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Ride Camps with Trek Travel

Trek Travel Ride Camps are part vacation, part training camp, and full-on fun in some of the world’s finest riding destinations

The word “vacation” means different things to different people. For most, it’s a time to disconnect, explore somewhere new, and relax. But if you’re a dedicated cyclist, an ideal escape might have a whole lot less sun-bathing and a whole lot more Strava segments. That’s where Trek Travel Ride Camps come in. Over the course of four or seven days, you’ll test yourself with big miles and epic climbs in a world class riding destination, from charming Solvang in California’s wine country to the legendary shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Each Ride Camp is thoughtfully designed to give you priceless, uninterrupted time to focus on your riding goals. And while these trips keep it intentionally simple—ride, rest, and relaxation—they also deliver the kind of unforgettable hospitality that’s made Trek Travel a world-renowned tour operator, with a mix of guided and self-guided road rides through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the U.S. and Europe. Whether you’re looking to carve out time to make fitness gains or are simply the kind of vacationer who’d rather have a day in the saddle than a day on a beach towel, you’ll find the perfect escape in a Trek Travel Ride Camp.


Join Trek Travel on a Girona Ride Camp

Spain’s Cycling Mecca

Gaze at the crystal Mediterranean Sea, test your legs on the steps of the Pyrenees, and ride along the shores of Costa Brava. After your ride, kick back with a glass of Rioja, explore the time-worn streets of old Girona, or wind down at your hotel perfectly located in the city center. 


Join Trek Travel on a Mallorca Ride Camp

Island Life

This cycling paradise is where the pros of Trek Segafredo train in the off-season, and for good reason: the beautiful Mediterranean climate, epic climbs through picturesque valleys, and views of the Tramuntana mountains from the restored manor house on 370 unspoiled acres of Mallorcan countryside where you’ll stay.  


Join Trek Travel on a Solvang Ride Camp

California Dreaming

One part California wine country. One part Danish culture. All parts epic cycling. A past host of the time trial stage in the Tour of California for multiple years, Solvang is the ideal west coast basecamp for training. You’ll find easy access to legendary Mt. Figueroa and Foxen Canyon, amazing local pastries, and of course plenty of excellent wine.  


Join Trek Travel on a Texas Ride Camp

Bigger is Better

The landscape surrounding Fredericksburg, Texas, is a revered training ground filled with rolling countryside hills, meandering climbs, and classic Texas ranches. If you’re looking to put on some serious mileage, there’s no better way than multiple Texas-sized rides on seemingly endless asphalt around Gillespie County. 


Join Trek Travel at AutoCamp Russian River

Blue Ridge Beauty

The foothills of the Appalachian Mountains are regarded as a secret training ground for pros. You’ll find epic climbs, stunning views, and the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains—all in a locale that boasts a downtown with over 100 restaurants and shops.

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Dozens gather at Arkose Brewery to share stories during the Trails and Ales speaker series

“There’s more cyclists than cars on the road,” Keller said.

Keller and Brewer embarked on a Trek Travel group cycling tour across [Mallorca]. He showed several slides and explained some of the perks of traveling with a group, namely the safety of being surrounded by others. He also noted going during the off-season provided cheaper prices for car and boarding rentals.

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My Days in Mallorca

I had been regaled for a few years by teammates about Mallorca and epic riding somewhat like riding the hill country around Fredericksburg, TX, but magnified by . . . 10 . . . 100? Something extraordinary. So, I went to see for myself.

Words by guest Loren Hettinger.

What if a person could find a place where they could cycle around a Mediterranean island on pristine roads, usually shared by a multitude of cyclists and often by drivers who understand cycling or know that to share the road is really not rocket science? And what if these roads coursed through aleppo pine, juniper (enebro), carob trees, tamarisk, and wild olive forests and scrub with the occasional large, sword leaved agave? And then wound their way up and down daunting cols through sun-drenched idyllic villages on narrow streets?

