Wisconsin native, Colorado transplant and world-traveler Londa Dewey tells us about why she enjoys cycling. After pedaling in places far and wide there are a few rides that stand out above the rest.

“Riding a bike is a great way to get and stay in shape, however there’s also a wonderful social component to it. My husband and I choose to do a Trek Travel trip each fall because I truly enjoy the social aspect of the trips as well as the incredible destinations we get to see. The trips give us the motivation to ride, and we have so much fun training with friends. I don’t have a favorite ride because there are too many to choose from. But I’ll give you my top three:

On a recent Trek Travel trip, we rode around Crater Lake in Oregon. The morning started cool and sunny, which was a welcome change from rainy conditions the day before. Riding around the lake provided so many spectacular views of the clear blue water. The combination of hills and altitude was fun and challenging. Mid-way through the ride we got off our bikes, hiked to the lake and took a boat ride with the ranger. It was a great day.

Then there’s our trip to Costa Brava, Spain. Another great trip and another favorite ride. The morning was sunny and beautiful, but I was a bit nervous about the winding coastal road we were supposed to climb. Once we started riding, it was fantastic. Every turn provided a new view of the Mediterranean. The challenge was rewarded when we stopped at a village to explore and enjoy a wonderful Spanish lunch.

Lastly, the ride from Vail Village up Vail Pass is incredible. It is about 24 miles round trip, but the altitude and elevation gain makes it quite a challenge. At one point, the bike path parallels I-70, so we were riding next to semi trucks as they labored up the pass. It’s hard to believe how fast the pro riders go up the pass. I was just thrilled to complete the ride and enjoy the glide down. Whether we ride west through Glenwood Canyon or east over Vail Pass, the colors of the aspen trees and sounds of roaring rivers provide amazing scenery for the ride.

So, I ride because I love enjoying the outdoors, exploring new areas and spending time with friends. Even at home in Wisconsin, our rides allow time to enjoy the rolling hills and countryside that make our state so wonderful. I also love the challenge of conquering a hill or the sense of accomplishment when completing a long route. And most of all, I love the camaraderie of riding a bike with family and friends.”

– Londa Dewey, Trek Travel Guest
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Trek Travel Guest Londa Dewey Rides in Oregon
Trek Travel Guest Londa Dewey Rides in Costa Brava
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