Perspective New Guide applicants eagerly ask me year after year, what is it about Trek Travel that you love the most? My answer, without a doubt: the people.

We have a vibrant, strong and uniquely faceted team at Trek Travel. A global team that works together and supports each other like none-other; a team that I proudly call family.

Beyond our team, our guide hiring and training process is another dear passion of mine. Since 2011, this beast of a process has held a special spot in my heart. That spring, I jumped on the greatest ride of my life as a New Guide applicant. I buckled up, bared down and never looked back. Did I know anything about guiding? No. Was I a bike mechanic, picnic queen or even a logistical magician? Not yet. Did I like travel, people and bikes? Of course. Better yet, did I have a zest for life and thrive in fast-paced, ever-changing work environments? You bet! An essential building block for any applicant looking to work for Trek Travel.
Trek Travel Bike Tour Guide Hiring
The Trek Travel Guide position is unique, and not for everyone. But as veteran guide Jake Young once said, “For those that it is for, get ready for the ride of your life.” That perfectly sums up this opportunity which attracts some of the hardest working people around the world. It is a lifestyle full of unimaginable cycling, fairytale travel and some of the most kind, fascinating people on this planet. Being a Guide also means continual change and life on the road for most of the year. A road with unexpected twists and turns that requires major responsibility and quick thinking to maneuver.

I affectionately refer to the process to become a Trek Travel Guide as a “beast”. It has been known as the “World’s Toughest Hiring Process” and we certainly do everything in our power to recruit, train and prepare our New Guides for a successful career with Trek Travel. This beast is a crucial piece of the puzzle that we take very seriously and I think it shows with our team’s five year retention rate.

We believe in top-notch experiences at Trek Travel, from start to finish. This year I am excited to announce we have incorporated an online interview tool that allows candidates to complete the first step of the interview process at any time. In other words, for those traveling the world or tied up in meetings, online interviews are a great solution! No need to step into a conference room at the office or hop off your bike early from a ride to be on time for your first interview. These can be done anytime, at your convenience.

If you’re selected to advance to the first round of interviews, you will receive a notification and link via email on how it works. We ask questions that you have the opportunity to read, prepare for, and answer using video capabilities on a web and video-enabled device. Round-two of the interview process (for those chosen to advance) is a Skype video interview with a Trek Travel team member. This is the last step before being selected to attend our hiring event held in Madison, which kicks off the hiring and training series detailed online.

Learn more about the Trek Travel Guide position, an opportunity that’s been known to produce the most epic campfire stories ever told!
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