Trek Travel’s #16 Greatest Ride In The World.
Cycling in Croatia and on the Dalmatian Islands is what dreams are made of.
Discover this ride on our Croatia trip.


Beautiful and smooth rolling tarmac, unique and stunning landscape, and the topaz blue of the Adriatic Sea.

Today’s journey is a figure eight loop ride on the Island of Hvar. We begin our ride leaving the town of Hvar with the Adriatic sea to our right. The rolling and sometimes punchy short climbs lightly sting the legs, but the smooth rolling pavement, shimmering sea, and rugged landscape easily take our minds away from any pain. About 5km into our journey, we trade the main road for one less traveled. Soon it feels like we have been transported into the past, and we are cycling through a canyon that time feels like it forgot. This quiet road weaves us past Malo Grablje (a forgotten village), before arriving to our first stop of the day at the top of our climb, Vidikovac Levanda. We continue on with an awesome descent, and weave our way through villages, farmland, and coastal views to Jelsa. After spending some time exploring, we loop our way back to Vidikovac Levanda, before having another stunning descent to past Brusje and into Hvar. Today’s ride is one that will sit with you for years to come.

“The food was wonderful and we were taken to places that the average traveler would never have known about. The hosts at each place were great and they explained everything they were serving and how the menus represented the finest that the Dalmatian Coast has to offer.”

-Kathy, Trek Travel Guest

Three Things You Need to Know

Today’s main climbs are 5.4 km at 5.4% and 11km at 4%. While the climbs may sound challenging by first read, just know that they are extremely manageble, and there is so much to see and learn and feel. It is best to take your time and enjoy the ride! The descents on the island are spectacular. Being mindful of safety is key. In some sections, there is no guardrail and the drop off can be significant. Give yourself plenty of room while descending, and if you want to enjoy the view, just pull over in a safe area. Have fun, be safe, and enjoy the ride! All over the island of Hvar are these amazing stone walls. While no one knows for certain who built them, one theory holds true today. These walls were built by farmers clearing the land so that crops could be planted. Today, the stones remain between patches of land, gnarled vines, silver tipped olive trees, and lush vegetables. They are a view worth stopping to take in.

The best times to visit Hvar are the spring and autumn months, as the number of tourists are less. The temperatures in the spring and fall the temperatures average in the mid 20’s° C, with about 5 days of rain per month. July and August are the warmest and driest months, while November through April are the wettest and January/February are the coldest with highs averaging 13°C.

Vidikovac Levanda is a fantastic place to purchase a Croatian cycling jersey, or that unique small gift you want to get for friends back home. It also happens to be at the top of the climb. So it is a great spot to have a drink and take in the views.

Local Resources

If you love amazing local wines, cured meats & cheese, and ambience filled with comfortable couches, classic rock, candle light, all packed into a small side street, then Wine Bar Pršuta 3 is for you. Locally owned and operated, Wine Bar Pršuta 3 is the place to be. There is no better place to sit back and enjoy the evening with friends then this small and unique wine bar. Not to mention, the music will take you back to childhood, while the wine is amazing.

Tired of the bike? Fan of the movie “Herbie the love bug”? Then why not explore Hvar in a vintage VW Beetle. Rapidus Car Hire rents out vintage and fully restored VW Beetle’s per day. With a wide array of hardtops and convertibles, in a variety of colors, this is an amazing way to explore the Island and find some hidden beaches.

One thing cyclists all love is gelato. One of our favorite spots on Hvar is in Jelsa, “The Eis Caffe.” With fantastic outdoor seating & limited indoor seating, the flavors & pastires are fantastic and tasty.

Discover this ride on our Croatia trip.

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