonight, enjoy the sunset while tasting traditional Provençal cuisine in our favorite place in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.

Today's Ride:

Moustiers-Sainte-Marie to Route des Crêtes to Point Sublime
Approximately 34 mi | 55 km and 4,383 ft | 1,336 m

Short Option:

Moustiers-Sainte-Marie to Route des Crêtes with Shuttle
Approximately 17 mi | 28 km and 2,605 ft | 794 m

Avid Option:

Moustiers-Sainte-Marie to Route des Crêtes to Col de la Croix de Châteauneuf to Point Sublime
Approximately 39 mi | 62 km and 5,075 ft | 1,547 m


Bastide de Moustiers

Included Meals:

Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

Your vacation kicks into high gear today, as you head for an exciting tour of some of the most picturesque destinations in southern France on your way to the French Riviera. After a delicious breakfast and a café au lait, prepare to bid farewell to Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. A shuttle will bring you to Abbaye de Thoronet, a Cistercian abbey dating back to the 15th century BC, that will serve as our ride starting point. Once on your bike, you'll pedal through the countryside, decorated with pine trees, cork trees, and mimosa flowers all the way to the village of Le Plan de la Tour, our lunch location. Here, we'll take you to the perfect lunch spot at the heart of this picturesque town. The route is just as gorgeous after lunch as you descend to the shimmering coast of the Gulf of Saint Tropez. Our destination, Lou Pinet, is an exquisite hotel that portrays the flair of Saint Tropez with its tasteful decoration and design. There will be time to relax and unwind at the pool and spa before we regroup for the evening. We will enjoy a cocktail hour at the hotel and a dinner in the comfort of the hotel's beautiful grounds, at your own leisure.

Today's Ride:

Abbaye du Thoronet to Le Plan-de-la-Tour to Port Grimaud to Saint Tropez
Approximately 33 mi | 54 km and 1,968 ft | 600 m

Short Option:

Abbaye du Thoronet to Le Plan-de-la-Tour with shuttle
Approximately 26 mi | 42 km and 1,680 ft | 517 m

Avid Option:

Abbaye du Thoronet Loop to Le Plan-de-la-Tour to Port Grimaud to Saint Tropez
Approximately 44 mi | 71 km and 3,097 ft | 944 m


Lou Pinet

Included Meals:

Breakfast | Lunch | Social Hour | Dinner

Today is an ode to epic bike rides, with the central theme being the mountains and the coast of the French Riviera. You'll start your day heading towards Grimaud, the jewel of the mountains, a quintessentially beautiful Provençal town with a very distinct character. Make your way through a luscious forest of the Maures Massif before continuing through the sleepy village of Collobrières, where we'll stop for a well-earned lunch. Back on your bike, you'll take on the local favorite, the Col de Babaou, which offers a challenging ride that is rewarded with stunning views. You'll then head back in the mountains briefly to reach the best location for prime coastal views. Here you'll climb the Route des Crêtes with the most splendid views of the gulf. Once down to the coast you'll be in the quaint coastal town, Rayol-Canadel-Sur-Mer. Our ride concludes at the beach, in time for an optional dip in the Mediterranean. Tonight is the night that you will truly experience Saint Tropez for yourself. This small fisherman town that became a symbol of elegance and glamour was made famous by the French actress, Brigitte Bardot, and ever since it has been a magnet for yachts, parties, and grandiose vacations of a lifetime. Get ready to explore its streets, shop for unique items, people watch, sit by the port with a glass of rosé in hand, or just let the time slowly flow before heading to hour dinner location in the heart of Saint-Tropez. Tonight, we'll enjoy the beauty of French cuisine with some italian hints paired with beautiful wines. There is no better way to end a perfect day in Saint-Tropez!

