It’s time to get off the beaten path
and onto the path of adventure.

Gravel bike tours by Trek Travel combine a mix of paved and gravel roads to let you explore some of our favorite regions in a whole new way. You’ll pedal in classic Trek Travel style, with gravel-specific Trek Checkpoint SLR 7 bikes that are built to conquer any surface with ease. And along the way you may just discover a new side of cycling, the world, and yourself. This isn’t just a vacation. It’s a tour of self-discovery — unpaved and unbelievable.

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What you can expect on a Gravel cycling vacation

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The Perfect Plan

What’s better than planning a vacation? Having someone else do it for you! Each gravel trip is five days long and features one or two hotels. Hotels are handpicked to be near great gravel riding and still provide all the amenities you are accustomed to on a Trek Travel vacation. Most hotels are Explorer level, but you’ll find a few Luxury hotels sprinkled in.

Escape the Crowds

Most people choose to ride gravel to escape traffic and get off the beaten path. Our rides are intended to allow you to do just that. The amount of pavement varies from destination to destination, but one thing holds true, once you are on gravel, you’ll encounter minimal traffic. This goes hand in hand with fewer services, so you will be glad your Trek Travel guides are there to provide support.

Signature & Discover

Each gravel trip is designated as Signature or Discover. In general, Signature trips include more and the price point reflects these additional inclusions. Our Discover trips feature Explorer hotels and have the same great rides and hospitality with fewer inclusions, allowing you to enjoy a cycling vacation at a great value.

Is a Gravel trip right for you?

Here is a list of indicators that will help you decide if a gravel bike tour is the best option for you:

You want a fully supported cycling vacation with amazing hotels and meals

Our Gravel trips, like our other Classic Guided trips, feature a mix of Explorer and Luxury hotels and the finest dining each region has to offer.

You look forward to getting off the beaten path

The allure of gravel is venturing into rural and remote areas so you can enjoy the quiet as you take in the scenery. Sometimes routes will weave through quaint towns while other times they will be more remote with services and amenities only near the beginning and end of the ride. Lunches will therefore range from cafes or casual roadside lunches during the rides or a late lunch back in town after the ride.

You have some experience riding gravel roads or single track

If not, we suggest you go to your nearest Trek dealer to test ride a gravel bike on gravel roads and see what all the fuss is about. If you don’t live near gravel roads, singletrack mountain biking experience is a good substitute.

You are comfortable riding on loose, uneven surfaces

We are equipping you with a gravel bike that is capable of handling a wide range of conditions. We are also equipping you with wide, tubeless tires with grippy tread so anyone with good bike handling skills and some experience riding gravel roads or singletrack will be able to handle Beginner and Intermediate trips with ease. Advanced trips, as you would expect, require more skills and more experience.

You’re in for the adventure, not a race

You understand that gravel riding is about three to four miles per hour slower than road riding, and therefore it takes more time and effort to cover the same distance. You aren’t focused on your average speed, you’re in it for the experience.

Which Gravel Trip is Right for You?

To understand more about Gravel rider levels and terrain, here are some infographics of all gravel trips as they compare to each other:

Is a Gravel trip right for me?

Trek Travel Gravel trips comparison chart

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