Tight-knit families aren’t born. They’re made with unforgettable experiences. And while it shouldn’t take a Christmas miracle to get people together, planning a multigenerational vacation is a daunting task with no shortage of opinions and a lack of consensus.

At Trek Travel, we believe that nothing should come between the ties that bind. Wide-ranging ages, activity levels and interests are no match for the creativity and flexibility of our guides. And whether you choose from our existing itineraries or make it private, our trip consultants will work with you to craft a personalized experience for your extended family. Below, John Burke, President of Trek Bikes, outlines his top five reasons to take a multigenerational family vacation:

1. The Family that Plays Together Stays Together
We started taking multigenerational family trips six years ago, and it is an event that everyone looks forward to. Similar to Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, the family trip has become a major event on our schedule.

Pro Tip: A family suggested this to us many years ago. Take a family vacation once a year and plan it for the same dates every year. Our family does the second week of June. This way everyone knows ahead of time that the family trip is always the second week of June and this puts an end to all of the drama surrounding dates.
John Burke Top 5 Reasons to Take a Multigenerational Family Trip
2. Great Family Time
On the typical family vacation, each morning starts with a negotiation. People sit around, spending time deciding what the group is going to do. They guys go golfing, the ladies go for a run, maybe meet for lunch, the negotiating goes back and forth. One of the things our family loves about Trek Travel trips is having an awesome pre-set schedule. The guides do a great job of leading the group and making adjustments as necessary. This really is a family vacation, not vacation that the family goes on and everyone does their own thing.

3. Amazing Memories
In the past five years, we have seen the National Parks, we have traveled the Freedom trail in Boston and ridden our bikes down the Charles River, we have done some amazing riding around the San Juan Islands, we had a behind the scenes Tour at the Biltmore Mansion in Asheville, and we’ve eaten some of the best meals at farm-to-table restaurants. In fact, last year it was a small farm and we had an awesome time playing horseshoes, having cocktails, and enjoying the local fare. Every day Trek Travel goes above and beyond to create amazing memories. And as Carson from Downton Abbey says, “In the end, all you have are your memories.”
Multigenerational Trips with Trek Travel
4. Try New Things
Trek Travel does a great job of giving people amazing opportunities to explore new places in a variety of ways. We have hiked some awesome trails in America’s National Parks, we have kayaked, we have visited Presidential Libraries. Every day there is something new with Trek Travel.

5. It Makes Your Mother Happy
My mother loves to see her family together, spending quality time with one another. There is no greater gift that one can give their mother than spending time with the family.
Trek Travel Multigenerational Trips

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