Today's Ride:

Saint-Tropez to Collobrières to Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer with Shuttle
Approximately 52 mi | 84 km and 5,020 ft | 1,530 m

Short Option:

Saint-Tropez to Collobrières with Shuttle
Approximately 24 mi | 39 km and 2,188 ft | 667 m

Avid Option:

Saint-Tropez to Collobrières to Royal-Canadel-sur-mer loop
Approximately 73 mi | 118 km and 6,256ft | 1,907 m


Lou Pinet

Included Meals:

Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

The French Riviera is unmistakable in its perfect blend of authenticity and tradition as well as poise, glamour, and luxury. Today will be a representation of that. You'll start your day with a ride on the Ramatuelle peninsula and stop in its namesake town. This morning it'll be market day in Ramatuelle and a true Provençal vacation is not complete until you've had the chance to experience one of these famous outdoor markets and shop like a local! Your guides will take you on a walking tour of the market, introducing you to all the flavors and specialties of the region. Once ready, you'll return to your bike. You'll pedal the hilly but short climbs on the peninsula, catching the best views of the gulf on every hilltop. Soon, you'll arrive at the coast of Cavalaire-sur-Mer, where you'll swap land for water. Our catamaran will be waiting for us at the port for a thrilling afternoon of sailing and lunching on the shimmering turquoise waters of the Gulf of Saint Tropez. This evening we'll gather once more as a group, with old and newfound friends, and raise a glass to a week of wonderful adventures. Tonight, get ready for a truly special night to remember. Enjoy an apéro in a beautiful garden overlooking the Bay of Saint-Tropez. Enjoy a fresh glass of rosé then follow it with a special dinner at L'Auberge des Maures.

Today's Ride:

Saint-Tropez to Ramatuelle to Cavalaire-sur-Mer
Approximately 21 mi | 34 km and 1,650 ft | 503 m

Today's Activities:

Visit of the Market in Ramatuelle
Sailing Afternoon in the Gulf of Saint Tropez


Lou Pinet

Included Meals:

Breakfast | Lunch | Social Hour | Dinner

Although all great things must come to an end, you'll be sure to end your Provence vacation on a beautiful note. Opt for either a 30-minute "custom-made" massage or a rejuvenating private hammam session at Lou Pinet's Spa. (Please let your trip consultant know which option you choose when you book your trip; please note we cannot accommodate substitutions or alternate appointment times.) You can also choose to rise early for a final morning ride to the peninsula of Cap Camarat, or simply relax with a cappuccino and a perfect beachside view. You will bid farewell to your guides at the hotel at 11:00 AM, and board a private shuttle to Aix-en-Provence, where you can take a train to Paris or other destinations. Please do not book any trains before 2:00 PM.

Today's Ride:

Lou Pinet to Cap Camarat
Approximately 17 mi | 28 km and 1,300 ft | 396 m

Included Meals:



hotel image

La Bastide de Moustiers

Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, France

Ultimate Luxury Accommodation | In the quiet fragrant countryside surrounding Moustiers-Sainte-Marie and boasting traditional Provencal character, La Bastide de Moustiers is a perfect place to spend a few days of exploring. A farmhouse owned by one of France's most celebrated three-star Michelin chefs, Alain Ducasse, is now turned into an exquisite hotel right at the foothills of the Gorges du Verdon. From the ancient stone and lime paint, to every vase and piece of furniture, the details at La Bastide de Moustiers are authentic and carefully sourced. Local craftsmen have made the carpets, the sconces, glass, and other architectural elements including the stunning floor tiles. Every room in the restaurant is decorated with Alain Ducasse’s own treasures including artwork, rare ceramics, and lacquered woods. Each guest room also has its own identity, furnished with pieces often personally purchased by Ducasse.
hotel image

Hotel Lou Pinet

Saint-Tropez, France

Ultimate Luxury Accommodation | Bewitched by the place, the Pariente family took over the Hotel Lou Pinet in 2017, completely transforming it with the ultimate dream team. Charles Zana and François Vieillecroze remodeled the architecture, landscaper Jean Mus took to the gardens, and Riccardo Giraudi assumed the restaurant. In love with the south in general and the French Riviera in particular, the team members have joined forces to reinvent the Hotel Lou Pinet as they would a private home where friends gather for a different take on Saint-Tropez. The real one.
hotel image

Villa Cosy

Saint-Tropez, France

Ultimate Luxury Accommodation | Experience luxury and tranquility at the Villa Cosy, Saint-Tropez's newest five-star hotel. With rooms surrounding a heated pool and lush garden, personalized service awaits. Enjoy the spa, Cosy bar, and remarkable wine cellar. Relax on outdoor terraces, including a Zen area and poolside beaches. Please note: You will stay here instead of Hotel Lou Pinet on select dates.

