Announcement Day today as I with so many other race fans wait to finally learn the routes and towns chosen to host the Tour de France 2012.

Notwithstanding a “leak” a week ago which many believed did allow an unscheduled sneak preview, today we will have confirmation of the overall structure and flow of the race which is set to offer many thrills for riders and fans alike.

Rumors of fewer mountain stages and more flat riding the tour seems set to favor all-rounders rather than the mountainous stages of the past couple of years which have benefitted pure climbers and as a result it may turn out to be a faster race overall with more suspense, explosive finishes and opportunities for the bold and the brave to shine..

Following today’s announcement in Paris, my work begins creating the tours that our guests (and ourselves) expect–finding and securing the best hotels, the most privileged viewing locations and crafting experiences which showcase the race and show off the distinctive delights of the beautiful regions through which this race will run…

Ha! Did I say work? No this is a labor of love!

See you at the Tour!