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The Pursuit

This summer, David Baldwin and Team Pursuit will embark on a 4,000 mile expedition across the United States to support The Center, a Houston-based not-for-profit agency that promotes the pursuit of choice, growth, and personal independence for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Trek Travel has partnered with Pursuit to offer four ride along opportunities where you can join the fun this summer!


Trek Travel partners with The Pursuit, a charity ride across the United States

How did you become involved in The Center?
My wife Maire and I have been married for 24 years and live in Houston, Texas. Shortly after getting married, we made the difficult decision not to have children. We both knew this would leave a void in our lives, so we went looking for an organization where we could volunteer, and hopefully be a part of a different type of family. We found The Center, and we have both volunteered there for over 20 years. Over the years we’ve done everything from painting classrooms, to planting gardens, to raising money through cookie sales, to hosting The Center’s Christmas Party for the past 15 years (that’s personal our favorite). And over the years, we’ve grown to consider The Center’s residents and clients to be our unique family. Instead of having 2.3 kids, we actually feel like our family is the 450 clients of The Center.

What was your inspiration to ride across the country?
As recently as the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s, no one expected individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (“IDD”) to live into their 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. But due to the success of programs like The Center, most people with IDD are now living full life expectancies. This has come as a surprise to almost everyone, including the families and friends of our clients as well as the government agencies that help support people with IDD. As life expectancies expanded rapidly, families hadn’t planned for this, and government support hasn’t kept pace either. Most of our clients don’t come from wealthy backgrounds, and aren’t able to earn sufficient wages to pay for their housing, food, medical and other costs of daily living, particularly as they enter their “retirement years”. The result is that many organizations across the country, like The Center, are facing a funding crisis and are at risk of going out of business.

I frequently say that The Center is the best thing that has ever happened to Maire and I. But like parenting, we worry a lot about how “our family” is going to make ends meet. One morning I was particularly worried about The Center’s financial challenges, and I couldn’t sleep. So I got out of bed early and got on my bike for a very early morning ride. As I rode, I could feel the stress and worries begin to dissipate and my normal optimistic outlook began to return. Towards the end of the ride, the idea of riding across the country to raise money for The Center and to raise awareness nationally of the pending financial crisis for people with disABILITIES became clearer. I quickly rode home and woke up my wife to share my inspiration and ask for her support. She was “all-in” and that’s how Pursuit was born.

Why did you choose a bike ride as your method of fundraising?
Maire and I started riding bikes casually for exercise and recreation several years ago. We love how friendly people are to bikers and it’s a great way to make new friends. I’ve never met someone on a bike who wasn’t having a good day! Also, over the past several years, I’ve wanted to take time off from my job to go visit the best organizations across the country that do what The Center does. So on that early morning ride to relieve my stress, it all came together. I could dedicate two months to riding across the country, visiting other organizations like The Center, meeting new friends and helping to raise money and awareness to support our neighbors with disABILITIES. As Maire and I started to share our dream/vision with others, our “peloton” started to grow. Today, there are more than 200 volunteers working to make Pursuit a huge success, and with Trek Travel’s help, we’ve created three opportunities for people who enjoy riding to participate in the Pursuit mission as well.

The Pursuit to raise money for Houston-based not-for-profit agency, The Center

In regards to your ride across the U.S., what are you most excited about? What are you most nervous about?
When I was little, my parents used to pack me and my older brother, Bob, into our station wagon and go on “driving vacations”. We usually had our sleeping bags laid out in the back two rows and loved watching the countryside pass by as we made our way to our destination, which was usually a National Park, beautiful lake, or river. Now we fly everywhere we go, and I’ve missed the slower journeys at ground level across the country. Over the past couple of months, I’ve read several books and watched a handful of documentaries about biking across the U.S. They each have a few themes in common: First, the majesty, openness and beauty of the North and Western U.S., from Oregon through the Rockies and into the Midwest. I can’t wait to see and smell these open spaces, mountains, rivers, trees, wildlife, etc. from the seat of a bicycle. Once we get into Minnesota, the terrain changes and we get to experience the Midwestern charm and friendliness of all of the small towns in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Starting in Minneapolis – St. Paul, we get to ride into some of America’s great cities: Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and ultimately Washington, D.C. And I get to do it all on a bicycle with old and new friends riding along with me, both in person and with everyone following our journey online.

While the bike journey is clearly the trip of a lifetime, I’m most excited to visit the organizations and people across the country that spend their lives helping our neighbors with disABILITIES. In most of the major cities along our journey, we’ll be visiting some of the best and most unique communities that support people with IDD. I can’t wait to see how their families differ from ours.