Overlay all this with a luxurious hotel (the Monnaber Nou Eco near Campanet , Mallorca), featuring a pool of turquoise water, a jacuzzi, and breakfasts of cappuccino, assorted juices, fresh fruit, carpaccio, muesli, scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, assorted pastries and bread, and of course fresh olives.

Would you go?

That question deserves the old craggy cowboy response of, “Does a bear poop in the woods?” Most cyclists I know would be on a plane as soon as they could pack enough jerseys and shorts to support six days of riding.

Trek Travel arranged the tour and before we even arrived had disc brake, carbon Domanes with Di2 shifting already set up to fit each of our road bike measurements. Paired with a Garmin loaded with maps of each day’s route we were ready to roll. Our group of thirty-three (initially) was quite diverse, being comprised of cyclists from California, Alabama, New York, Canada (Vancouver and Ottawa), Switzerland, and of course, our Colorado contingent. Many like ourselves from the Schwab Cycles Racing Team were ex or current racers, although the majority of riders were veterans of long-distance tours. We had four tour guides who alternated with three riding among the group and one driving a van for support, including setting up lunch along the route. All three guides riding among us seemed inordinately fast; maybe a result of youth, innate athletic ability, and riding these mountain roads four or five days each week. The guides exemplified the international character of the riders, being from England, Mexico⁠—by way of Bolivia and Florida⁠—Barcelona, and of all places, Durango, CO.

At the end of the week, we asked each other, “Which ride did you like best?” That’s like asking a person, which is your favorite grandkid? It’s impossible to choose.

The week’s rides were divided into “long” or “short” options, and included:
• Buger (bike orientation ride; 13 miles, 961 feet)
• Puig de Santa Magdelena (self-guided ride; ~23 miles, 1,650 feet)
• Coll de Soller/Puig Major (66 miles, 7,820 feet; 40 miles, 4,182 feet)
• Sa Calobra (61 miles, 7,100 feet; 50 miles, 6,529 feet)
• Deia (and Soller) (86 miles, 6,929 feet; 59 miles, 6,000 feet)
• Cap de Formentor (lighthouse) (66 miles, 6,262 feet; 53 miles, 4,424 feet)

In viewing the ride schedule and routes, I had contemplated that I might graduate to some of the long options toward the end of the week especially in thinking how awesome I’d feel with the “nearly pure” oxygen at sea level. However, after the Sa Calobra ride of switchback after switchback and 6,500 feet of climbing, the vision of myself and reality became more aligned toward survival. Yet, the Sa Calobra route cemented itself as one of my favorites.

The Deia route, however, also became a favorite. With three climbs and a descent into and through an idyllic village. The allure was enhanced by a quaint bicycle accessories shop and a helpful, smiling clerk who assisted us as we pulled jerseys over the ones we already wore just to see if the new ones with a kit coordinated color and map of Mallorca would add to our stature as lithe, svelte cyclists or conversely, and more likely, enhance our midline bulges.

Yet the Formentor ride, which culminated in a series of sharp switchbacks to a lighthouse on a point extending into the Mediterranean, proved to be possibly the most interesting of all. Our rest stop reverie, in the view of the white stone constructed lighthouse and blue water, was broken by a gathering cloudbank. Its gray, then dark blue (darker than the sapphire Mediterranean) and increasingly black overtones spurred us to throw down any remains of espresso, hustle to our bikes and work our way through all the cars in the parking lot to the start of the return climb. I knew we had left it too long, and that the storm was in a hurry to make landfall. My weather-predicting ability seemed on point (well, it was obvious); several large flashes and immediate claps of thunder vibrated the landscape. Then the hail started in earnest (another reason to wear a helmet), followed by stinging rain. I stopped with four others along the wall to belatedly pull-on rain jackets. As we continued to ride through the wet from above and the wheel splash from below, the rain abated, but the wind had no mercy. Despite the group being various states of drenched, we opted to tackle the final 20 miles of the day’s ride. Once we got back, a hot shower at the hotel and a beer on the veranda put the storm into perspective⁠—just another epic day on the bike.

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The World’s Best Summer Camps of 2019 – Outside Online

Need a pre- or postseason pick-me-up?

