After months and months of dedicated training 17 brave souls are poised to set out this Saturday on an epic quest to cycle from sea to shining sea. They’ll start at the edge of the Pacific in Santa Barbara, CA and bike the 3000+ miles across the USA all the way to Charleston, South Carolina and the edge of the Atlantic. Riders are coming from all over the US and abroad to meet this challenge including California, Texas, Delaware, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Arizona, Florida and overseas from as far away as Australia, Germany and the UK. Riders range in age from a spry 31 to a rugged 67 for a challenge who’s strength comes from a devoted commitment to training and strong mental fortitude that will be tested across the long road stretching out before them. They’ll set out with a common goal: to go the distance on this ambitious cycling challenge and see if they have what it takes to secure their bragging rights for life by making it all the way to the other side of the continent.

Their seasoned guide team of Big Wave Dave, Marquette, and Rustin have been busy working and preparing Trek Travel’s legendary top shelf rider support and planning all the details so the riders can just focus on each day’s challenge, and every pedal stroke from start to finish. These guides’ commitment to uncompromising support for each and every rider means they’ll be there whenever needed with energy snacks and water in hand or positive words of encouragement at just the right moment to inspire riders to dig deep and keep pushing. No matter how remote the road, riders will always have whatever support they need from their dedicated guide team to get them to the end of their day to enjoy a warm meal and much deserved rest after a rewarding day in the saddle.

Our Cross Country riders will meet their well-seasoned guides tomorrow for a meet and greet picnic, bike fit and casual spin around Santa Barbara, as a light warm up ride for the more intense days ahead. After the day’s ride, guides and guests alike will all meet over dinner to fuel up and chat in anticipation of their exciting journey that kicks off the next day.

Also heading out with our Cross Country USA riders will be another determined group of 12 who’ll clock the distance of the first full leg of the Cross Country trip from Santa Barbara to Taos. Arguably the most challenging leg of the trip, these hearty souls will brave the high desert heat and elements including the epic ride of Day 16–the almost completely uphill climb of 142 miles from Pogosa Springs to Taos. Once in Taos these champions will hang up their riding cleats and bid farewell and good luck to the Cross Country riders who’ll continue on to the distant shores of the Atlantic.
As all riders set out to converge on Santa Barbara for their trips starts, all of us at Trek Travel wish them safe travels and best of luck on your upcoming cycling vacation challenge of a lifetime!