Trek Travel’s #1 Greatest Ride In The World.
If you find yourself in Glacier National Park, you will no doubt experience Going to the Sun Road that connects the West side of the park to the East over the dramatic Logan Pass.
Discover this ride on our Glacier National Park trip.


Most drive to the pass, jump out and hike around to see viewpoints, get visitor information, see some mountain goats, sheep or bear, and then head back West to Lake McDonald or East to St Mary.

While this is a great way to see the park, there is a better way; by bike. There are many ways to go about this, but for simplicity, start in St Mary and head West over the pass to Lake McDonald for the least amount of climbing and the most fun. Start early, as in 7 am, so you have plenty of time to climb, stop take pictures, enjoy the visitor center at Logan Pass and descend to Lake McDonald Lodge before the road is closed to cyclists due to heavier traffic at 11am. The early start means you have a serene and quiet ride up the 18-mile climb to the pass beginning with a gentle 11.5 miles (0.8% average grade) and finishing with a more rigorous 6.6 miles (5.5% average grade). Riding, by glacial lakes, waterfalls, fields of wildflowers, beneath towering peaks, and above precipitous cliffs makes this ride genuinely sublime. Make sure to stop at the Wild Goose Island Overlook and Sunrift Gorge for a great photo opp. Once you have explored Logan Pass, layer up for the harrowing 21-mile descent, where you will ride on the inside edge of a road carved into the sloping cliffside and through ancient cedar forests to Lake McDonald Lodge. Use caution, paying attention for rocks in the road, wet surfaces, sharp radius switchbacks, and oncoming traffic. Once at Lake McDonald Lodge, grab some lunch in the historic hotel and make sure to jump into the lake.

“The entire Trek Travel experience is exceptional. You can trust the organization from start to finish. Guides were sensational and riding fantastic. Support on the road was great and as always as a guest the only thing you need to think about is turning the pedals, enjoying good company and drinking and eating. I’ll be back!!”

-Marvin, Trek Travel Guest

Three Things You Need to Know

This ride is 39 mile one way (East to West). Avid riders can do it as an out and back or you can plan to spend the night at Lake McDonald and have your luggage transfered. There is 2560 ft of climbing, 3878 ft descending for the one way route. 3.5% average grade ascending. Max Grade 8.5%, 5.6% average grade descending.

Summer and early September are all great times to ride this route .Check to see when the road opens after being cleared of snow typically sometime in mid-June.

There is a small market with all the essentials at the St Mary Village otherwise your closest grocery is best found in the Flathead Valley. Make sure to pack extra water and food as if you are planning on a longer ride. There is no food or water available along the entire route.

Local Resources

Make sure to check out Wild Goose Island viewpoint, Sunrift Gorge, Logan Pass Visitor Center and trails, Trail of the Cedars Nature Trail, Lake McDonald Lodge and boat tour on the lake during your stay in Glacier National park.

Check out Great Northern Cycle and Ski in Whitefish for your bike equiptment needs. Also don’t miss Many Glacier area and hikes, Waterton Lakes area and hikes. Boat tour on Waterton Lake (bring Passport), Whitefish shops and restaurants, Whitefish mountain summertime activities, white water rafting, fly fishing.

Whitefish and Kalispell have great restaurants and brewpubs of all sorts. Don’t miss the Great Northern Saloon in Whitefish for an authentic Wild West experience. You will also find good dining at all Park Lodges.

Discover this ride on our Glacier trip.

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