This journey isn’t without anxiety though. Trying to raise $11 million in Houston when oil is $35 per barrel is one challenge. And I’ve only done a couple of long rides in my life. Someone recently told me that our Pursuit journey was equivalent to 25 back to back MS 150’s. I’ve done the MS 150 once and almost didn’t make it to work the following Monday! Due to a couple of recent injuries, I’ve not really been able to train as much as I would like. I guess I can “train” as I cross the country! Lastly, I’m scared about leaving my job at a very difficult time for our energy industry. But thank goodness for an incredible group of colleagues who have eagerly agreed to help cover for me while I’m “in Pursuit” of Maire’s and my life mission.

Tell us about your best day on a bicycle.
Shortly after conceiving the idea for Pursuit, I fell off my mountain bike and tore up my knee/leg pretty seriously. For the first couple of weeks following my surgery, I doubted whether I’d ever return to cycling. About three weeks after the surgery, I got on an exercise bike and I turned the crank the full 360 degrees. It was one of the best feelings of my life! As my recovery continued, I asked my doctor and rehab coach if they would allow me to try to ride in a bike ride from Telluride to Gateway, Colorado, a trip I had planned with 25 friends well before my accident. The ride was scheduled for four months following my surgery and seemed highly improbable, maybe even unwise. But I had a goal to train for and it made my recovery speed by. Last September, on a perfect early fall Saturday, I joined my 25 friends in forming an amazing paceline across beautiful Colorado through mountains, farmland, and into the Red Rock Canyons of Western Colorado. The glory of riding with 25 friends for a good cause, on a beautiful day, has me so excited about Pursuit!

Trek Travel joins David Baldwin in his Pursuit to raise money for The Center

Industry Insider: Chris Fortune

Twenty-seven years ago, on a mission to keep manufacturing in Wisconsin, Chris Fortune bought a 15-year-old rack company known as Graber Products. And although the name has changed (now Saris Cycling Group), the company’s well-respected Saris Racks are still made right here in bicycle-crazed Madison, Wisconsin and shipped worldwide. A home-grown success story, we caught up with Chris to learn more about his passion for manufacturing and bicycle advocacy.

Briefly, tell us your story. What inspired your passion for bikes and how did you get into the cycling industry?

I grew a deep respect for the bike through my first job as a paperboy. I made my deliveries by bike and started off with a love/hate relationship. Growing up in Chicago, the winters were snowy, icy and treacherous. I cursed my bike on the worst days! Nonetheless, it served as a great tool for me at a very young age.

As I thought about my future, I dreamed of owning my own manufacturing business and building product in the US. I moved forward on this life-long goal when my wife and I bought the business and moved to Madison in 1989. A few years later we reached a true milestone and a day I’ll never forget. We shipped our first container to Japan and I could not have been more proud. Today, 30% of our business is outside the US and we ship to over 60 countries.

My passion grew for cycling as I became more immersed in the industry and learned all the benefits the bike could provide. I found that cycling could not only serve as a tool to help people with health issues but that it slows down life to a pace where you can see everything going on around you.
Saris bike racks manufactured in the USA
Where did the name “Saris” originate and what does it mean to you?

Twenty-seven years ago my wife Sara and I bought the business, then Graber Products. After an exhaustive effort to come up with a new name to represent us, she remembered a product her dad’s business launched that was named after the owner’s initials. She began crafting name combinations but options like Chrisass weren’t a fit. The best blend of Sara + Chris = Saris.

Having your name tied to the business, there’s a sense of pride in ownership to keep up the reputation. We built the business on the foundation of “doing the right thing” for customers, employees and suppliers, and we stand firmly behind that.

What is your favorite Saris product and why?

Picking a favorite product is like picking a favorite child. Impossible. Saris Cycling Group has a collection of brands that includes CycleOps, PowerTap and Saris. Our hottest new product that we introduced to the market is the PowerTap Pedal. We spent 1,000s of hours engineering the P1 pedal to be the most simple, intelligent and best design out there. PowerTap is known for unparalleled accuracy and reliability making the P1 something cyclists were really hungry for.

What I’m most excited about with CycleOps is the PowerSync Trainer. This electronic trainer brings the outside ride indoors and integrates with our CycleOps Virtual Training (CVT) allowing you to virtually ride anywhere in the world! The technology behind smart trainers along with our CVT software is really amazing. I don’t think riding inside has ever been so fun.