Trek’s new four-day Texas training camp takes advantage of the rolling Hill Country surrounding Fredricksburg, offering 16,000 feet of climbing over 356 miles of well-paved, quiet country roads.

Yes, there are some punchy ascents, and the camp is designed to push even experienced cyclists’ limits, but this is wine country, so you can’t take yourself too seriously.

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Picturesque Biking Through Europe –

Discover why so many professional cyclists make Girona, Spain their home away from home. In less than 15 minutes you can escape the charming city’s cobblestone streets and find undulating country roads, testing climbs, technical descents of the Pyrenees, and winding roads that hug the shores of the Costa Brava. Year-round sunshine, a rich history pair, and delicious Catalan cuisine have put the region on the radar of non-pros. Trek Travel runs trips for cyclists who want to take in the sights at a leisurely pace as well as those who want to train like a pro.

Why Your Winter Cycling Trip Should Be in Tucson –

At Tucson’s northeast corner, Mount Lemmon is a dream ride for many serious road cyclists and has long been a training destination for Tour de France racers who need sustained two- to four-hour climbs at a 5 to 6 percent grade. A winding, 20-mile road rises 5,500 feet from the rocky cactus desert to a University of Arizona astronomical observatory surrounded by ponderosa pines. The reward for conquering that grind is a gripping 30-minute descent.

Perhaps an even better road ride is the 10-mile rollercoaster of a loop through Saguaro National Park East. The road is one-way for cars, meaning riders can focus on the sharp, curving descents rather than oncoming traffic. Also notable among dozens of other world-class rides in the area is the rolling, 40-mile out-and-back route to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, which stretches up and over Gates Pass and features extensive views of the city. Trek Travel offers a five-day Tucson Ride Camp (from $1,299) that explores a handful of the region’s best road routes and culminates in an ascent of Mount Lemmon.

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What is Ride Camp?

If you’ve imagined yourself spending your days riding across the countryside, tackling pro-worthy climbs and banking the miles you need to get stronger. If you measure your free time in epic climbs and KOMs then Ride Camp is calling your name.

So how is this different from any other Trek Travel destination? Ride Camp is designed to take you beyond your typical day. To push your limits. To accomplish your training goals. You’ll pedal your way through pro-favorite destinations like Mallorca and Girona and tackle climbs like Sa Calobra, Caesars Head or Mount Figueroa.

Trek Travel Cycling Vacations What is Ride Camp? Trek Travel Cycling Vacations What is Ride Camp? Trek Travel Cycling Vacations What is Ride Camp?

A mix of guided and self-guided routes, Ride Camps focus on building your base miles for your cycling season or preparing for a big event. As a result, these trips focus on the physical dimension and not the site seeing incorporated into our other vacations. Guests also tend to be a little more self-sufficient than our ‘all-inclusive’ style trips.

You’ll take on each route with the support of our world class guides and industry-leading gear. But there’s a few specific things you can expect from a Ride Camp:

A Central Basecamp

Trip accommodations are handpicked in the region’s best location, convenient to our postcard-worthy rides and equipped to handle the specific needs of cyclists.

Active Nutrition

A hearty, fueling breakfast will be provided every day to prepare you for the saddle time ahead. Nutritious roadside lunches will be available mid-ride to keep your legs charged, and casual group dinners will help you unwind. Looking for upscale dining options? See our luxury bike tours»

Domane SL 7 Disc

Discover the world from the saddle of your race-ready Trek Domane, guided over ribbons of tarmac by your Garmin Edge 1030. You’ll live like a pro and return in the shape of your life.

[trek-fullwidth-img src=”×800.jpg”]

To put it simply, you’re there to ride hard and kick butt. Our Trip Design Manager, Jenny, says it like this,

Ride Camp gives guests the opportunity to experience incredible and challenging training rides in world-class cycling locations with like-minded cyclists. Get off the trainer and onto amazing routes in beautiful locations!

Time to ride the way you’ve always wanted to, like it’s your job.

