Find your rush with exotic adventures that go beyond the bike and show you a whole new side to some of the most exotic locales around the world. Here are our top 5 trips for the those who want to bike, hike, and explore the wild world.

Trek Travel Costa Rica Multisport Cycling Vacation

Costa Rica

Exotic, beautiful and exhilarating, our Costa Rica vacation is full of tropical rides with exciting stops along the way. You’ll raft down the incredible Rio Balsa, relax in the pool with a view of Arenal Volcano, discover the ancient secrets of chocolate on a rainforest chocolate tour, enjoy a boat cruise across Lake Arenal, zip line through the Cloud Forest, take a surfing lesson and watch a Pacific Ocean sunset from the back of a horse. It’s about as adventurous as it gets in one of the most picturesque places on earth.

Trek Travel Alaska Multisport Cycling Vacation


From the majestic living glaciers and steep fjords of the Kenai Peninsula, north to the lonesome gravel roads of the interior outpost of Talkeetna and skyward to 20,310’ Mt. Denali, this is one experience sure to blow your mind at every turn. Explore the wonders of one of the last great American ski towns around Alyeska Resort, hop a train and marvel at the 360 degree views under the shadow of the massive Chugach range, raft the glacially fed Susitna River then pedal your bike through the alders along the Chase Trail past grizzly and moose tracks. And that’s just the start.

Trek Travel Ecuador and the Galapagos Multisport Cycling Vacation

Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands

Ecuador is like no other place on Earth and our multisport journey from the Andean highlands to the Galápagos Islands will show you why. South America’s fourth-smallest country boasts the world’s greatest biodiversity per square mile. As you travel by bus, bike, foot, boat and plane, you will encounter species of birds, plants, reptiles and amphibians that will educate, inform and take your breath away. From the Guango Cloud Forest Reserve to Santa Cruz Island in the Galápagos this trip is groud zero for adventure and ecodiversity.

Trek Travel Yellowstone Multisport Cycling Vacation

Yellowstone & Grand Tetons

Embrace the wilds of Wyoming in the shadow of the majestic Teton Range. You’ll get to know the open countryside and resident moose as you ride under the banner of stunning views that make the peaks of Grand Teton National Park famous. You’ll hike to hidden alpine lakes and waterfalls, learn the stories of this unique and amazing landscape from local wildlife experts and journey northward to Yellowstone National Park to bear witness to the wonders of Old Faithful and Yellowstone Falls. And did we mention whitewater rafting the famous Snake River Canyon?

Trek Travel Glacier Multisport Cycling Vacation

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park isn’t just another protected wildlife site in northwest Montana. It’s one of Mother Nature’s most prized possessions, crammed end-to-end with snow-capped peaks, blue skies, moose, big-horn sheep, mountain goats, aspen trees and inspiration. As you ride the smooth pavement of Going-to-the-Sun Road, your soundtrack will include the echo of Bird Woman Falls and the vast silences of the hinterland. There’s no better time to visit this undiscovered country, because only 25 glaciers remain, and with every passing day, they get a little smaller.

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