Our most well-known, iconic rack, is the Saris Bones. Innovation has always been really important to me and to the business. That’s why we partnered with designer Fabio Pedrini, based in Bologna, Italy, just a few years after buying the business. Fabio came up with the arc shaped design for this rack over 20 years ago and it remains one of most popular bike racks out there. With over a million sold you’ve likely seen them on friends, family or neighbor’s trunks. We were recently awarded a configuration trademark for this distinctive design. Configuration trademarks are rare in the bicycle industry so it was really an honor to receive this. We’ve recently launched the SuperBones, taking this product to the next level. It’s the best product ever built in this category. This trunk rack allows you to adjust the straps and arms more easily than ever before so it’s simple to load and unload and you can spend more time out riding your bike.
Saris cycling group Saris Bones rack
Saris Bones vehcile bike rack
In your opinion, what makes the Midwest a great location for bike companies?

My favorite thing about having a company in the Midwest is the people. We have some of the most down to earth, hardworking, passionate and smart people around. On top of that, Wisconsin has become one of the best states for biking because of the excellent network of paved roads. Being a dairy state, we needed the rural roads in Wisconsin to be smooth and well connected so dairy farmers could transport milk to market without risk of curdling. Today, cyclists love riding these scenic, paved roads throughout the state.
Cycling in rural wisconsin
You have seen much of the world from the seat of a bicycle. What is your favorite travel destination and why?

In 2010 I helped lead a Bicycle Infrastructure Study where a group of us went over to Europe to learn more about what state of the art bicycling looked like in the Netherlands. Since then, People for Bikes, a national bicycle advocacy organization, has run this program, the Green Lane Project, through several European cities. I joined a Green Lanes trip to Copenhagen and couldn’t believe how well this city integrates cycling. Sara and I fell in love with the ease of bicycle use in Copenhagen and the way people live their life by bike. We’re celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary this June and are thrilled to bring our three daughters and their spouses to experience Copenhagen by bike and celebrate in this special city.
Green Lanes Project
You do a lot of advocacy work to improve the quality of bicycling in America. In your opinion, what are the three keys to getting more people on bikes?

Creating a safe environment for people to ride their bike from age 8 – 80 is key. We’ve worked to help support this on the local, state and national level. Twelve years ago we started the Saris Gala. It began as a small pizza party in the back of our plant to raise money for the Wisconsin Bike Fed. Now it’s grown to be the largest single night bicycle advocacy fundraiser in the country, having generated over 1 million dollars for the Bike Fed.

We’ve also sponsored the National 5th Grade Poster contest for the last five years to inspire and create the next generation of bicycle enthusiasts. The contest gives fifth graders across the country, many in areas that are not considered bike-friendly, the opportunity to learn about the numerous inherent benefits of the bicycle and encourage them to embrace and promote those benefits in their local communities.
National 5th Grade Poster Contest
National 5th Grade Poster Contest

Ride Across Wisconsin

Last Saturday, 450 fearless riders set out with a singular goal: to ride across the state of Wisconsin. Starting with the first glimpse of sunlight at 6:30AM, we gladly said goodbye to Iowa, crossed the mighty Mississippi River, and set our sights on Lake Michigan. Our objective was clear: a one-day, 175-mile ride to raise money for the Wisconsin Bike Federation. Our sanity, on the other hand, was questionable.

The forecast called for rain and headwinds, but we still showed up. Wisconsinites are a rare breed. The weather doesn’t scare us because we spend most of our year either surviving harsh winters or talking about them. We are proud, and we’ll go to great lengths to express our love for this mid-western home. And most of all, we are strong. Give us a challenge and we’ll raise our glass to wish you good luck.

So with a lot of excitement and a little hesitation we set out on our epic, hard-as-hell ride across the greatest state ever. These are my top five moments from the day:
Trek Travel rode across Wisconsin to support the bike federation

The Awesome Bus

On Friday afternoon we boarded the Awesome Bus at Trek’s headquarters in Waterloo, Wisconsin. There was a sign in the bus windshield that said, “Have a great day,” but surely it was more than great. The cafeteria supplied us with water, beer and plenty of snacks. Our first destination was Madison to pick up the Trek Factory Racing riders and staff. Among others were Linsey Corbin, Bauke Mollema, and Wisconsin-native Matthew Busche.

