Meet Jim. A Trek Travel ride camper who wasn’t sure, “how many Ride Camps I have left in my old bod.” Though the climbs of Mallorca felt discouraging at the time, it was when he returned home that he experienced a pleasant surprise…

“I wanted to give you some feedback from an older cyclist after he spent 11 days at your ride camp. In Mallorca, I always feel like my condition is hopeless, that I am so far over-the-hill that I must be deluding myself thinking I’ll ride strongly again. The climbs get longer and slower each year and I keep wondering how many more ride camps I have in my old bod. Don’t misinterpret, I enjoyed every minute of it, but when the only people I’m passing on the climbs are a few stray cyclists I just had to wonder what exactly I was accomplishing.

Then I came home. With getting caught up with life at home post-travel, it was a week before I could ride again. I set off with my usual group and BINGO!: I was so far off the front that I started to get embarrassed (it is a group ride, after all). Beth referred to me as in my Turbo mode. The difference in my strength and speed was so palpable that others asked me, “What did you DO in Mallorca?” On one stretch, with a tail wind, I led the charge up a long, gentle slope at -get this- topping out at 33mph! Everybody else said they hung on for dear life, and I was exultant.

I suddenly feel I have the perfect base fitness to hone in on speed work before the National Senior Games Time Trials in early June.

This sudden change in fitness was all because of TT’s Ride Camp, which you so wonderfully and cheerfully manage and conduct. I’m sitting here today on a rainy morning in PA thinking that it doesn’t matter how slowly I climb Orient, Soller, Puig, or even Sa Calobra. It truly is all good.

Thank you for everything. You truly are the best! I’m already planning to see you next year.”

Jim, a guest on Trek Travel's Mallorca Ride Camp


Train like the pros in Mallorca.

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