What's Included

For us, the details matter most

Every moment of a Trek Travel luxury bike trip has more than you could have ever dreamed. More romance. More scenery. More choice. It's the little additions to every Trek Travel luxury tour that make it truly special. And that's how we help you create more memories.


Trek Domane SL 7

Experiencing your cycling vacation of a lifetime is not complete without a world-class bike and the Trek Domane is the best way to enjoy the ride. Trek Bikes has launched the all-new Trek Domane and now you can ride it on our trips. It raises the bar to deliver incredible endurance road bike comfort without sacrificing performance and features highly responsive disc brakes and electronic shifting. This new bike is lighter than ever before, and carbon wheels come standard on every bike. The road-smoothing IsoSpeed technology lets you ride as long as you want with less fatigue. The bike you ride on a biking vacation matters. That is why we provide the newest and best bikes in the business. Learn More


Trek Electric-Assist Domane+ SLR 7

Take the tailwind with you and leave your limits behind on the all-new Domane+ SLR 7. With a groundbreaking ratio of ultra-lightweight design and electric assist, Domane+ SLR 7 has everything you love in a road bike, with the extra boost to take you farther than ever before. This performance e-road bike will help you on the climbs, hang with the fast group, and venture further on your cycling vacation. So go ahead – take the long way. With Domane+ SLR 7, there’s always room for more distance, more speed, and more fun! Upgrade to the Domane+ SLR 7 on this trip for $399 (3-6 day trips) or $599 (7+ day trips). Available in limited quantities. Please contact a Trip Consultant to check availability. Learn More


Trek Electric-Assist Verve+

With its Low-Step frame design, hopping on and off the Trek Verve+ is super easy. The front suspension will take the edge off any bumps in the road and the Bosch system will keep you smiling from ear to ear. The integrated battery keeps this bike looking sleek as you pedal through amazing terrain. Learn More


  • Five nights of ultimate luxury accommodation at handpicked hotels
  • Two experienced guides to provide local knowledge, support, and camaraderie
  • Daily route support with both guides and our support van
  • Group size is limited to 18 people
  • All meals are included
  • Three social hours of drinks and hors d'oeuvres
  • Ride a Trek Domane SL 7 disc or Trek Electric-Assist Verve+
  • Up to three daily route options on riding days
  • Snacks and drinks for each day's ride
  • Trek Travel Santini cycling jersey, socks, and Trek Travel luggage tag
  • Trek Travel water bottles to keep
  • Cinch sack day bag to keep
  • Each bike is equipped with a Garmin Edge 1030 GPS computer, a flat pack (containing a tube, levers, and a CO2 cartridge with inflator), front and rear Bontrager Flare R lights, a Bontrager saddle, and pedals (Shimano clipless road pedals, Shimano clipless mountain pedals, caged, or flat pedals)
  • Bontrager WaveCel helmets
  • All gratuities for drivers, local experts, and hospitality staff
  • All luggage transfers and transportation during your trip
  • A digital photo album of your trip
  • Entrance fees for all activities, private tours, and events


  • Upgrade your ride to the Trek Electric-Assist Domane+ SLR 7 (+$399, subject to availability)
  • Trek Domane SL 7 disc carbon road bike with Shimano Di2 electronic shifting or Trek Electric-Assist Verve+, available in a limited quantity
  • Trek Travel Santini cycling jersey, socks, and Trek Travel luggage tag
  • Trek Travel water bottles to keep
  • Shimano clipless road pedals, Shimano clipless mountain pedals, caged, or flat pedals
  • Bontrager WaveCel helmet
  • Bontrager men's and women's specific saddles
  • Bontrager front and rear Flare R lights
  • A flat pack containing a tube, levers, and a CO2 cartridge with inflator
  • Garmin Edge 1030 GPS computer
  • Cinch sack day bag to keep
  • Coupon valued up to $500 off a new Trek Bicycle. Your coupon will be delivered via email prior to your trip.
  • For the most comfortable ride, you may choose to bring your own pedals, saddle, and helmet on the trip. Your guides will install your gear on the first day during your bike fit.