As it turns out, when you put a bunch of bike-geeks and athletes on a bus for two hours, there is no lack of topics to discuss. I was lucky enough to sit next to Linsey Corbin and easy conversation passed the time. The highlight of the ride came when Linsey said she had never cycled this far before. My first thought was, “Great, we’re all in this together.” But enthusiasm quickly turned to apprehension. “If the five-time Ironman world champion and American record holder hasn’t ridden this far, who am I to do it?”
The Trek Factory Racing team joined Trek Travel to ride across wisconsin

Robbie Ventura and Jens Voigt

Friday night before the ride, Jens Voigt and Robbie Ventura took the stage to get us excited about the adventure ahead. Jens, who later said he used gears on this ride so small that he didn’t know they existed just one year ago, entertained us with stories of burger stops on training rides that landed well among this Wisconsin crowd. Robbie, on the other hand, offered slightly more practical advice with five tips to make this inaugural event a success.

1. Ride Safe: Keep your head up, ride predictably, and follow the rules of the road
2. Be Self-Sufficient: Supporting 450 riders over 175 miles is difficult. Carry gear to fix flat, have a route guide, and bring layers for the weather.
3. Nutrition and Hydration: It is important to stay hydrated (1 bottle an hour) and keep eating (200-300 calories per hour) on such a long ride.
4. Pace Yourself: If you go out too hard, you’re going to make the day longer than it already is.
5. Help Someone: Fix a flat, offer food, slow down to stay with someone, encourage each other, and smile. It will help you as much or more than it helps them.
Trek Travel joined Jens Voigt and Robbie Ventura on the inaugural Ride Across Wisconsin
Jens Voigt and Robbie Ventura kicking off the inaugural Ride Across Wisconsin

The Beloit Rest Stop

With eight rest stops along the course, situated roughly 25 miles apart, the event had incredible support. Holland Dairy Farms offered their front yard, and chocolate milk, to all riders. Monroe let us take over a large city park. But the true stand out was Beloit. The gorgeous riverside park provided nice views while we rested our legs. The Janesville Velo Club was there to cheer on riders as we rode into and out of Beloit. There were folk dancers and gospel singers and even a cheerleading squad!
Four Trek Travel employees rode 175 miles across the state of Wisconsin

The Trek Travel Ladies

We have a great team here at Trek Travel. Evening rides and five o’clock happy hours provide ample time to enjoy one another’s company outside the office walls. But the bonding that occurs during 12-hours on the bike is unique. On Saturday, all four of us woke up with one common goal for the day. Literally and figuratively we pulled each other through. We didn’t converse the whole way. But we always enjoyed the company. We experienced the same views, suffered up the same hills, and reveled in the same glory.
Trek Travel's Top Five Moments from the Ride Across Wisconsin

The Finish Party

It’s no secret that getting off the bike after 12 hours in the saddle feels good. And the collective sense of accomplishment as we entered Kenosha was overwhelming. But as Robbie Ventura so accurately stated, “The highlight for me were the people. The relaxed and supportive atmosphere was special and it kept me smiling through a long, wet, hard day in beautiful Wisconsin!” In true Wisconsin fashion, we celebrated the finish by filling up our frosty “Founder’s” mugs and raising a glass to the adventure we shared. A simple engraving on the bottom of our mugs seems to encapsulate it perfectly…Earned It.
Trek Travel participated in the inaugural Ride Across Wisconsin
According to Dave Schlabowske, Deputy Director of the Wisconsin Bike Federation, “We started the Ride Across Wisconsin to showcase the amazing riding we have here. We hope RAW will become an annual tradition for hundreds of home state cyclists and a bucket list ride for people from across the country who want to see why we think Wisconsin is America’s Best Ride.”

Speaking for all of us, thank you to the Wisconsin Bike Federation for putting on a great event. It was truly the ride of a lifetime.
Trek Travel, Jens Voigt and the Trek Factory Racing team rode across Wisconsin

Gran Fondo NJ

Trek Travel sat down with Bill Ruddick, executive director of Gran Fondo NJ, to learn more about the inspiration for this incredible event. From riding across Canada to a fat bike ride across a frozen lake at the end of February, the Gran Fondo is crafted from once-in-a-lifetime cycling experiences. Bill knows first hand how tough a ride can be, but more importantly, how to make it fun.

For those who are unaware, what is a Gran Fondo?
A Gran Fondo is a mass-participation endurance cycling event, with a timing component, and a festival at the end. Gran Fondo routes are typically very challenging (lots of climbing). Some Gran Fondos time start-to-finish, others time only the toughest hill climbs. At Gran Fondo NJ we offer timing only on the toughest climbs of the routes – this allows our riders to enjoy the scenery of the routes and the amazing offerings at our rest stops without feeling they are being penalized.

