Moab mountain biking cheaper with us than on your own? What! Trip designer, guide, dirt lover and all round fine dresser, Greg Lyeki put it to the test. Here’s what he figures.

I’ve done a lot of travel in my day, especially with a bike in tow. I’ve always set off thinking I was doing it better, easier, and cheaper than renting a bike, or doing some type of tour. Certainly, in some places, I have gotten away with a pretty inexpensive cycling vacation, but it took some serious effort. In the back of my head I’ve always thought that there must be a better way. There has to be. Think about all the planning you have to do when you set off on your own adventure with a bike! Actually, I will do the thinking for you.

  1. Where do you want to go? You’ve got to pick a location to ride, right?
  2. What does this area have in store for you? What kind of riding can you do, and where? Are the roads safe? Are the trails easily accessible? Are the trails ride able this time of year?
  3. How are you going to get there? Most likely, you are thinking of a destination further than just a few hours’ worth of driving. You’ll need to fly, so then what? Will you rent a car to your final location? Will you shuttle? Is your bike going to fit with the travel case or box?
  4. How are you going to pack the bike? Will you take it to a shop or will you do it yourself? What kind of travel case are you going to use? Hard sided cases are cumbersome, and cardboard boxes can be damaged really easily (trust me, I’ve been the recipient of a dented downtube on an aluminum bike before).
  5. You’ll need all of your accessories if you want to do it successfully – tire pump, tubes, patches, (no CO2 on airplanes!) small pump, bottles or hydration pack, tools, shoes, pedals, helmet, clothes, nutritional supplements, and more.
  6. What happens if I break a spoke, shifter cable, or derailleur?

Moab mountain biking trips with Trek TravelThat’s just the beginning! I don’t think I need to go into more detail for the sake of saving space, and your eyesight while squinting at this page. You get the drift; it’s hard to travel with a bike(s).  There actually is an easier way though. It’s called Moab with Trek Travel.

We’ve done all the hard work that I listed above, and even more. You know what?  It’s CHEAPER too! We host a 5 day Moab Mountain Bike shred session for $1,299 greenbacks. I know you’re thinking “That’s amazing, especially when everything is included! But I bet I can do it cheaper…”

Take a look at these averages:

  1. Guided tours can range from $100-$150 per person, per day for a small group of friends, more for solo riders.
  2. Average hotel price per night (from $146.
  3. Food costs per day (average, of course you could eat Ramen noodles) $30.
  4. Trail Shuttles $15-$25 per person per day.

Total On Your Own: $100 (guided tour) + $146 (hotel) + $30 (food) + $15 (shuttle) = $291/day x 5 days = $1,455 per person!

Moab mountain biking tours with Trek TravelAgain, that is just the basic nuts and bolts of the trip at the low end, and it’s already $150 more expensive than Trek Travel not including the cost of bike shipping/airline charges, and transportation to and from the airport.

Simply put, we offer one heck of a package deal to get you out on a mountain bike in the most sought after location. A killer Trek Remedy or Lush mountain bike, meals, accommodations, transport to and from the trail, and transfers before and after the trip. Heck, we even throw some beers in the deal. No strenuous brain activity required…other than paying attention to the trail:)