Guide gratuities are customary and at your own discretion, to recognize service, hospitality, and the little extras that surprise and delight. For this Reserve trip, we suggest a tip for your guides between $240-$300 per guest and, of course, you may choose to give more if your guides made your trip an unforgettable experience. While local currency is preferred, there are other options to make tipping easier. Most guides accept gratuity via PayPal or our staff can help before or after the trip. Gratuities will be divided among the guide team, so feel free to leave your gratuity with whomever you choose at the end of your trip.
  • Airfare and transportation to and from the trip pick-up/drop-off locations
  • Lodging before and after the trip
  • Personal items purchased during the trip
  • Optional activities not scheduled by Trek Travel
  • On this Reserve trip, all meals are included. On select Trek Travel trips, some meals are not included. On these trips, Trek Travel invites you to explore the local cuisine at your leisure.

More Information

Rider Level: 3 - Active?

48 kilometers / 30 miles
285 kilometers / 177 miles
815 meters / 2,675 feet
4,895 meters / 16,062 feet
The rides are highlighted by stunning views, quiet roads, and hilly terrain. We will climb an average of two to three major climbs per day that combine sustained climbing with several steep sections. Our Provence to the Riviera bike tour is best suited for our Type 3 Riders. Our Trek Travel guides can also easily accommodate Type 2 Riders, who seek less mileage or fewer uphills, with a boost in the van. Those who wish to ride every mile but are concerned about their physical ability may want to try our electric bike option–you still get a workout but can climb alongside even the strongest rider. Type 4 Riders will enjoy the extra mileage the avid route options offer.
On most Trek Travel trips, we offer non-riding options for riders who want to take the afternoon off, or travel companions who want to spend little or no time in the saddle. Some of these options may need to be scheduled before your trip–please contact one of our Trip Consultants for more information. Expenses and/or related transportation to these activities may not be included in the trip price. Some non-riding options on our luxury tour in Provence are:
  • Kayaking/Boating in the Lac de Sainte-Croix
  • Afternoon of playing pétanque over drinks
  • Visit of the open-air market of Ramatuelle
  • Afternoon of sailing in the Gulf of Saint Tropez
  • Enjoy the wonderful Spa of Lou Pinet
  • Spend a morning shopping and people-watching in Saint Tropez
  • Visit the nearby beaches

See itinerary for specific daily ride distances and elevation options. On all of our vacations, Trek Travel seeks to find quiet, paved secondary roads or bike paths to experience a region; busy roads are avoided as much as possible. Our itineraries are an approximation of our trips. Trek Travel strives to offer every guest a vacation of a lifetime on every trip. At times routes, hotels, activities, etc. listed here may change at the discretion of the trip designer or guides to improve the trip experience. The boating activity is subject to the weather conditions and in the event of a very windy, stormy or rainy day it might get cancelled.

Averages and totals are calculated from our "Today’s Ride" options.

Travel Details

How to Get There

Paris (CDG), Marseille (MRS), Nice (NCE)
11:00 AM
Aix-en-Provence TGV Station

Say Farewell

Paris (CDG), Marseille (MRS), Nice (NCE)
2:00 PM
Aix-en-Provence TGV Station


We suggest that you arrive at least one day prior to the start of your Provence to the Riviera bike tour, which will enable you to adjust to the time zone and minimize the risk of missing the trip start due to flight-related delays. We recommend that you fly into Paris (CDG). From Paris, take a TGV train to Aix-en-Provence, either from the TGV station at Charles de Gaulle Airport or from the Gare de Lyon in Paris. Please consult www.trainline.com to book your tickets.