What is the history behind Gran Fondo NJ?
Gran Fondo NJ is the brainchild of Marty Epstein, its founder and the owner of Marty’s Reliable Cycle. We started the event in 2011 with an initial focus of showcasing the amazing cycling in northern New Jersey, providing our riders with the best one-day experience they will have on a bike, and putting on a sustainably responsible event. The event is also used by some of our riders, as well as our five beneficiaries, as a charity ride to raise funds for their favorite causes. The event has raised over $600,000 for charities since its inception and last year it was the first cycling event in the world to earn a Gold Level of accreditation from the Council for Responsible Sport.

What makes this event particularly unique?
We think Gran Fondo NJ offers a unique blend of a challenging bike ride, a personal competition with our timed hill climbs and fun. You know this is different from any other cycling experience when you pull in to the first rest stop and are greeted by Cheerleaders, Seeing Eye puppies and cannolis. To the surprise of many, we have amazingly beautiful cycling routes just 40 miles from NYC.

Tell us your story. How long have you been riding bikes?
I have been riding bikes since I was a kid delivering the morning newspaper in Montreal. I rode my bike to school and college, and have built up a number of bikes from scrap parts. Once my kids got older, I started riding and raising money in charity events. My first week-long event was a ride across Alaska in August of 2000 (yes we had two days of snow), and it just took off from there.

What was your inspiration to ride across Canada in 2010?
I was inspired to ride across Canada to re-live a family road trip in the summer of 1966 – my mum and dad packed up 4 kids and camping gear in a station wagon and drove from Montreal to Vancouver and back. It also met my criteria for adventure – “If you are going to do something, it might as well be memorable!”

Tell us about your most adventurous day on a bike.
My most adventurous day on a bike was on the ride across Canada – it was a supported ride, but basically a daily game of “Survivor” played out over 10 weeks. Each day we had to ride to the next campsite where the truck with all our gear was waiting. On one day, a 100-mile ride between Ottawa and Montreal, I broke a rear drive-side spoke 20 miles in to the ride. Luckily I found a bike shop back in Ottawa that had the spoke I needed, but to get it fixed I had to abandon the group I was with, take a taxi back to the shop, get the wheel fixed and start off all over again alone. I ended up re-starting the ride at around noon, and rode the 100 miles as an individual time trial. I managed to complete it in just over 6 hours (including two ferry rides and sight seeing) and to the surprise of the other riders on the tour made it into camp just before dinner.

Trek Travel is the official travel partner of Gran Fondo New Jersey

What is your favorite travel destination and why?
There is something very captivating about Paris in the summertime – from the amazing sights, the wine and food, to the light at the end of a summer day. Also fun to plan it to coincide with the final day of the Tour de France when the city is taken over by the excitement of the peloton racing up and down the Champs Elysees.

Which Trek Travel trip is top on your bucket list and why?
That’s an easy one – it would have to be the Provence luxury vacation. I would like to test my mettle once again on Mont Ventoux, and ride through les Gorges de la Nesque – I had the opportunity to drive through les Gorges in 2004 and ever since then felt it would be an amazing cycling experience.


Meet Bill Ruddick, executive direction of Gran Fondo New Jersey

Bo Bikes Bama

What is it about natural disasters that bring out the best in people?

When central Alabama was hit in 2011 by a series of tornadoes, “the best in people” was about the furthest thing from anyone’s mind. These towns, from tiny Cordova, which looked like a set from The Walking Dead when the tornadoes ripped through like a zombie attack, to Tuscaloosa, home of the University of Alabama and site of the most casualties, faced one of the lowest moments in their histories.

But sometimes, it’s disasters like this that cause true rebirth.

Bo Jackson is Alabama’s Jens Voigt. Many Alabamans don’t know Jens, of course. But if you describe Jensie’s toughness, grit and happy-go-lucky attitude, they’d think you’re talking about Bo Jackson. He is known as the most famous two-sport athlete in the world, and the most famous export of Alabama, an All-Star in both baseball and football, and winner of the Heisman Trophy at Auburn. He never quits. And that’s why he’s here. Because when Bo heard that this area, including his hometown of Bessemer, was severely damaged, his first reaction was to call his friends at Trek Bikes and reach for a bike.