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5 Amazing Bike Vacations For Every Taste And Budget

Type A Workouts: Most of the trips offered by top companies have options that can include daily routes up to 70 miles and some serious climbing, but a subset of more advanced recreational riders may find these trips not challenging enough. If you are training-oriented or your focus is more on the intensity of cycling than food, wine or museums, Trek Travel, a now independent spinoff of Wisconsin-based Trek Bicycles, has the answer.

While Trek Travel has the same full slate of more laid-back luxury trips to France, Italy and the like, that its peers do, it also offers unique 5 and 7-day Ride Camps, essentially training camps, where you are based in one spot, eat healthier food, and ride a lot. I previously wrote about one in Boulder hosted by thirteen-time Cyclocross World Cup Champion and the sole American female to ever take the title, Katie Compton (read it here), but these fitness focused camps are offered in several locations throughout the year, all of them road cycling hotspots: Solvang, CA; Greenville, SC; Tucson, AZ; and Mallorca and Girona, Spain.

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Top 5 Trips: More Miles

Focus on nothing but rides, rest and relaxation in world-class destinations during the best riding season on the calendar. You’ll leave with legs that are ready for anything. Here are our top 5 trips for the avid cyclist.

Trek Travel Etape Cycling Vacation

Etape du Tour

L’Etape du Tour isn’t just a ride. It’s a proving ground with your name scribbled in chalk. Take on famed routes of the Tour de France in this bucket list gran fondo-style event. Before you sign up, hear from a first time finisher of L’Etape du Tour about how tackling the legendary climbs and descents was made better with the support of Trek Travel.

Trek Travel Girona Ride Camp

Girona Ride Camp

Everyone’s favorite Ride Camp in a favorite location for 2020. Pedal the same roads as George Hincapie, Christian Vande Velde, Taylor Phinney and practically every other pro as you gaze out on the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea and explore one charming Spanish village after the next. You’ll test your legs on the steeps of the Pyrenees, ride along the shores of Costa Brava and up your fitness in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Trek Travel Cross Country Cycling Vacation

Santa Barbara to Myrtle Beach

The goal: ambitious. The distance: 3,426 miles. The training: intense. The opportunity: unrivaled. If you’re ready for the bike trip—and challenge—of a lifetime, take on this bicycle tour that stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic across the southern tier of our beautiful country.

Trek Travel Classic Climbs of the Dolomite's Cycling Vacation

Classic Climbs of the Dolomites

The landscape of the famed Dolomite mountain range offers epic riding as you climb the jagged peaks and legendary roads made famous by the Giro d’Italia. Experience the passion of Italian cycling beneath clear blue skies, as you ride past proud pale mountains and through lush green alpine pastures. This cycling trip offers the very best of the dramatic Dolomites and Italian Alps.

Trek Travel Pyrenees Sea to Sea Cycling Vacation

Pyrenees Sea to Sea

With daily routes through France and Spain, averaging over 60 miles and 7,000 vertical feet, this cross-country bike trip offers avid cyclists an invigorating combination of riding and cultural experience. Though the riding is challenging and the terrain is surely spectacular, the unassuming charm and hearty cuisine of the Basque & Catalan people serve to keep cyclists well-fueled and refreshed, as this bicycle tour traverses a true cycling paradise.

See our other Top 5 trip collections.


Stronger, Faster, Better: Mallorca Ride Camp

Meet Jim. A Trek Travel ride camper who wasn’t sure, “how many Ride Camps I have left in my old bod.” Though the climbs of Mallorca felt discouraging at the time, it was when he returned home that he experienced a pleasant surprise…

“I wanted to give you some feedback from an older cyclist after he spent 11 days at your ride camp. In Mallorca, I always feel like my condition is hopeless, that I am so far over-the-hill that I must be deluding myself thinking I’ll ride strongly again. The climbs get longer and slower each year and I keep wondering how many more ride camps I have in my old bod. Don’t misinterpret, I enjoyed every minute of it, but when the only people I’m passing on the climbs are a few stray cyclists I just had to wonder what exactly I was accomplishing.

