Welcome to a new realm of possibility.

We’re proud to introduce the newest, most advanced way to ride longer, farther and faster than ever before. Because we know that travelers like you enjoy a unique, memorable and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We haven’t just changed your vacation. We’ve changed how riders of different abilities can discover the world together. Electric bikes are available at no additional cost.

Our top 10 reasons to ride an electric bike»
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Style Points.

Unlike most other electronic-assist bikes, Trek has designed a bicycle that you can be proud to ride. This all-new electric bike has a center of gravity that’s more natural and a battery that’s easy to swap out mid-ride for all day enjoyment.

Trek Electric-Assist Bikes now available on Trek Travel vacations

Rider’s Little Helper.

Now, you can truly choose what kind of ride you want on a daily basis. Switch between four levels of assist, adding 50% to 275% more oomph to your legs. The bike will automatically boost each pedal stroke as you spin.

Ride a trek Electric-Assist bicycle on Trek Travel cycling vacations

There’s no reason not to love an electric bike.
But we can find at least six reasons why you will:

Fall in love with two wheels.

We believe the world is best seen from the seat of a bicycle. No longer are the greatest views reserved for the hard-core riders. With electric-assist, you can ride further and see more of the world than ever before.

Bonus: they’re included.

Electric-assist bikes make it easy to stay with the Trek Travel tour at any speed, and you can upgrade for free. They’re first-come, first-served, so act now. It’s the easiest way to electrify your experience.

It’s a workout, with a little less work.

It’s called “electric-assist” because that’s what it is; a boost when you need it, and a bike when you don’t. This isn’t a moped, and there’s no reason to feel guilty. It’s just another way to ride on your terms.

They’re built for you.

To some guests, hills are half the fun. To others, they’re roadblocks to get to the next activity. Young, old, avid or amateur, you’ll definitely enjoy a spin on an electric-assist bike. It’s just the ticket to a perfect day on the bike.

The latest meets the greatest.

Simply put, there is no better electric-assist bike on the market than Trek’s XM700+. With a longer-lasting battery, advanced components, and extra-stylish design, we’ve got those other bikes beat.

Grins are guaranteed.

We know they’re fun. We’ve been riding them at the Trek Travel headquarters for months now. Yes, our guests love them. Yes, our guides love them. No, you can’t stuff one into your luggage.

“That bike is what made this vacation possible for me. I did the basic ride every day and never felt that I couldn’t keep up with the group (which included an Olympic marathoner for goodness sake!). We kept calling the e-bike “the great equalizer” because it really does make an active vacation like this accessible to people like me who may not be on the same level as the more avid riders. I’m definitely a fan!” – Jill

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What Our Guests Say:

“I so appreciate the option for the electric assist bikes. I am not a proficient cyclist and I was able to truly enjoy the routes no matter how challenging and appreciate my surroundings so much more.”
—Kathleen, Provence