John Burke, CEO of Trek, says it best. “Bo is one of the greatest sports legends of the last 100 years, and an even better person. What could I say when he called? This is an incredible opportunity to do good for a lot of people. The next thing I know, we’re driving 18 hours down to Alabama to join him and help out the victims of the tornadoes.”
Bo Jackson at Bo Bikes Bama
Cycling has a way of making your senses come alive. Discovering the world on a bike is exciting. It’s visceral. You get closer to the road, the people and the curves of the earth than you can in a car, bus or a thousand on-line virtual tours. You smell the smells. Feel the air. Drink in the history.

Normally, bicycle tours are reserved for the fragrant olive groves of Tuscany and the epic views of the Alps. But it works just as well when you’re trying to get a sense of the rubble of a place that’s been battered. It’s the same ride. The same discovery. And in both cases, you learn to love the people you ride with and the destinations you visit.

Bo wanted to do something big for his home. He wanted to raise $1,000,000 in disaster relief. And he wanted to do it in a way that would draw out the communities together, as one people, getting to know the countryside together and rediscovering what makes Alabama great. There’s no better way to do that then on a bicycle.

Trek Travel saw his vision and got behind the mission. They sent Rebecca Falls, trip designer and tour expert, down to help. That was the beginning of Bo Bikes Bama, a five-day journey across central Alabama on bicycle. It was also the beginning of Bo Jackson’s third athletic career.
Trek Travel guide Rebecca Falls at Bo Bike Bama
Bo is telling his own legs to “Shut up.” If you ask him, he “doesn’t know why” he chose a cycling tour as his fundraising method, but if you ride along with him, you learn quickly. And mostly? It’s because he’s not good at it.

He lumbers up the hills. ESPN’s Greatest Athlete of All Time is no match for the slow rollers of the Deep South. But he’s there. Chugging along. The big, hulking NFL engine that could. Like in all of cycling, there’s a romance in his struggle. He’s there not as the famous pro with all his pro friends making an appearance for charity like it was some golf tournament. In Bo Bikes Bama, he’s a man of the people. Struggling right along side friends, neighbors and countrymen. Riding through their hometowns on bikes with the victims’ names etched on his top tube, and taking the same rests at the summit of every climb.

He’s no pro cyclist. But in a state known more for its love of the SEC than the TDF, he’s Alabama’s hero on two wheels.
Bo Bikes Bama
This is what Trek Travel is all about. You wouldn’t count Cordova, Alabama among the likes of Andalucia, Spain, or the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. But Trek Travel is here, riding bikes, exploring the undiscovered reaches of a place that wasn’t built for bikes. Rebecca Falls should know. She’s from Tuscaloosa, and she’s completely impressed at what bikes have done for her home.

“How cool is it to get road bikes into communities that don’t traditionally connect with bicycling?” She asks. “As one of the most well-known and well-loved Alabamians, Bo Jackson is an incredible advocate for cycling in our home state.”

Bo Jackson understands this, almost implicitly. It might be why he chose cycling unconsciously. He knew that bikes are the great equalizer. They bring people together, and closer to the world around them. They’ve made him an athlete once again. And they’re going to change this place.

Sometimes, discovering the world on a bike isn’t all wine-tasting and epic selfies. Sometimes, it takes a natural disaster to show you a side of a place that you never saw before.
Bo Jackson at the Bo Bikes Bama start line

In Focus: National Bike Summit

The 2015 National Bike Summit, organized by the League of American Bicyclists, was held last week on Capitol Hill. Their objective, to increase investments in bicycling, aligns closely with our mission to encourage a passion for cycling.

The theme? Bikes+. It is time to consider how bikes can add value to other movements and serve broader interests.
The goal? Unite the voices of bicyclists to advance bike safety and funding.
The outcome? More than 650 bicyclists came together for workshops, case studies, brainstorming, lobbying and more.

Trek Travel President Tania Burke attended the event again this year. “The event was great. There are a lot of passionate bike advocates working really hard to not only make a more bike friendly world but to also create great places to live. The Mayor of Oklahoma City went through what they are doing and it is inspiring.”

View photos of the event, then visit the website to learn more about how you can get involved.
Trek Travel Attends the 2015 National Bike Summit
Trek Travel Attends the 2015 National Bike Summit
Trek Travel Attends the 2015 National Bike Summit
Trek Travel Attends the 2015 National Bike Summit


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Single Occupancy

Sometimes it’s more convenient and comfortable to have your own room while on vacation. We understand and that’s why we offer a Single Occupancy option. The additional price guarantees a private room all to yourself