In Italy, food isn’t just fuel. It’s religion. The country worships the recipes of its mothers and grandmothers that have been handed down for generations. Cheeses are made from local ingredients. Pastas are hand-cranked. Pizzas are baked to a crispy perfection. Prosciutto, parmigiana, caprese and fagioli are all the best you’ve ever tasted. As long-time lovers of Italian cuisine, we’ve picked our top five meals of Italy.


1. Ristorante Nicolao
Ride Across Italy

Enjoy views of the mountains and Mount Ingino on the Park Hotel ai Cappuccini terrace before joining the group for a traditional and delicious Umbrian dinner at the acclaimed Nicolao restaurant. Using simple, genuine ingredients produced from the surrounding land, such as meat, mushrooms, oil, and truffles, the chef revives traditional recipes and creates the highest quality seasonal fare.
Ride Across Italy Featured Meal

2. Cielo

During you stay at the 5-star Relais La Sommità you will enjoy a Michelin starred meal at the elegant Cielo restaurant. Served in an ancient Spanish garden under orange and olive trees providing a perfectly charming backdrop, be prepared for an incredible gastronomic experience as the chef combines traditional plates with innovative flavors.
Puglia Featured Meal at Cielo

3. Agricola Marrone

For several years the passionate Marrone family, now at its fourth generation, has been guiding visitors through the discovery of their wines and the lands in which they are produced. It is here, under the instruction of Mama Giovanna, that you will learn the secrets of typical Piedmontese recipes and prepare your own dinner while enjoying some of the local varietals.
Piedmont Featured Meal

4. Fattoria di Corsignano
Tuscany Luxury

Enjoy a private cooking class at a local winery where you’ll create your own masterpiece under the guidance of a local Italian chef. Learn the emotions behind each recipe as you make the dishes that have been a staple on Tuscan tables for hundreds of years. Tonight the wine will steal the show as we sample the pride and joy of the region, Chianti Classico, and learn why it’s so significant to the area.
Tuscany Featured Meal

5. Assirto
Cinque Terre

Rated the #1 Meal of the Year by award-winning travel writer Larry Olmsted, Assirto is a charming restaurant that few tourists are likely to find themselves. Enjoy a variety of surprising flavors, from fresh caught anchovies to Serano ham, as you listen to the owner Luca tell us the history behind each delectable handmade dish, which is served up with a perfectly paired wine. It is sure to be a meal to remember!
Cinque Terre Featured Meal