Alternatively, you may fly into Marseilles (MRS) or Nice (NCE) and take a train to Aix-en-Provence. There are direct trains to Aix-en-Provence from Marseille St. Charles and Nice Ville train stations. The Aix-en-Provence TGV station is approximately 10 miles from the center of Aix-en-Provence downtown and if you are spending the night in Aix-en-Provence you will need to taxi to the train station for the start of your trip; the taxi costs approximately 60 euros. Train schedules are available and tickets can be booked directly online at www.trainline.com or by using our recommended travel agent services. (Please note the train schedule changes frequently; consult the Trainline site for the most up-to-date schedule.)

Your Trek Travel guides will meet you at the Aix-en-Provence TGV train station, 13290 Aix-en-Provence, France, at 11:00 AM on the first day of the trip. After a one hour shuttle by private coach, your luxurious Provençal vacation begins! Enjoy lunch as your guides explain how the trip will unfold, and expertly fit you to your Trek bike. Once everyone’s bike is ready, you’ll be off to explore the quiet roads of Provence.

If you will be late for the pick-up or are going to miss it altogether, please inform your guides. You will receive an email a week before the trip starts with their names and contact details. If you cannot reach them, please call our first hotel, La Bastide de Moustiers (+33 4 92 70 47 47), and leave a message with your expected arrival time and contact details. You may take a taxi to the first night’s hotel for approximately 300 euros.

View our pre hotel recommendations


You will say farewell to your guides at 11:00 AM at Lou Pinet hotel. After saying goodbye to your guides, you will take a private coach from the trip end to the Aix-en-Provence TGV (approximately 90-minute shuttle). Here you can take a train to Paris or any other destination of your choice. Please do not book any train before 2:00 PM.

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Planning For Your Trip

Packing and Weather

May, September, and October in Provence usually bring clear, warm, and pleasant days with cool evenings. Temperatures during these months range between 60s to high 70s, but don’t be surprised if the Provencal sun raises temperatures to mid 80s. The mornings often start off cooler. Rain is always a possibility, so be prepared with the proper rain gear in order to best enjoy your cycling vacation. The beginning of September can be hot, with temperatures that sometimes get up in the 90s but it does cool off in the evenings and has less chance of rain. Packing List

Before and After Your Trip


Before: Aix-en-Provence, France

Once the capital of 15th century France, today it's a canvas of colorful festivals, art, Provençal markets, water springs, and walks in the city center bursting with Baroque splendor. Aix-en-Provence marvellously exemplifies the Provençal art of living so admired by the rest of the world. With boulevards shaded by majestic sycamores, streets bordered by beautiful private residences, discreet squares ornamented with beautiful fountains and garnished with welcoming sidewalk cafes, Aix seduces those who take the time to linger here. We recommend the following accommodations for your pre-trip hotel:


After: Marseille, France

Marseille was founded in 600BC by Greek settlers and today it has evolved in a melting pot of cultures and diverse atmosphere. The most ancient city in France combines the cosmopolitan ambiance of a big city and the quaint character of a fishing village; it’s a great place to immerse yourself in something a little different. You’ll find casual couscous and fish restaurants by the Old Port, as well as refined gastronomic experiences. Marseille isn’t so much about monumental sights as it is about simple, more cultural things: outdoor terraces, street art, makeshift apéro bars, and tiny ports. We recommend the following accommodations for your post-trip hotel:

Why Trek Travel

Our Bikes

Our unrivaled selection of Trek Bikes sets the bar for quality and comfort. From the ultra-smooth Trek Domane SL 7 to the Trek Electric-Assist Verve+, you deserve the best ride on your vacation. Plus, we offer a range upgrade options to take you the extra mile.

Our Guides

Our guides are trained to make your trip magical. They aren't just experts in riding; they're trained in delivering uncompromising service in ways you won't believe. We know that it's the unexpected surprises that make a trip magical. That's why our guides pride themselves on anticipating your needs before you ask.

Your Day. You Decide.

Our vacations are built to deliver the ultimate in flexibility, from extreme relaxers to hard-core roadies. You pick your mileage, itinerary and experiences. We take care of the rest.

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