Then I came home. With getting caught up with life at home post-travel, it was a week before I could ride again. I set off with my usual group and BINGO!: I was so far off the front that I started to get embarrassed (it is a group ride, after all). Beth referred to me as in my Turbo mode. The difference in my strength and speed was so palpable that others asked me, “What did you DO in Mallorca?” On one stretch, with a tail wind, I led the charge up a long, gentle slope at -get this- topping out at 33mph! Everybody else said they hung on for dear life, and I was exultant.

I suddenly feel I have the perfect base fitness to hone in on speed work before the National Senior Games Time Trials in early June.

This sudden change in fitness was all because of TT’s Ride Camp, which you so wonderfully and cheerfully manage and conduct. I’m sitting here today on a rainy morning in PA thinking that it doesn’t matter how slowly I climb Orient, Soller, Puig, or even Sa Calobra. It truly is all good.

Thank you for everything. You truly are the best! I’m already planning to see you next year.”

Jim, a guest on Trek Travel's Mallorca Ride Camp


Train like the pros in Mallorca.

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What is the Difference?

Ultimate Luxury:

Savor some of the most spectacular, 5-star properties in the world. Exuding luxury and elegance, these one-of-a-kind accommodations offer the chance to rejuvenate at award-winning spas, dine at Michelin-starred restaurants, and more.


Enjoy luxurious accommodations handpicked for a refined experience. From signature spa treatments to delicious local cuisine, you’ll be more than provided for; you’ll be pampered.


These handpicked hotels provide relaxation and fun in a casual and comfortable environment. Delicious cuisine and great service mix perfectly for a memorable stay.


On select cycling vacations, you’ll stay at a mix of Explorer and Luxury hotels. Rest assured, no matter which hotel level you’re at, our trip designers carefully select every accommodation.

Activity Level

Level 1:

Road: 1-3 hours of riding. Up to 25 mi (40 km). Up to 1,000 ft (300 m).

Gravel: 1-3 hours of riding. Up to 20 mi (35 km). Up to 1,000 ft (300 m).

Hiking: 1-3 hours of hiking. Up to 5 mi (8 km). Up to 1,000 ft (300 m).

Level 2:

Road: 2-4 hours of riding. 20-35 mi (35-60 km). Up to 2,500 ft (750 m).

Gravel: 2-4 hours of riding. 15-30 mi (25-45 km). Up to 2,000 ft (300 m).

Hiking: 2-4 hours of hiking. 4-8 mi (6-12 km). Up to 1,500 ft (450 m).

Level 3:

Road: 3-5 hours of riding. 25-55 mi (40-85 km). Up to 4,500 ft (1,500 m).

Gravel: 3-5 hours of riding. 20-40 mi (35-60 km). Up to 3,000 ft (900 m).

Hiking: 3-5 hours of hiking. 6-10 mi (9-16 km). Up to 2,000 ft (600 m).

Level 4:

Road: 4+ hours of riding. 40-70 mi (60-110 km). Up to 8,000 ft (2,400 m).

Gravel: 4+ hours of riding. 30-50 mi (45-80 km). Up to 4,000 ft (1,200 m).

Hiking: 4+ hours of hiking. 7-15 mi (11-24 km). Up to 4,000 ft (1,200 m).

What are your trip styles?

Classic - Reserve:

Savor the finer things as you relax in luxurious 5-star accommodations and wine, dine, and ride in some of the most unforgettable destinations around the world.

Classic - Signature:

Explore beautiful destinations by bike, enjoy extra inclusions, savor delicious local cuisine, and enjoy the perfect mix of accommodations.

Classic - Discover:

Enjoy a casual cycling vacation with fantastic routes and comfortable accommodations.

Ride Camp:

Train like the pros in some of their favorite riding destinations.

Pro Race:

See the pros in action at the biggest cycling events of the year.

Cross Country:

Tackle an epic adventure that takes you point-to-point across mountains, countryside, and more.


Enjoy a bike tour on your schedule with just your chosen travel companions.

Single Occupancy

Sometimes it’s more convenient and comfortable to have your own room while on vacation. We understand and that’s why we offer a Single Occupancy option. The additional price guarantees a private room all to yourself