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This famous climb in the Pre-Alps was a World War I battleground, and today Monte Grappa stands as a focal point of fierce Italian national pride.
Discover this ride on our Dolomites trip.


Monte Grappa is part of the Grappa massif, 100 km in circumferance, which straddles the provinces of Treviso, Vicenza, and Belluno in the northeast Italy’s Veneto region.

It rises from the plains to a height of 1775 m (5769 ft). It’s also a wonderland for cyclists, offering ten paved routes to the summit, one of which is considered one of the most beautiful and challenging climbs in Italy. The Giro d’Italia has visited Monte Grappa several times and the ride is considered a must for any cycling fan. The challenge ends at a huge Memorial monument where many soldiers were buried; this is why the Italians consider this mountain sacred. From the summit (on a clear day), you will see the lagoon of Venice in the south and the sharp summits of the Dolomites to the north. Enjoy the vistas while you have lunch at our recommended location, Rifugio Bassano. You’ll be surrounded by fields and pastures on the mountain complete with “malghe,” or alpine homes to the animals. After lunch, descend toward Romano d’Ezzelino and stop at the inn at Ponte San Lorenzo to see autographed photos of Gino Bartali and Marco Pantani. Finally retrace your steps back to your fantastic hotel.

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Three Things You Need to Know

The climb officialy starts at the church of Semonzo and for the next 6 to 7 km you will be riding in the woods and conquering a series of switchbacks. It is very important not to push hard during this first section. Average grade is around 8% and you will work your way up to switchback 20. The ascent is 11.4 miles / 18.5 km, gaining 1,514 m at an 8.3% average grade (the max grade encountered is 14%), this is the most difficult route up to Cima Grappa by bike.

This part of the mountain is popular for paragliding, the steepness of mountain and warm winds from the sea gives gliders a great up-lift.

Switchback 20 marks the end of the first section. Keep in mind that if you are running low on water, stop at the Restaurant ‘Deltapiano’ (around 890 meters) to fill up otherwise you will run into problems later.

Local Resources

At 1360 meters you crest a small rise and finaly get to see the top of the climb. From here there is a short downhill and contour before working your way up the last wall of the climbs. In the valley below you can spot the Piave River and the Asolo hills. From switchback 26 to 28 is your last grind with a couple of 11% sections. Once you pass the last switchback there is a short ramp that intersects with the main route where you can turn right and continue another 1 km to the summit at 7% grade. At the top stop at Rifugio Bassano and grab something to eat before you start a sweeping descent toward Romando d’Ezzelino.

Plan to spend at least a couple days in this area to experience the beauty and culture of this amazing part of Italy. Explore the ancient, cobblestone streets or sip a coffee as you gaze up at the challenging climb you just conquered.

Discover this ride on our Dolomites trip.

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