I remember when my son Zeb was interviewing for Trek Travel one year ago. He had just graduated from Appalachian State with a degree in Public Health Education. He had completed his student teaching at a county high school and I wondered if he would go in to Education (and follow in my footsteps).

Words by Susie King, Mom of Trek Travel guide Zeb King

Susie King, mom of Trek Travel guide Zeb King, on why she rides.
I knew he had a passion for cycling as he had raced at the collegiate and professional levels, and my husband and I spent many weekends watching him race. We traveled throughout North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina, and I spent summer vacation going to Wisconsin for the Tour of America’s Dairyland. Zeb’s excitement about cycling was contagious to say the least!

In the back of my mind, I kept thinking about how much I loved cycling when I was in college. I didn’t race or compete in any way, but almost every day for a couple of years, I jumped on my Carolina Blue Huffy 10 speed and rode. I was in Greensboro, N.C. and the city was full of bike paths that went all around town and out to the Battleground. I loved riding alone and pushing myself to maximum effort.

It wasn’t until Zeb got his job with Trek Travel that I thought about riding again myself. At 54, I knew I needed to get in shape. Sure, I walk on a fairly regular basis and do yoga once a week, but I needed something else. Zeb’s first trip that he guided was in Utah through Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. I visited him during June and he got me back on a bike. I loved it! Compared to that Huffy 10 speed, the Trek bike he let me ride felt like a Mercedes!

After that, I decided I had to get me a new bike. With Zeb’s help, I bought an awesome Trek FX 7.5 WSD and a full Bontrager kit and helmet. I am really loving getting back in to riding. Although there is not a great place for me to ride out my back door, I can easily take off a wheel, throw the bike in the car, and hit the trails close by. I hope to continue this new love, which I know will help me physically and mentally in the years to come. Thanks Trek for my new lease on life! And for Zeb’s awesome job as a Trek Travel Guide!
Susie King, mom of Trek Travel guide Zeb King, on why she rides.