Amy Davison knew that practicing law wasn’t the end-all-be-all. That’s when, after a little soul-searching, she decided to take a leap and blend the things she loved the most into a career she could be passionate about.

Tell us your story. How did you end up at Trek Travel?

After several years of practicing law in Chicago, I was questioning my career choice. It took a couple of years of soul-searching and brainstorming about what should come next but ultimately, I decided to blend the things I loved most – traveling, athletic activities, cooking and learning about other cultures – into a career. I was just starting to learn about cycling at the time and found Trek Travel via a Google search. The rest is history.

Can we get a quick run-down–what does it mean to be a Trip Designer? What’s your design process?
It’s kinda like a funnel. We cast the net wide in terms of possibilities for a new trip and narrow it down by researching several key criteria…hotels, roads and scenic beauty come to mind. Once we have a general concept that we are really excited about, we start drilling into the endless details that need to be nailed down to make it the experience of a lifetime!

Tell us about your favorite trip you’ve ever designed and why.
Well, I am relatively new to the trip design department, so I have not designed many from scratch. I have to go with our new Yellowstone Tetons trip. I am enamored with the raw beauty of the Teton range, the roaming wildlife, and the amazing network of bike paths in Jackson Hole that are flat and separated from the road. This means anyone and everyone can take it all in from a bicycle – the absolute best way to see the world, in my book.

What’s your dream travel destination?

Tell us about your best travel adventure.
It’s hard to choose, but I would say trekking in the Himalaya. The mountains were stunning. The trek was challenging. The people were gracious and kind. Life became so simple.


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