We’ve made some of our most popular adventures even better with some extra-special additions, moments and features. Whether it’s wine, luxury or lavish itineraries, you’ll find more of what you love, and more magic in every moment.

Join Trek Travel for a Spanish Bike Tour to Andalucia, Spain


If you’ve dreamed of Spain, you’ve dreamed of Andalucia. This is quintessential Spain. Andalucia is limestone peaks, white villages, spectacular views. It is exquisite tapas, rich olive oils, classic wines, warm hospitality and passionate music. This Andalucia is the birthplace of Spanish romance, where flamenco and a vibrant history combine to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Picasso called this place his home. You’ll call it amazing. Ernest Hemingway was enchanted with this region of Spain. You, too, will fall under its spell.

Join Trek Travel for a bike tour to Blackberry Mountain by Blackberry Farm

Blackberry Mountain

Framed by vast, panoramic vistas, Relais & Chateaux designated Blackberry Mountain is an immersive experience that seamlessly blends outdoor activity, wellness and thoughtful indulgence. Blackberry Mountain continues the Blackberry Farm legacy of world-renowned hospitality and unwavering appreciation for the land. With 2,800 acres of land in conservation, the Mountain preserves natural wonder and offers breathtaking views—each morning. From relaxing spa treatments to outdoor adventures, activities are vast on the Mountain and include hiking, yoga and meditation, mountain biking, craft classes and more. With 4- and 6-day options, Blackberry Mountain has something for every guest.

Join Trek Travel for a Italy Bike Tour to Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

There is no place on Earth like the five villages of Cinque Terre. And no way to see them like this. Join us for this adventure and see for yourself. We’ll pedal a selection of rides from the dramatic mountains that dominate the Tuscan coast to the winding streets of the Italian Riviera to discover the stunning beauty of the Cinque Terre. This UNESCO World Heritage site is home to thousand-year-old villages perched on top of sheer rocky outcroppings, connected only by walking trails and a narrow-gauge 19th-century railway. Food is the showpiece of this special destination, and we’ll introduce you to some of the best and most exotic, including handmade focaccia, fresh anchovies, and the locally-sourced pesto. All at once, Cinque Terre is sure to seduce, charm and beguile you with its best.

Join Trek Travel for a Texas Ride Camp bike tour to Texas Hill Country

Texas Ride Camp

Is it too bold to say that the Texas countryside was actually made for cycling? Well, then let’s be bold, because we think the meandering roads, gentle ascents and bike-friendly rural highways of this super-sized state are begging for two wheels. For decades, Fredericksburg and the surrounding hills have been a revered training ground by anyone that has put rubber to the road. The seemingly endless asphalt around Gillespie County is perfect for Texas-sized mileage, where even short rides can easily go long as way leads on to way. Here you will ride the many roads that pros use for offseason winter miles and good, old-fashioned Southern hospitality. Texas Ride Camp has 4- and 6-day options to suit any rider’s training needs.


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